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What Sorrows Are You Drowning?
Season 03, Episode 10
Sorrows (4).jpeg
Air date January 24, 2020
Written by Libby Wells
Directed by Pascal Verschooris
Viewers 0.34 million (340,000)[1]
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Now that I know that it wasn't Mack who fired the bullet that killed Mark, and it certainly wasn't a hunter on our property, I wonder: who did? {...} You lied to sneak into the manor yesterday. You lied to get in today. But worse, you lied about seeing Mack on a day he wasn't even in town.
Cristal interrogating Alexis about her ex-husband's shooting

What Sorrows Are You Drowning? is the tenth episode of the third season and the fifty-fourth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on January 24, 2020.


JOINING FORCES FOR GOOD - Anders seeks help finding Kirby, so Fallon assembles Sam, Colby, Culhane, and, reluctantly, Adam, for the mission. Cristal and Alexis have a historically epic encounter.[2]

Plot Summary


Fallon is angrily throwing glasses at Blake, calling him a liar and a murderer. Blake says she doesn’t know the whole story. Anders interrupts and asks to speak to Fallon, saying it is important. He plays a recording for her; it is Kirby. She says she is committed to Joel, and he shouldn’t contact her. Anders asks if she heard from Kirby. She says no, she has been too busy getting a murderer off. Then she says, let’s go see Kirby.

Blake and Cristal are having dinner, he says, throwing himself a yacht-themed fiesta; he wants his membership reinstated.

Jeff tells Michael that he has confidence in him, and he is going to give him his shares. Michael says he doesn’t need to do this; these shares, plus Fallon’s, would mean he is the majority owner. Jeff says he has to prioritize other things in his life right now, and he knows that he got this.

Liam has confirmed that Kirby has sold the company. Fallon says the only guilty party is her snake of a father. They narrow down where Kirby is; she is in a compound. Kirby enlists Adam to pose as a doctor trying to get a job in the compound, so he can get in and save Kirby.

Blake meets up with Cristal after she goes riding. She says she wanted to see if she could find closure about Mark’s death, and when she was out there, she found a bullet casing. Blake says he shoots a lot at the range. Cristal says it wasn’t at the range; it was in the area where Mark was killed. Blake says it is simply a coincidence.

Michael tries to hire Fletcher as his full-time PR guy. Sam walks up and says not the next night because they have a date – then he says okay, but he wants to be with Fletcher.

Cristal goes to see Tony and shows him the casing. Tony says it is a custom Carrington round, and only the family has access to it. Tony says that Mack had access as well; he is the one who probably dropped it.

Anthony later meets up with Alexis, who tells him that he better not have mentioned her name to Cristal when he was talking to her about the casing. Anthony assures her that he didn’t, nor did he mention to anyone that she made him lie to the police.

Adam and Fallon are undercover as a doctor and a nurse. The two have to pretend to be married to get in. Once there, Fallon uses the restroom, and Adam goes in for his meeting.

Cristal finds Alexis in the house, and she tells her to get out, that she wasn’t invited. Alexis tries to pretend that she is looking for her son, then she asks Cristal if it was difficult when she lost the baby.

Fallon meets up with Kirby in one of the compound buildings and tells her that her father is worried about her and concerned that Joel is using her. Kirby hears her concerns but assures her that nobody is using her; she is there to cleanse herself from toxic relationships.

It is Blake’s party night, and Cristal is outside, on the phone with the police confirming what type of bullet killed Mack. When Blake walks over to her, she lies and says that she was on the phone with her mother.

Fallon tells Anders that Kirby is fine. Anders says that the funds will be transferred to Kirby’s account tomorrow, and Joel is on it. So, they are stealing Kirby’s money, not Kirby. Anders says he just wants Kirby back.

Michael, Fletcher, and Sam are on a private jet, the first round of Fletcher’s new PR job. One of Michael’s guests tells Sam that they are not there to make a deal; they are just there for the swag and the fun.

Blake tries to get his membership back and is told no, because of the murder trial. Blake uses good old fashioned bribery to get back in the club.

Cristal is going through Blake’s files and Anders catches her. She asks if there is any news from Kirby; he says yes, Fallon just needs to prove to her that Joel is a charlatan. Anders asks her what she is really doing in the office. Cristal says she is looking for a file on Mack. Meanwhile, Fallon sees Joel with Kirby in what looks like a wedding. Fallon interrupts and takes control; she takes the microphone; she starts singing a song with her “husband.” Kirby has had enough, and she stops them. Fallon tells Kirby that she is being conned by this hippie hipster to steal her money to fund his retirement. Fallon takes off her wig and shows her real identity. Kirby says she is not being conned, and that she chose to give Joel the money. Then, Kirby calls Fallon the most toxic Carrington of them all.

Alexis appears at Blake’s party; she says that Cristal invited her.

Fallon gets herself thrown out of the compound and wants to figure out how to get back in – Adam has an employee badge, they are back in.

Cristal tells Blake that the casing was the same calibre that killed Mark – she thinks Mack killed him. Blake says that Mack’s alibi was that Alexis saw him that day, so he couldn’t have killed Mark. Cristal doesn’t believe that Alexis told the truth. She says she is going to confront her. Blake tells her she is at the party. Cristal is surprised. Blake reveals that Alexis said she invited her.

Fallon sneaks back into Kirby’s room and apologizes. She says that she just came there to help. Fallon says she is sorry and hugs her.

Back in the jet, Michael tries to talk business, but nobody budges. Michael says that they want an honest conversation. One guy says that their stadium is in a crap neighbourhood, and nobody in their right mind would spend money advertising there. Michael tells everyone to get off the plane.

Adam tells Fallon that Blake did what he did only after he found out that Mack shot Mark. That gunshot caused Cristal’s horse to be spooked, and that is how the horse miscarried. Just then, Fallon walked up. She says she called her dad, and he will be there in a few minutes. Do they want a ride home?

Cristal sees Alexis sneak out of the house. She says she knows that Mack did not shoot the bullet that killed Mark. She sneaked into the manor yesterday, lied to get in today, but worse, she lied about seeing Mack when she was out of town. Cristal trips, a gun falls out of her purse, and she catches it in time. Cristal tells Alexis that she was the one who fired the gun. Alexis admits it and says she was aiming at her, and she is sorry that she missed. Cristal goes after Alexis, and they both fall into the fountain. Blake is inside continuing his partnership and celebrating getting back into the club. Cristal and Alexis stop fighting, and Cristal tells her that she is going to get what is coming to her.

Sam and Fletcher are sitting at a bar. Fletcher says they are a dream team. Sam says if he wants to be together, he is going to have to give more of him and walks away. Fletcher tells Sam his middle name and says sorry for holding back.

Fallon tells Adam that a promise is a promise, so she will speak to Blake. He tells her not to bother; he did it to get to know her better.

Fallon goes inside. Kirby thanks her for coming for her. Fallon says she is just happy that she decided to come back on her own. Fallon writes a note to Blake and says sorry, but says he should have told her the truth and that she still doesn’t forgive him for his actions. She is done enabling his self-serving behavior and is moving out of the manor for good. Blake catches her going out the door and tells her she will be back soon enough. Fallon leaves. Cristal goes to see Blake, tells him that Alexis shot Mark and caused them to lose their baby.



Guest Starring


  • Jason MacDonald as Rexford Brown
  • Chase Anderson as Tony
  • Blythe Howard as Molly Holloway
  • Curt Bouril as Bob
  • Michael J. Sanchez as Braun



  • This episode features a performance of the song, Happy Together.
  • As the main cast members, Michael Michele and Adam Huber are credited but they do not appear in the episode.
  • The truth of Alexis killing Mark Jennings, and Cristal’s unborn child is revealed to Cristal.
  • Fallon moves out of the manor.
  • Fallon and Adam convince Kirby to come back home.


  • The title "What Sorrows Are You Drowning?" is the reference to a line said by Dex Dexter to Amanda Carrington in the six-season episode, "The Souvenirs" of the original Dynasty series.
  • "What Sorrows Are You Drowning?" is the second episode to feature a water fight with Alexis. The first was in, "Enter Alexis", in which Fallon and Alexis fought in the Carrington pool. Though this is the first time Elaine Hendrix is featured in a fight, because Nicollette Sheridan was playing Alexis during the first fight.
  • The pond fight is one of Elaine's and Daniella Alonso's favourite scenes. [3]
    • This is also Daniella's favourite episode. [4]
  • The water fight is a direct reference to the lilypond catfight, one of the most famous catfight of the original Dynasty between Alexis and Krystle in the episode The Threat.
    • It took Daniella and Elaine 15 hours to shoot the lilypond catfight. [5]
    • The episode continue its tradition of playing a famous song during a catfight by playing Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt.


Fallon: Desperate times calls for desperate brothers.

Adam: Uh, that might be easier said than done. They all seem a little incestuous.
Fallon: Oh wow, coming from you, that's problematic.

Cristal: It was you, you killed Mark.
Alexis: I was aiming for you, you bitch. And I'm sorry I missed.