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Vanessa Deveraux[1] is a recurring character on The CW's Dynasty. She is portrayed by Jade Payton.

She is Dominique's stepdaughter and an aspiring singer. She worked as a mixologist at La Mirage until she temporarily moved to New York with Monica. When she returned to Atlanta, Fallon signed Vanessa to her label, Broken Glass Recording Studios.


Vanessa's mother died when she was a young girl, and her father remarried to Dominique Deveraux. Dominique played a heavy role in Vanessa's life and encouraged her musical career from the beginning. She took her to vocal lessons, rehearsals, and even flew her to her first concert - Whitney Houston in London. At an unknown point, Vanessa's father abandoned Dominique and Vanessa. ("A Used Up Memory")

Dominique became Vanessa's business manager and came up with a plan to get Vanessa signed to Broken Glass Records, a company owned by Monica Colby, and streamed through Jeff Colby's streaming service. When the plan was taking too long for Vanessa's taste, she moved to Georgia and got a job at La Mirage working as a mixologist. ("Mother? I'm at La Mirage")


Michael Culhane

Vanessa and Culhane were instantly attracted to each other upon her arrival to Atlanta. They brought out each other's playful and energetic sides. Things became complicated between the pair when he discovered she is Dominique Deveraux's stepdaughter. Dom blackmailed Culhane into ending their relationship, however, they had an off and on relationship after that. When she left for New York to pursue her music they fell out of contact when Dom, yet again, intervened and deleted Culhane's text messages to her. Culhane's one-night-stand and illegally recorded sex tape with Dominique created a rift between Culhane and Vanessa. When Vanessa secured a reality TV show deal with Dom, she agreed to use Culhane to entice viewers.


  • On September 27, 2021, Liz Sczudlo confirmed that Brady Lloyd isn't Vanessa's father. This means that Dominique and Vanessa's father's marriage is not legal hence Dominique isn't Vanessa's stepmother legally. [2]
    • This is yet to disclosed onscreen.