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Hi, I'm the founder and one of the admins of the Dynasty Wiki, so please don't hesitate to ask me should you have any questions!

You went back on our deal with Femperial, which is hilarious, considering you have about as much of a chance of successfully running that company as I do running a marathon in heels. Or ever.
Fallon Carrington to Kirby Anders

Hi, I'm Princess Diva!

In its purest form, a union becomes part of our very essence. And when that bond is broken, our essence is forever changed.
~ Emily Thorne, Revenge

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Fictional relationships will be the death of me.

Pleased to make your acquaintance! I am a FANDOM editor and a profound lover of film, television, and literature. I am also an administrator on several TV-related communities, so if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to those (or just need help getting started), feel free to drop me a line. Even if you just think we might just have a favorite show in common, feel free to stop by my message wall and say hi!

The best way to reach me is by Discord (Princess Diva#3737) or my message wall.

Outside of FANDOM, I am currently a college student in the U.S., studying the things I love.

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A marriage might not last, but an ex-wife is forever.
Alexis Carrington Colby

I am currently a college student. My nickname on this wiki is Auds, so call me that if you want.

I love to spend any free time I have in front of my TV (haha) or reading a book. No, but really, I spend a lot of time watching TV shows. I get really engrossed in shows and take their events and characters very seriously.

I also love reading books and will do that whenever I have some downtime in a coffee shop or public place. Oh, and travelling, of course, whenever I'm lucky. My favorite place that I've been to is Paris, France, it's so beautiful and I could spend weeks there just shopping and sightseeing...

Humm... what else is there to say? I'm a total daydreamer, I guess. I create kind of unrealistic goals for myself at times and plan as if I'm suddenly capable of doing anything but will also cross bridges made of fire to get what I want. I'm super determined, and I never let anyone... or anything... get in my way of my goals or dreams. I always do exactly what I want.

Anywho... I'm really friendly (or sometimes not)... so don't get on my bad side. ;) I love going out with my friends to parties late at night. Always have. I have a lot of secrets, but you'll probably find them out if you're my friend. Okay, I'm probably boring you, so that's it for now! Buh-bye!

The best way to reach me is by Discord (Princess Diva#3737) or my message wall.

My Season Ratings

Season 1 (Dynasty)

Dynasty 1x22 Promo 1

Overall Rating: A+
Average Episode Rating: 9.57/10
Best Episode: "Our Turn Now"
Best Characters: Fallon Carrington, Alexis Carrington
Best Couple: Sam and Steven

Season 2 (Dynasty)

Crazy (1)

Overall Rating: B-
Average Episode Rating: 8.92/10
Best Episode: "Even Worms Can Procreate"
Best Characters: Alexis Carrington, Cristal Carrington
Best Couple: Fallon and Liam

Season 3 (Dynasty)

DYN320b 0030b

Overall Rating: B+
Average Episode Rating: 9.27/10
Best Episode: "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial"
Best Characters: Fallon Carrington, Dominique Deveraux
Best Couple: Fallon and Liam

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