• Hi Audrey, I take a look at the last updates of the main characters... 

    Their infoboxes... sections friends and enemies... 

    It's difficult to say that someone is a friend or enemy because relationships quickly change from an episode to another (and sometimes in the same episode)... 

    Just for examples : 

    The premise of the series was the rivalry between Fallon and Cristal but their relation changed to become more friendly before her death.

    Claudia was clearly Cristal and the Carringtons enemy. Adam is clearly the enemy of Steven and Alexis but can we say that he's not faithful to Blake?... And both of them are mentally disturbed !

    Fallon had been "enemy" to nearly everyone (in and out of the family, her boyfriends/husbands...)...

    Kirby was introduced as a rival for Fallon but they are now friends. Liam doesn't want to see Fallon but can we say that they are now enemies?... Fallon seems to have make peace with Jeff... She has her up and down with Monica... Cristal showed us a new face at the end of 2.15 but is she an enemy?... 

    That's my point of view and everybody can have his point of view in those sections... 

    Do you think those sections are very useful ?!... 

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    • Yes they are.

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    • "Yes they are." Eeeuh OK. 

      I suppose that those three words definitively close the discussion !

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    • Lol  by the way... you called me Audrey. I'm not Audrey. As for it closing the discussion... not really. I was just answering ur question if I thought they were useful.

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    • Sorry for your name...

      I have the unpleasant feeling that you want to close the discussion because you are more talkative after a troll alert (which not really need an answer) than after my long speech about a thing that may improve the wiki ... and reject it without a word (oh no, sorry, three words) !... And it's not the first time you act like that... There's no way I'd do it again !!... Bye.

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    • Friends and enemies section just needs to be updated more frequently. So I wasn't dismissing you. Just telling you that I did think they were necessary.  When have I acted dismissive to you? I think you need to take a step back and not lash out at me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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