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Thicker Than Money
Season 02, Episode 21
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Air date May 17, 2019
Written by Jenna Richman & Kevin A. Garnett
Directed by Ken Fink
Viewers 0.47 million (470,000)[1]
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New Lady in Town
Deception, Jealousy, and Lies
I missed key years in your life, and for that, I am sorry. But Mother is back now... and I'm going to do whatever it takes to protect my children from all enemies.
Dominique Deveraux to her children

Thicker Than Money is the twenty-first episode of the second season and the forty-third episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on May 17, 2019.


A TALE OF TWO DYNASTIES - Fallon’s pursuit of a game-changing deal for Femperial is complicated when Blake asks her to mentor Adam in all things Carrington and help him retain control of the Atlantix. Meanwhile, a rift arises between Blake and Cristal when he asks her to choose between her family and his. [2]


While Fallon steps in for Blake to prevent Jeff and Michael from seizing control of the Atlantix, Liam and Kirby help her snatch a book deal from a competitor. Dominique visits Blake, who has been paying her for years to keep secret the fact that she is his half-sister. The payments have recently stopped, and Dominique wants what she is owed. Blake says she can have her money when she gets Jeff off his back. Sam receives a generous divorce settlement from Steven, and buys a luxury hotel on a whim. Jeff figures out that Adam poisoned him, and enlists Dominique to help destroy Blake and Adam. Cristal objects to Blake's plan to blame her father for his crimes. She goes to the FBI, ostensibly to inform on Blake, but she is secretly executing his plan to exonerate himself and frame Michael. Liam and Fallon finally have sex, while Kirby and Michael do the same. Anders collapses.[3]



Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Norio Nishimura as Tarkoff
  • Nicole Zyana as Allison
  • Allan Louis as Henry Lewis
  • Greg James as Roger Mills
  • Rico Paris as Craig
  • Dustin Lewis as Marlon
  • Joshua Lamboy as Chuck
  • Claire Lanay as Kathleen
  • CJ Sykes as Jim


  • The title of this episode "Thicker Than Money" is a reference to a line of the original Dynasty series first said by Fallon Carrington said about Blake Carrington in the Season 1 Episode 01: Oil - Part 1 .
    • In the reboot, the original line is said by Blake to Dominique.
  • The white outfit worn by Dominique when she arrives at Carrington Manor might be a reference to the outfit worn by Dominique in her very first scene in the Season 4 Episode 26: New Lady in Town of the original Dynasty series.


Liam: Fallon, you're sitting in your own publishing house.
Fallon: That will never be a real empire, because I am too busy putting out my dad's fires. And every time I think I have gotten a breath of fresh air, I end up choking on his smoke.

Blake: It's our dynasty.
Fallon: No, it's not. Femperial is mine. But do I ever get a chance to work on it? No, because I am too busy covering for your malfeasance. And all you care about is Adam.

Anders: I already had a vacation. With you, remember?
Sam: That was barely an afternoon. 
Anders: And Blake got arrested. 
Sam: That was bound to happen eventually.

Jeff: Blake Carrington after a night in federal custody? This is definitely my new favorite show.