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Anthony "Tony" is a supporting character on The CW's Dynasty. He is portrayed by Chase Anderson.

He works as a gardener at the Carrington Manor. He is blackmailed by Alexis into digging into Cristal Jennings' background. Since then, Tony is often roped into different Carrington plots that he would rather be excluded from.


Season 1

Tony has been the Carringtons' gardener for a long time. With Alexis Carrington back, Blake calls out each of the Carrington staff and warns them that the person who helps or serves Alexis, and not the real Ms. Carrington will be asked to leave. Blake also mentions that he is fully aware of Tony's smoking addiction yet has kept his mouth shut because his work is good. ("Don't Con a Con Artist")

Season 2

Tony carries out a relationship with one of the housekeepers, Joy. Alexis Carrington comes to learn of this, as well as obtains pictures of Tony and Joy making love in Blake Carrington's Rolls-Royce, and uses them to blackmail Tony into spying on Blake's fiancée, Cristal Jennings. Tony finds out that Cristal has doubts about the paternity of her unborn child, and Alexis makes him switch the DNA sample she procured in order to ensure that the test doesn't come back as a match. Tony unintentionally sabotages this, however, by using DNA from the Carringtons' dog, Bo, thus contaminating the test. In order to make it up to Alexis, he obtains the contact information of Cristal's former husband, Mark Jennings. ("Filthy Games")

Alexis blackmails Tony once again, threatening to tell Blake that he switched the first paternity test, forcing him to lie to Cristal and tell her that her horse, Patches, is acting up and that she's needed to comfort him. This lures Cristal and Mark together in the stables for Blake to see. ("Even Worms Can Procreate")

Following Mark's murder and the loss of Cristal's unborn child, Tony is called to Alexis' loft in order to establish an alibi for herself for the time of the shooting. Tony immediately catches on, but Alexis assures him that she's not a murderer; she simply doesn't wish to be used as a scapegoat. ("Parisian Legend Has It...")

Season 3

When Liam Ridley is found unconscious and drowning in the Carringtons' pool, Tony finds him in time to save him. ("Guilt Trip to Alaska")

After being assigned community service, Fallon Carrington convinces Tony to clean up the community garden that she's responsible for fixing. He agrees to do so after taking his children trick-or-treating for Halloween, but Fallon later has a change of heart and decides to finish cleaning up the garden herself. ("Wild Ghost Chase")

After it is revealed to Blake and Anders that the DA has a secret witness who might be a danger to Blake, Anders interrogates each of the Carrington staff as he believes one of them might be the witness. After a series of blames and games and being lured by Joseph, to tell the truth, Tony revealed that he heard Kirby Anders talking to someone over the phone and mention the word “FBI.” ("The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial")

After being questioned by Cristal about the truth of Mark's shooting, Tony appears to caution Alexis about Cristal, also revealing that he was Alexis' "alibi" at the time of the shooting. ("The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned")

Alexis calls Tony and asks him to inform Blake that he saw Adam Carrington intruding into the manor, from which he was banished, in order to bring Adam to her and Jeff Colby's side ("A Wound That May Never Heal")

Fallon "borrows" Tony's children as her own to buy the house she desperately wants, much to Liam's dismay. Fallon assures him that she made a generous donation to both children's college funds. ("Battle Lines")

Anders finds a priceless flower vase for Tony in Blake's office. He shouts to Tony that he found the vase. Kirby had used it to store a bouquet of flowers. ("My Hangover's Arrived")


  • He is one of the four recasted characters.