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Wild Ghost Chase
Season 03, Episode 03
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Air date October 25, 2019
Written by Christopher Fife
Directed by Jeff Byrd
Viewers 0.42 million (420,000)[1]
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You were literally going to let your child be raised by a rich power gay with a fancy last name, so don't talk to me about truth. {...} Oh, was it? Because your lies started a downward spiral for Steven that led to our divorce and left me with a void in my life and no purpose, which is exactly why this hotel is so important to me right now. {...} When people figure out who this guy really was, they might boycott. It could ruin my grand opening and hurt business for years.
— Sam to Melissa about her lies

Wild Ghost Chase is the third episode of the third season and the forty-seventh episode overall of the television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on October 25, 2019.


REPENTANCE - Fallon and Blake deal with the consequences of their actions in very different ways. Adam is on everyone's "WORST" list and Sam gets a visit from an unexpected guest at the hotel. Dominique continues with her devious plans and Culhane is the recipient of Fallon's impromptu good will.[2]

Plot Summary


During breakfast at The Carrington Manor, Sam says good morning to Cristal and calls her Mrs. Carrington since she recently married Blake. Cristal smiles and as she’s drinking some coffee, mentions that it certainly has a nice ring to it. But a few seconds later, Sam says that he may just need to stick with Cristal, cause calling her Mrs. Carrington, makes him thinking of Alexis. Sam asks Cristal if he could host a small intimate Halloween party the next night. But Cristal declines the invitation, saying that it wouldn’t feel right to party while Blake is in jail. Fallon comes in to sit down for breakfast, and Sam asks her if she would be willing to come and also help out with preparation. But she too passes on going to the party because of her community service. Fallon and Adam squabble once he comes in to sit on the table, and Fallon departs, but not before telling her brother to choke on his breakfast.

In jail, Blake is sleeping when one of the inmates tries to smother him with a pillow. The inmate says that Blake’s snoring kept him up again, and threatens him with saying that the next time it happens, Blake won’t come up for air like today.

Meanwhile, Dominique is meeting with some woman, where she is telling her she needs power of attorney over Jeff’s accounts so she can access his money. The other woman says it won’t be easy and there’s not a lot she can do without Jeff’s signature. Dominique asks the lawyer to draft something that will fly in court.

Back in jail, Fallon goes to visit Blake and scoffs at the fact that there’s no glass separating the two of them. She mentions that she always wanted to use one of those phones, and put her hand on the window like they’re in a Lifetime movie. Fallon asks Blake to kick Adam out of the house, but Blake doesn’t want to. He agrees that Adam has made some mistakes, but he is helping him right now as acting CEO of the winery. Fallon then stands up angrily, and tells her father that she will deal with Adam on her own as she walks out of the jail.

At La Mirage, Anders asks Sam if he has seen the invoice from their contractor where it lists the Zellige tile shipped all the way from Morocco. Which has them over budget, and tells Sam that he can’t continue spending like this. He goes on to say that they need to scale back the renovation. Sam can’t deal with budget issues right now since he’s worried over making a good impression with the president of the Historical Alliance. He mentions that he needs to convince the president to revoke the landmark status and cancel the media event for the homophobe. But as it turns out, the president of the Historical Alliance, is none other than Melissa Daniels.

Fallon arrives for her community service, and finds out there has been a change. Instead of doing her hours at the rec center, she will be working in the community garden. Frank, her supervisor, reminds her that non-completion of her community service can result in jail time. He continues by saying that Fallon has two days to fix the area up before he signs the weekly hours for the judge. Fallon initially takes in stride, and says that she can trim a few roses and plant a few daisies. But Frank clears his throat and shows him all the work Fallon will actually be doing, and proceeds to handing her an orange vest for her to wear. Fallon says that orange really isn’t her palette, but all Frank says that they all have their own crosses to bear.

Back at La Mirage, Melissa starts by saying that to Sam that she’s sorry to have hears that he and Steven split up. She tells Sam not to worry though, since she too put on a few pounds after her divorce from Paul Daniels. Sam chuckles, and tells her that thankfully his settlement provided him with some comfort. Unlike Melissa, who had to move out of Buckhead. Melissa states that what’s important to her is that she came out on the other side better than ever. Melissa finally puts an end to the ongoing insults they are throwing and steers the conversation to talk about business. Sam tells Melissa he needs her to cancel the event because he just doesn’t feel comfortable celebrating the life of a man who opened several conversion camps. He goes on to say that it’s not exactly someone he wants to celebrate or honor at his hotel. Melissa for her part says that she certainly doesn’t agree with Bernard Mccarthy’s personal beliefs, but at the end of the day she has a job to do. She calls Sam’s idea of canceling the event now ridiculous given the fact that dozens of media outlets are set to cover the event already. Moreover, distinguished guests like the Mayor of Atlanta are planning to attend. She finishes her talk by saying that as much as she loves gay people, what’s done is done. So Sam’s hotel, despite his protests, will be made a historical landmark.

At a community garden somewhere in Atlanta, Fallon is trying her best with the gardening she needs to do and pleads continuously to not come across a dead squirrel. She rolls her sleeves, and gets to work on the manual labor that awaits her. Later, Frank congratulates her on a marvelous job and says it’s quite impressive. He admits that he didn’t think Fallon would last five minutes, let alone be halfway done. Frank shows her the other plot she is in charge of, but Fallon doesn’t break. She vows to make this community garden, the best garden in all of Georgia. However, she takes a look at her watch, and realizes she needs to get to a meeting.

In jail, Adam and Cristal go to see Blake, who tells the two that he needs to get out as soon as possible before he is potentially killed. Adam grins, and tells his father that he has a plan. He mentions that after some digging he did, he believes that they have a great case for bias from Blake’s judge. Adam goes on to say that this could lead to a new bail hearing and a more lenient judge. Cristal disagrees because Adam’s plan could take weeks, and they need to get Blake out now. She also reminds him that if Adam wasn’t so obsessed with Fallon, Blake wouldn’t be in jail in the first place. Adam, for his part, continues to say that he was simply getting a sentimental ring out of the lake for her sister. Blake isn’t so sure, and reveals to Adam that Fallon visited him earlier that day demanding he throw Adam out of the manor. He asks Adam to stop pretending that his problems with Fallon haven’t led to more problems for the rest of them as a result of the sibling feud. He agrees with Cristal, that had Adam stayed out of the lake, he’d be in Vail, instead of prison.

Fallon ends up running into Evan Tate, who asks her what she’s doing at a grief counseling meeting. She admits to barely recognizing him and says he looks great. Evan tells Fallon that his mom is doing better now. He mentions that Annie Tate still panics, but it’s now mostly about him never finding a girlfriend. Fallon asks Evan if he is living in Atlanta again, and states that he moved back a few years ago. He further reveals that he is still working as a corporate lawyer. When she asks him how the grief counseling meeting went, he confesses that after they found Trixie, some bad memories came up for him. Fallon tries to apologize, but Evan says it’s really okay. Fallon, nevertheless persists and says it really was not okay, and that she can admit to really screwing up. Evan mentions that Fallon was probably pretty scared that night, she was young and it was an accident. He finishes up by saying that hating her isn’t going to bring his sister back. Fallon smiles and admits that his reaction is certainly different from that one he got from his mother. He wishes her luck on getting the closure she needs and tells her it was nice seeing her. He tells her that she looks great too as he walks away.

Back at La Mirage, Melissa comes back to the hotel to find the plaque meant to honor Bernard McCarthy has been painted over. Sam blames it on not being able to find good help these days and that it must have been a clumsy mistake on behalf of the painters. Melissa goes onto say that she can’t possibly get a new plaque in time for the event the next day. To which Sam says this means she will have to cancel after all. Melissa tells Sam that this won’t stop her, and she will just find a way to reschedule. But Sam in turn says that he simply will find a way to destroy every plaque she puts up. Melissa threatens Sam and says that she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. She even goes as far as to say to Sam, that he can always ask his ex-husband. Sam for his part, kicks her out of his hotel.

At Dominique’s place, she is trying to forge Jeff’s signature when Monica storms in. She mentions to her mother how she just came back from having a chat with her cousin Bobbi down at the police station. Monica continues by saying how she got her cousin to show her the evidence report from Jeff’s crime scene, on the DL of course. She is outraged because Adam’s cufflink isn’t on the list. Which means that without that aforementioned cufflink, there’s nothing connecting Adam to Jeff’s disappearance and the whole plan blows up. Dominique tries to calm down her daughter by saying that maybe the police just overlooked something, and they mustn't give up. Monica tells her mother, that is not her giving up, and promises to find out who took the evidence. Once Monica leaves, Dominique rushes to call her lawyer, to ask if everything is ready for her to take Jeff’s money. On the other side of the phone conversation, the lawyer says no. She asks Dominique if she knew anything about Jeff moving all his assets into a trust account. Dominique admits that she didn’t, and she really doesn’t care. She just wants to know if the paperwork is done. The lawyer tells her that she needs the name and taz ID of the trust to create the power of attorney. She asks Dominique if she can get a copy of it, but Dominique says she doesn’t know where Jeff keeps things like that. The lawyer tells Dominique that she better figure it out, because without that information, there’s no power of attorney and no money.

Back at the manor, Adam confronts Fallon about her visit to see Blake the other day. She laughs, and tells him to not be jealous because it wasn’t conjugal. Adam asks her head on why Fallon wants him to be thrown out of the manor. Fallon says that it is because she hates him, and jokingly thanks her for coming to her Ted Talk. Adam tells Fallon she will regret trying to separate him from Blake. He tries to threaten her, but Fallon doesn’t cower. Instead, she laughs and says that if Adam wants to come after her, to bring it on.

At Sam’s hotel, the crew was stopped from working due to some permit issues. Melissa shows up again and admits to having used her influence in certain circles, to get the work permits revoked. A frustrated Sam confronts Melissa that her lies started a downward spiral for Steven that led to their divorce. Sam tries to get Anders to pay the crew double to finish up the renovation. But Anders says that is not possible because their finances are down to a trickle. Sam doesn’t want to be associated with a homophobic bigot, but Anders tells him he may not have a choice. Sam however, wants to sell the hotel.

Meanwhile, Fallon in a more flattering and fashion forward orange vest, tells Monica how today she feels more prepared for her community service. She admits that it was harder than she thought, but today she actually has a plan. She mentions how she imported Dutch soil, has brought a Buddhist monk to bless the Zen garden, and a crop-maximizing plan designed by Atlanta’s top landscape architect. Monica is impressed and calls it heroic since it brings the 1% to the 99%. Fallon goes on to say that if everything goes according to plan, she should have a version of the garden done by tonight and thus dodge another court date.

Culhane shows up a few seconds later, and Fallon hands over her shares of the Atlantix. She says it’s her way of apologizing for her part in unwittingly helping Blake frame him. Culhane accepts her apology now that he is a majority owner of the team. Monica says that Jeff would have given him his shares too, and that he’d be happy that Culhane is in charge. He asks if there’s been an update, and mentions that he has been praying for Monica’s family. She tells him that nothing yet as of now, but thanks him. Culhane apologizes for how bad things got between them, and asks for a fresh start. The two ladies agree and take Culhane’s offer in starting anew.

Back in jail, Blake gets taken to a separate room, where he finds Cristal sitting on a bed. He asks his wife what she’s doing there, but she just shushes him. She smiles as she says that she reached out to his friend Warden Aldrich, and convinced him to grant the two of them some much needed alone time. The two get on the bed after she shows him a weapon he can use to protect himself, if his cell mate tries to come for him again.

At the community garden, Fallon finds out that all the hard work she did the day before has been ruined. She asks Frank if he will still sign her community service hours, but he says not unless she fixes everything up again. Fallon says she can’t possibly get all that work done before it gets dark. But Frank doesn’t care, and just tells her that if she can’t do the time, she shouldn’t have done the crime.

Meanwhile, Dominique is snooping through Jeff’s things in hopes that she finds the information she needs to get his money. Her lawyer tells her not to worry, that even if it takes her a few days, she will get the money, if she finds the information. She then suggests that Dominique should check out Jeff’s office, and if she finds it there tonight, she can have the paperwork done by the following morning. Eventually, when Monica shows up, she fixes her a drink and pours some unknown powder into the drink.

At the Carrington Manor, Fallon enlist Tony’s help at her community garden, but inadvertently reveals that he is still traumatized from the favors he had to do for her mother. He accepts to help Fallon, on the condition that he gets to take his kids trick or treating first.

In Blake’s jail cell, one of his inmates tells him that he better get the money once this is over. Blake nods, and the other inmate stabs him with the weapon Cristal smuggled in during her visit to Blake. The guards come in and take Blake out.

In Jeff’s office, Dominique is looking through her son’s things and manages to put a paper in her bag, just as Culhane walks in and catches her in the office. She admits that he scared her and that she didn’t know anyone else was there. She further admits to knowing who Culhane is already because Jeff told her all about him. When he asks her what she’s doing in Jeff’s office, Dominique lies and says she is there because the police have no news on Jeff’s disappearance. So she was hoping that by retracing his steps, she would get something, but lies again and tells Culhane she hit a dead end. She quickly bolts out of there, but a suspicious Culhane, goes to the computer on Jeff’s desk and clicks on the print history and reprints that last thing that was printed.

Elsewhere, Monica wakes up after being knocked out with whatever substance Dominique put in her drink and hears her cell phone ringing. She picks up and Culhane proceeds to tell her that he’s currently at the Atlantix office, and just ran into her mom. He proceeds to tell Monica how Dominique mentioned she was there searching for clues on Jeff’s whereabouts. But in reality, she was just there to pull up information on the financial trust he had. Monica thanks him for the heads up as she inspects the glass where Dominique previously served her some alcohol.

At the jail’s infirmary, Cristal rushes to Blake’s side while being patched up from his wound. Once the doctor gives them a moment, she reveals that her plan worked. As a result of Culhane previously attacking Blake, and this more recent attack, the judge agreed to grant Blake bail. The only condition being that he’d be placed under house arrest for his own safety. The two of them kiss in celebration, but stop when Blake winces in pain. He admits that perhaps his cellmate Billy enjoyed stabbing him just a little too much. Elsewhere with the two Colby women, Dominique lies and tells Monica she was out printing some missing posters for Jeff to keep up the ruse. Rather than confronting her, Monica gets Dominique to miss her appointment with her lawyer and instead attend the Carrington's halloween party with Monica.

At the aforementioned halloween party, Anders shares with Sam the news that he found them a buyer. Sam is shocked at how fast that fast, and asks the older man if he thinks that Sam is making a mistake.

Fallon descends the stairs of the Carrington Manor dressed as Marie Antoinette, only to find that Adam is dressed up as Louis XVI. Fallon taunts Adam by saying how Louis was killed before Marie. But Adam responds in kind, and asks her sister if she knew that the French beheaded Marie Antoinette for incest. The comment grosses Fallon out and she walks away.

In the kitchen, Fallon and Sam have a talk, where she tells him how proud she is of making his investment on the hotel work. Sam tries to tell her that he’s in the middle of selling the hotel and giving up, but doesn’t get the chance. Just as she’s going in search of some of the good wine they have in the pantry, she sees a pair of boots. She asks one of the employees who the boots belong to, and the woman tells her that they belong to Adam. That he left there when he came in last night. Thus, Fallon deduces that racoons didn’t destroy her garden, but it was actually Adam behind it.

Meanwhile, Adam is making some progress with some shareholders, but they are once again put off, when an angry Fallon confronts Adam in front of them. Not caring that they’re there, she reveals that Adam hired the divers that started the whole Trixie nightmare. Adam tries to say that his shoes get muddy after a trip he took the vineyard, but Fallon doesn’t believe him. Adam tries to leave, but Fallon lunges at him and the two end up covered in the Halloween cake. Adam asks Fallon if she has lost her mind because he was talking to business clients. But she tells him that she doesn’t care, and to let them eat cake. She goes to hit Adam again, but gets stopped by Blake who is back at the Manor.

Sam and Melissa form an alliance after he tells her he went and talked to the other members of the board. Where he found out that Melissa is up for reelection, and is neck to neck with her opponent. He tells her that he won’t find that stupid plaque any longer, but in return, the alliance will list his hotel, as the “Number One Must-Visit” location in Atlanta. Melissa is impressed and admits that she’s never seen Sam so confident, which makes it unbecoming.

In his study, Fallon confronts her dad and tells him that they need to talk about Adam once and for all. He tells her that while he’s not throwing him out of the manor, he agrees with him that Adam is out of control. Fallon is shocked, and Blake continues by saying he does see how Adam is obsessed with sabotaging her, and at this point he can’t deny that anymore. He promises to do the best he can to keep the two of them apart, and Fallon thanks him for that. Not quite finished with talking to Fallon, he tells her that he is quite proud of her for tackling the gardening she had to do for her community service. He is glad that she didn’t take the path of least resistance since he knows just how seductive that can be.

Cristal uses the fight Adam had with Fallon to her advantage by talking with the potential wine sellers. She tells them that she is looking to take the company in a new direction.

Back at the community garden, Fallon has ordered Tony to stand down and decides to do the work herself. She ends up hearing a branch crack, and asks who is there. Evan steps out of the shadows, and tries to lie and say he’s there to see if there’s a memorial of Trixie or something. Fallon, however, sees the gallon of chlorine he is holding and realizes he sabotaged her the other day and not Adam.

Meanwhile, Monica asks Dominique what she is hiding given how reluctant her mother is at confronting Adam. Jeff ends up showing up at the party and alongside his sister, confronts Dominique.

Fallon and Evan get into an argument, when he finally tells her that her punishment didn’t fit the crime. He is sick and tired of the Carringtons not having to pay for their mistakes, and admits that Trixie’s death tore his family apart. Fallon sighs, and agrees with Evan, that her punishment was not enough. That no matter what she does, it can’t bring Trixie back, but that she had hoped that by doing this it would cleanse her soul. Or at least take away a little tiny part of the guilt she feels every second of every day. He realizes just how much Fallon has been hurting over it too, and asks her to forgive him. She quickly agrees and the two hug it out. They look into each other's eyes and just as Evan leans to kiss her, she steps back. She apologizes and tells Evan that she can’t because she has a fiancé. Evan apologizes too and asks if they can be friends again. Fallon accepts, and Evan decides that the first act of their friendship, he will help her clean up the mess he caused.

Back with the Colbys, Jeff kicks Dominique out after confronting her for having double crossed them. She gets teary eyes and tells her children that while they may have given up on her, she will never give up on the both of them.

The next morning, Blake wakes up as he tries to go and make a call with their sellers after Adam’s meltdown the night before. Cristal informs her there’s no need, and that she even got one of the sellers to have their wine sell in China. She asks Blake to giver her power in the family business, and promises to make their dynasty flourish.

Fallon arrives that same morning having finished with the gardening she needed to do for her community service. Adam mentions that Liam has been discharged from the hospital, but that he suggested to Laura Van Kirk that she could care better for her son at her own home. He also gleefully mentions to his sister that wedding bells aren’t too far for Liam and Ashley.



Guest Starring


  • Chase Anderson as Tony
  • Tony Demil as Billy
  • Mariana Novak as Naomi
  • Anthony Michael Fredrick as Frank
  • Telvin Griffin as Leo Eggers
  • Katelyn Farrigia as Staffer


  • On October 23, 2019, Rafael confirmed that Kelly Rutherford would be returning as Melissa Daniels, for this episode.[3]


  • On the WPXI-CW station in Pittsburgh, this episode of Dynasty was pushed back to be aired on Sunday due to the airing of a high school football game Friday night and Saturday night Riverhounds the soccer team play which the station aired.[4] [5]
  • "Wild Ghost Chase" is a reference to a line Jeff Colby said to Nicole Simpson in the Season 5 Episode 15: The Treasure of the original Dynasty series.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Evan Tate, who would later become a major recurring character throughout the season.


Cristal: Count me out. I'm definitely not partying while Blake is in jail.
Fallon: Really? Seems like the perfect time to me. Oh, don't go all wicked stepmother on me now.

Adam: I heard about your visit with father.
Fallon: Don't be jealous. It wasn't conjugal.

Cristal: I want the same level of authority as Adam. As your wife, I should have a say in the family business. Give me power, and I promise our dynasty will flourish.
Blake: Well then congrats on your promotion, Mrs. Carrington.

Fallon: Why is there no glass? I always wanted to use one of those phones, you know? And then put my hand on the window, like we were in a Lifetime movie.