• So I was doing some digging, and I came across this article about Maddison Brown. It looks like Kirby has promotional stills? The article cites "Dynasty" for photo credit, which is why I'm pretty sure these aren't just for something unrelated.

    Couldn't find any for Alexis and Cristal 2.0, though there's definitely more stills from Nicollette's first photoshoot back in November 2017. She once posted a LQ one to her Instagram (pretty sure it's actually on the wiki).

    Anyways, yeah, wanted to bring that to your attention. Didn't just wanna upload it myself in case there was an issue!

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    • Whoa. They really should do a better job as marketing this so people like us who manage this wikia can find these things. Does it say the date on it by any chance? I don't see it on my end? But yeah, just go ahead and add it.

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    • The article came out on October 22. I can't believe these pictures never made it to SpoilerTV or anything. The marketing really is atrocious this season, and it's frustrating because this confirms that there is promotional material that they're just not releasing to the public. I'm willing to bet that Cristal 2.0 has unreleased stills since they'd be needed to photoshop the Season 2 poster.

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    • ^^^ Me too!  Like we found the Netflix poster by pure chance. Audrey, one of the other admins basically did a google search and that's how we got it. I tried applying (1 in a million shot) to get promotional content for the  show through the CW as like a special reporter of sorts, but of course was denied. I even showed then the wikia via link. But knew going into that the chances were slim.

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