There is a war being fought on this mountain, and I'm not gonna let this glam squad lose it.
The Sight of You
Season 02, Episode 11
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Air date January 25, 2019
Written by David M. Israel & Audrey Villalobos Karr
Directed by Matt Earl Beesley
Viewers 0.58 million (580,000) [1]
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The Sight of You is the eleventh episode of the second season and the thirty-third episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on January 25, 2019.


MAY THE BEST GIRL WIN — Reeling from a series of emotional developments, Fallon decides to round up her gal pals for a restorative "girls' trip" to Idaho, but when the assembled squad arrives to the ski resort, Fallon's hidden agenda quickly reveals itself. Meanwhile, Blake enlists Culhane's in recruiting a star player to his new soccer team, and Alexis teams up with Sam to tackle their blues.





  • This episode's title, along with its synopsis, directors and writer were revelead on January 8, 2019 via press release.[2]
  • On January 10, 2019 some promotional photos were released; thereby revealing that Monica and Liam would be in this episode. [3]


  • First episode not to feature Joseph Anders.


Fallon: Do you even know what snow is?
Cristal: I hear it's whiter than you.

Blake: I want you to come with me. You two speak the same language.
Culhane: Is that the 'black' language, Blake?

Ashley to Fallon: I was a rebound, but it's funny how easy it is to get a man to fall in love with you when he's been put through hell by a cold, self-serving, self-righteous bitch. I mean, you basically starved him, and now, well, let's just say I'm keeping him very satisfied.

Kirby to Fallon: Us three are going to take that bitch down so you can take your man home.

Fallon to Cristal: Don't worry. I won't tell my father that his pregnant soon-to-be-wife laid out a few chicks in a bar fight. Although, it is a pretty killer story.

Fallon: I wish we could leave this mountain ASAP, but unfortunately, Blake has the jet in Belgium, - and it won't be able to get us till morning.
Monica: We can fly commercial.
Fallon: Yeah, we could also eat that mystery meat chili, but we're not gonna do that either.





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