• Hey there! My name is Chen, I'm with the Community team at FANDOM.

    Over the last year, we’ve been working on a brand new TV Community Builder. We’ve identified your wiki as one of the best candidates to move to the new platform because it already has a great structure for characters, cast, seasons and episodes. We designed the TV Community Builder from the start with TV shows in mind to mirror that same structure.

    While the new Builder is still early in its life, we would be thrilled to have you as a key test community to help us learn what works, what doesn’t, and what feedback we need to know moving forward! Would you be interested in giving some feedback and participating in helping figure out what features we should create for the TV Community Builder?

    Here are some of the reasons we’re excited about the new experience:

    • Mobile capabilities: This new builder is designed to work across all devices - making it easy to create and view pages on desktops and phones with no extra work required from editors. Over the years, more and more people are switching to browsing the internet on their phones and FANDOM is no different. We are invested in making it a better experience and allow fans to edit as easily from their phones as their desktops.
    • Structured data: Structured data is a way of organizing all of the data on a website so you can present information in more powerful ways. Not only can you display content in ways that helps people find what pages they should read next, but it can even make editing easier - imagine if you could update a single character page, and that data would be added to all other relevant pages automatically. By removing the reliance on wikitext, editing becomes a simpler experience and content becomes easier to find.

    You can see this new platform in action on Making It wiki right now - please check it out!

    If your wiki uses the new Community Builder, what we would do is migrate all of the articles here over to a new domain and temporarily maintain both while we go through and clean up some of the information. It won’t all be perfect so there will be some work to do to get everything set on the TV Community Builder before we switch over the domain. We are happy to help with a lot of the heavy lifting there.

    We’d love to do this in the next week to make sure this wiki is ready for Season 2.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think!

    Chen @fandom 22:37, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

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    • Yeah, we'd love to help.  So if I'm understanding it right, based on the feedback we provide, then you may or may not move forward to the final stages of this potential new feature? 

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    • Hello!!

      Thanks for the quick response! I'm happy you would love to help! I just want to be clear that after the migration, this wiki will start using the new format (TV Builder) moving forward. We are still in a early stage of this layout, but we will keep evolving it with the feedback we collect from our admins and users. Your suggestions and feedback will help us direct the way where we want to head to for the improvement of TV builder. So for sure!

      Would you like us to start the migration next week? Thank you.

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    • Do we have any admin powers? If so, then yes, next week works great. Also, one of my fellow admins was wondering if one thing u guys can consider is the wiki background. But all in all, we are excited to help test out!

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    • Good morning!

      That's awesome! We will start the migration soon if everything looks good to you and other admins! There may be some pages need extra attention during the migration process, and I will keep you updated. Basically we are going to use a new URL for migration while keeping the old one, and you can compare both communities to make sure all content are well-transferred. Once that is done, we will change the URL as the final step.

      Back to your question 1 - yes, you will continue having the admin power. For now, you can only manage the community and reorder the pages. There is no permissions yet but we plan to work on that very soon. We are thinking to let admins have the ability to delete pages, manage community (including page types) and block users for the next step.

      About your question 2 - we are using a standard design for the current layout. We will likely start from basic theming (dark/light background switch) some time soon. We would also like to know what kind of customization you are hoping to do specifically. Background image? Word-mark? Or others? That would help us to plan what specific theming customizations to be added to this product to meet our users' needs.

      This is still an early stage for this new tool and many parts may not be perfect. But we are hoping to let our users easily edit and contribution content via a simple, non-mediawiki tool with a modern design. To achieve our goal, we would like to continue talking to you and gathering feedback/suggestions after the migration. We really appreciate you can be part of this experience and help us make the product better and better! :)

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    • Yeah, just in case, having the power to block or delete pages would come in handy ASAP.  As for customization, yes to all the above (i.e.  background image, word-mark, etc.). But yes sounds perfect! I look forward to it.

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    • Awesome! We still start the migration shortly, and I will keep in touch with you and another admin from now on for the future feedback/suggestion. Thank you again for being part of this! :))

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    • Thanks!

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    • Hello again!

      Thanks again for being patient about the migration process! We are cleaning a few final pages. Because the Community Builder layout doesn't have the same tools as mediawiki does, you may have to adjust the content of some special pages to fit your community needs. Here is an example page:

      I twisted some words and linked the message wall to Community Central. Another suggestion is you can use Discussions for conversations too. We will develop more tools by the end of this year, like admin rights, etc.

      Once the migration is done, I will leave you a message and this wiki will be frozen. The new wiki will take over the URL, but you are welcome to start editing on the new wiki from now on. We are excited you are part of this new experience and cannot wait to have your feedback! You and all community users can fill out the feedback form online:

      Please also feel free to contact me directly via Message Wall on Community Central or via Special:Contact/general for any feedback or discussions about this new layout. Thank you!

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    • Hello it's me again! ;)

      Just checked with our team and the migration will be done tomorrow! Please notice that some pages may not be 100% perfect and may need some manual migration work. Our team has been doing as best as we can. But please feel free to jump in and adjust the pages if necessary. If you have any questions about any page or you don't know how to adjust them, please let me know! Thank you!

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    • Thanks for the heads up!

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    • A FANDOM user
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