Hello there! I'm Echo Spy, otherwise known as Jay, an administrator and 1/3th of the admin team here on the Dynasty Wiki. Get the cork and a glass, pop the champagne, and join in the drama! I mostly specialize in content like summarizing and updating and reporting. Message me if you have any comments, questions or concerns.


Well, I'm currently a full-time high school student with a very demanding workload that's my first priority. Out of school, I will rather be here online: tending to my nine wikias which require a good chunk of my time and focus, surfing the Internet and YouTube, and reading FanFiction and fruitlessly trying to update my own FF story. However, I will be exploring and interacting with the real world on a new level this year as I become an independent adult.

These are all the wikias where I currently administer!
Famous in LoveSirenBeyondConfederateCriminal MindsCastle RockPretty Little Liars & The PerfectionistsThe Heiresses
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