Hey guys I know that Hollywood is shutdown for the foreseeable future cuz of Covid 19. Anyway I started thinking about things the show should deftienly explore once it's back in business! 

  • Parisian Legend Has It left an very big and noticeable cliffhanger/question when it came to Steven's fate. I know Sallie Patrick said that Season 4 was going to save an slot for Steven's politics storyline, but before the show does that they need to answer an very important question "What the hell happened to Steven?!" 
    • Also related whatever happened to Juliette Steven & Fallon's Parisian cousin. I know there's an time difference between The USA and France, but it's concerning that she never calls or skypes with Fallon since she promised Fallon that she would check on Steven from time to time. Did Adam manage to get to her too?
  • Adam finally being exposed!
  • The end of Evan like dude we get that your sister died and Blake put her body in an lake in an messed up to protect Fallon from the legal issues, but you're going ended up sharing the family plot at the cemetery with Trixie really soon.
  • Unlikely to happen since the actress reportedly left the series but Monica coming back (I know they do recasts, but still want Wakeema)
  • Learn more about characters like Adam when he grew up as Michael Harrison, Kirby like what happened after Alexis framed for setting Fallon's bedroom on fire, The Flores family because they're practically The Carringtons of Mexico.
  • The iconic minor characters to return like Jeff and Monica's Granny, Evie Culhane's sister.
  • Meet more of Liam's family like his sister.
  • Special flashback episodes for certain characters.
  • More twist to the homages to the orignal series, because this show's receipt is different from the 1980s Dynasty however storylines like the so called 'alien abduction' need to be not included in this reboot.
  • More ionic characters like Liam as this reboot goes
  • Reimagaing certain ionic characters from the original series under the right circumstances in the reboot.

Well that's all for the moment. So guys if you have other ideas then write them down or if you agree on an Wish List Item write that down and say what you potentially want you to see from that episode. P.S. I know that Falliam's wedding will happen eventually so that why it wasn't not on the list, but since Steammy's wedding had an fire to make an cliffhanger for S1. The showrunners should put careful consideration into remaking the upcoming wedding into the Moldavian Massacre because of the unfortunate implications with terrorism today.

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