The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial
Season 03, Episode 08
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Air date December 6, 2019
Written by Francisca X. Hu
Directed by Melanie Mayron
Viewers 0.37 million (370,000)[1]
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Whatever you are up to, I want in. Or else, I will go to daddy and everything you have been plotting will go up in smoke. Poof.
Cristal to Fallon

The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial is the eighth episode of the third season and the fifty-second episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on December 6, 2019. It is the mid-season finale.


THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN – In the mid-season finale, Blake's trial begins, and every Carrington and family associate gets pulled into the fray.[2]

Plot Summary


Culhane, Fallon and Anders all get served with a subpoena for Blake’s trial. But Anders specifically gets a call from DA Erica Brown specifically to tell him that she’s the lead prosecutor in the case against Blake Carrington. She goes onto say that they have records of Anders coming in contact with the victim. The DA lets Anders know that they can offer him full immunity in exchange for his honest testimony.

Meanwhile on Hot Tea Atlanta, reports on Blake’s murder trial and shows people protesting outside the courthouse. Some of the protest signs range from calling Blake a cold blooded killer, to to saying that The Carringtons are corrupt, and that money is not justice. The DA takes that as an opportunity to say on television that this case isn’t about her. That rather, this is about one man being held accountable for his actions. She reveals that the prosecution is very confident that they have more than enough evidence to make their case.

Over at The Carrington Manor, Blake is enjoying some lobster as he says how the prosecution obviously has nothing on him. Otherwise, the DA wouldn’t be appearing on TV around the clock to talk about how guilty he is. Sam brings up how they did find Mack wrapped in a body bag with Blake’s DNA on it. But Blake is quick to cockily say how a drop of his DNA will never hold up in court with his army of lawyers at his disposal. Cristal brings up how maybe Adam doesn’t need Nadia anymore, which agitates him. He ends up stopping mid-argument when he is able to see Cristal.

Fallon comes in and tells Blake that she has been subpoenaed to testify for the other side. She believes that they will probably ask her about Blake’s character. He tells his daughter that he trusts that she will be honest and truthful as she extols his virtues. Fallon lets him know that she’s not about to perjure herself to save his ass. Blake reminds her that no one asked Fallon to lie. But he does bring up the fact that Fallon Unlimited launches in a few days, and a little positive press on her father wouldn’t hurt. Fallon reminds him that she didn’t start a magazine to be his PR mouthpiece. But that publicly she will support him.

In her room, Liam asks Fallon if he is not about to censor him when he writes an article on the trial. She reminds him that she isn’t like her father, and all he has to worry about is meeting the deadline for tomorrow, so they can publish it online.

At the Colby House, Monica lets Dominique know once more that she doesn’t want to see her again. Jeff makes his presence known, and tells his mother that he looked into her so-called client while he was in Europe. Dominique tries to find a way out of this situation, but Jeff tells her to save any excuses she is trying to come up with. He lets her know that he doesn’t hate her, and is not cutting her out of his life. He realizes who Dominique is and has made his peace with it. This leaves Monica dumbfounded as she thought Jeff would be even more pissed than she was.

At the Courthouse, Mitchell, one of Blake’s lawyers lets his client know that the prosecution is offering a pretrial plea deal of twenty five years. Blake outright refuses because he is not about to plea 25 years in prison nor pleading guilty to murder. Mitchell goes on to say that things were looking good for Blake. But that he has since heard from his man on the inside that the district attorney has an ace up her sleeve. He elaborates by saying that it’s a secret witness that the DA is trying to add who could place Mac at the manor around the coroner’s time of death. So now, if convicted, Blake could face life in prison or worse. When Blake asks who it is, Mitchell answers that he has no idea. Blake asks that Anders find out who the rat is and is going to testify against him and eliminate the problem.

Once inside, the DA starts the trial by saying how Blake has been on the cover of Time and Forbes magazines respectively and is a successful businessman. But that Blake has another, much darker side to him. One that many people don’t get to see. She calls him dark, ruthless with a temper that’s only surpassed by his bank account. She proceeds to call him a man lacking in morals as well. Cristal notices how the jury is believing everything the DA has said thus far, and Fallon mentions how Blake is ready to explode from the opening statement alone.

Meanwhile, at La Mirage, Sam and Kirby are grabbing a bite eat, where Kirby is gushing over Joel. Sam eventually shushes her and reminds her that he has other customers. He also tells her how he’s going through a bit of a dry spell. Kirby brings up Fletcher Myers, and how he kissed Sam. But he admits to his friend that since then, Fletcher hasn’t contacted him, so it must have meant nothing for him.

Back at Blake’s trial, Michael testifies that he worked for six years as Blake’s driver and was his business partner, as well. The DA asks him if it's true that Culhane would drive Nathan MacIntosh at Blake’s request. Culhane doesn’t deny that, and says how Blake would rely on Mac to do his dirty work. Culhane goes on to say that he saw Mac regularly up until the time he quit two years ago. Moreover, Culhane adds that he knew how Mac was a fixer for Atlanta’s elite. But that for the right amount of money, he’d do anything you needed. Things ranging from intimidation, beatings and murder. The DA then asks Culhane if he was surprised that Blake Carrington had this type of person in his life. Culhane answers by saying that he wasn’t at all because they’re cut from the same cloth. He then tells the courtroom that he knows Blake is capable of murder because he has seen it firsthand when he killed his father. Michael laughs as he sees Blake getting reprimanded for losing his cool yet again. The judge warns him that if he does it again, he will be watching his trial from a jail cell.

At the Manor, Anders interrogates the employees, and first up is Mrs. Gunnerson, who says the groundskeepers hate that he never cleans up after Bo. Later, Tony says how Mrs Gunnerson thinks that Blake doesn’t appreciate her cooking enough. Eventually between Tony and Mrs. Gunnerson talking, Anders finds out that on the phone Kirby mentioned something about the FBI.

Whereas Nadia praises Adam for how much progress he has made. She mentions how pretty soon, he won’t need her anymore. This leads Adam to ask about what would happen if he did get his vision back. Nadia explains that her agency would place her somewhere new. Adam then asks if they’d still see each other, but Nadia states that some of her patients aren't in the city or the state. Desperate to keep her by his side, Adam puts his hand over the stove and burns himself.

At La Mirage, Dominique chastises Vanessa for costing them the residency at the Colby Club. She explains to her stepdaughter that they will use Blake’s trial to put themselves front and center in the news.

Back at the manor, Nadia tells Fallon that she has actually developed feelings for Adam, and thought about confessing everything to Blake. Fallon laughs and says that while Nadia is a good actress, that the whole “therapist with a heart of gold” routine just doesn’t work for Nadia at all. She explains to the other woman that she will get the rest of the money once she pulls the trigger and breaks Adam’s heart. Shortly thereafter Cristal catches Fallon and Nadia. Cristal asks that Fallon let her into this scheme of hers, or she will go to Blake and tell him.

Later, Adam catches Nadia on the phone with someone where she’s telling them that she misses them and can’t wait to see them at the loft later that night.

At the courthouse, Dominique tries to get in, but the officer tells her that she is not listed as family. She tries to get Cristal to vouch for her, but all Cristal says is that she doesn’t know her. Inside, Fallon is put on the stand, and the DA asks her about Blake’s temper. Which eventually corners Fallon into admitting that Fallon is capable of murder. Mitchell then asks Blake how hard they should question Fallon, to take some of the heat off Blake. This leads Mitchell to ask Fallon if she has a vendetta against her father. He asks her about the time that Fallon leaked Celia Machado’s sex tape with Matthew Blaisdel with zero regard to Blake’s feelings.

In the Manor, Fallon and Liam get into a disagreement when she sees that he is writing about her throwing the gavel at her father and thus painting her in a bad light. Eventually, she lets him report as he previously was.

But back in his office, Anders informs Blake that Kirby is the traitor who will testify against Blake. Anders tries to calm his boss down and not be too harsh on his daughter. But instead, Blake wants to make sure she pays for betraying him.

At their Club, Monica sits Vanessa and Jeff down to tell them that she needs a break from all this drama. So she will be going to New York for a while. Jeff tells his sister that she doesn’t have to leave because of Dom’s craziness. That they just have to accept their family is a bit extra. But Monica explains that it’s the right call for her, especially because she is opening the new club there anyway. She then turns to Vanessa, and asks her if she’d want to come with her. She admits that none of this mess is her stepsister’s fault and she’d like to get to know the new family member. Vanessa promises to think about and leaves the two siblings so they can say goodbye. After hearing what Monica just said, he changes his mind on telling him his big news.

Adam then hears about Nadia sleeping with Blake and Cristal supposedly catching the two in the act. Unbeknownst to him, that it’s all part of the plan Cristal and Fallon concocted. Nadia lies and says that they have been sleeping together for months and why she got hired in the first place. Cristal then yells out that she thought Nadia was only screwing Adam, but Nadia explains that she only used him to make Blake jealous. Once Adam leaves, the ladies break character and Fallon gives Nadia the last of her cut from toying with Adam’s feelings.

Once it’s just the two of them, Cristal tells her stepdaughter that she hopes this scheme works and Blake finally sees Adam for what he is. Fallon confidently says that it will work because Adam isn’t exactly subtle when he’s upset. She mentions that Adam usually snaps in the craziest way possible, like when he put her face on their mother.

Down at the cellar, Adam continues to regain his eyesight as he smashes a bunch of wine bottles from the Blue Belt Winery.

Blake confronts Kirby at Sam’s hotel, and threatens her to get out of town. He dumps a plane ticket back to Australia, but tells her that frankly, he doesn’t care where she goes. He calls her an ungrateful little bitch, and nothing but a leech ever since she came back in Anders’ life.

Meanwhile, at Fallon Unlimited, Fallon breaks into her own company to delete the story Liam was writing. She looks at the security camera before using a baseball bat she brought with her to smash the computer.

The next morning, Anders is completely blindsided when Blake tells him that he has banished Kirby from Atlanta, and threatened her to never come back. Blake asks Anders if they’re still good, and Anders nods in agreement. Later, Anders decides to give DA Brown a call and asks if the offer for immunity to expose Blake is still on the table.

At the Courthouse, Dominique calls the front desk to La Mirage and lies that Beyonce’s people are considering the hotel for her to stay at during her upcoming world tour. This causes Sam to leave the trial, and allows Dominique to take his spot. When Anders takes the stand, he reveals that Blake had indeed called Mac to the manor to punish him for a butchered job. But out of nowhere, Dominique calls DA Brown a skanky bitch and ends up getting thrown out of court for her behavior. The judge calls for a brief recess after Anders admits to having killed Mac in self defence.

Now that he can fully see again, Adam goes to the vineyard and pours gasoline on it as he burns it to the ground. Later, Anders does admit to Blake that he had a moment of doubt. He tells Blake that he considers him a son, but that Kirby is her child too, and he doesn’t want to choose between his children. Anders brings up the fact that Blake has forgiven Fallon many times. Which makes Blake reconsider, and agrees that perhaps too harsh on her. He tells Anders that he can bring her back, and she can even stay at the Manor again. Anders calls Kirby, but it goes to voicemail. He apologizes to her, and says that he wants her to come back home.

Meanwhile, Dominique tells Vanessa that she currently is trendy and everyone is obsessed with the sister who attacked the prosecutor because she loves her murderous brother that much. Vanessa admits to Dom that she doesn’t feel like she can trust her after what she pulled with Jeff and Monica. Moreover, she would rather pursue her musical career without the theatrics. Thus, she has decided to leave for a bit, and will be accompanying Monica in New York.

Back at the Manor, Fallon confesses to Liam that she was the one who staged the break-in at her magazine. She admits that she now realizes how much like her father she really is. Thus, she’s making a conscious effort to do better. Fallon also wants to apologize to Adam because she knows Adam will never change, but she genuinely wants to. She asks one of the maids where her brother is, and she proceeds to say that she hasn’t seen Adam since the night before. Moreover, the caretaker for the vineyard also called to inform them that it’s currently on fire.

At La Mirage, Kirby tries to leave undetected, but Sam catches up to her. She is angry at her dad for thinking that she’s some secret witness in Blake’s trial. She confesses to Sam that the FBI was contacting but it wasn’t about Blake, but about Joel. She leaves with Joel, and Sam asks that she call him or else he will be worried.

At the Vineyard, Adam is watching his dad’s work burn as Fallon arrives with Liam in tow. She confesses that this all her fault because she paid Nadia to make him fall in love with her. She also admits that she staged a fake fight with Cristal’s help to make it look like Blake had sex with Nadia. Fallon then realizes that Adam can actually see when she throws ceramic pot and Adam evades it. Liam kneels down and picks up the broken pieces, now remembering that Adam had hit him in the back of the head and left him to die. Liam lunges at Adam now that he knows the truth and is both about to fall off.

At the courthouse, Blake’s trial has resumed and DA Brown tells him that this is his last change to accept the plea deal. DA Brown explains to the judge that her witness was abroad and was only able to return to the States until yesterday. The judge allows DA Brown’s mystery witness, and in walks Jeff accompanied by a mystery blonde woman. Blake thinks it’s Jeff who is the mystery witness, but it’s the blonde woman who takes the stand.

The judge asks the blonde woman to state her name for the court and she tells everyone that her name is Alexis Carrington Colby.



Guest Starring


  • Rob Nagle as Mitchell
  • Maura Gale as Judge Ruth Matthews
  • Chase Anderson as Tony
  • Natalie Karp as Mrs. Gunnerson
  • Ryan Vo as Cyclist
  • Aaron Gillespie as Guard
  • Hope Jordan as Julia


  • Blake Carrington is the titular character of this episode.
  • Elaine Hendrix makes her debut as Alexis Carrington.
  • On October 28, 2019, Elaine Hendrix was announced to be replacing Nicollette Sheridan in the role of Alexis Carrington.[3]
    • According to The CW, "Alexis is back in Atlanta, with a new look, a new man, and plenty of scores to settle."
  • On December 4, 2019, the first look of Elaine Hendrix as the new Alexis Carrington was unveiled. [4]
  • Liam recovers the last of his lost memories, in this episode, including that Adam was his attacker.


  • "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial" is one of Michael Michele's favourite episodes.
  • The Line "Skank, Skank, Skank" was not added in the original script. Michael Michele added it to add more humour to the scene. [5]
  • Unlike the previous two seasons, the eighth episode serves as the mid-season finale instead of the ninth episode.
  • Alexis Carrington's re-appearance is similar to the original series when she first appeared in Blake's trial.
  • "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial" is a reference to a line a journalist said about Blake Carrington's murder trial in the episode Blake Goes to Jail of the original Dynasty series.
  • "The Sensational Black Carrington Trial" is the second episode to feature Blake's name. The first was, "The Gospel According to Blake Carrington".
  • Adam faking his blindness after recovering his sight is a reference to the episode "The Hearing" of the original series in which Blake did the same.


Cristal: I hope this works and Blake finally sees Adam for what he is. 
Fallon: Oh, it'll work. Adam isn't exactly subtle when he's upset. I mean, he usually snaps in the craziest way possible like putting my face on my mother.

Blake: It's almost like you planned this.
Fallon: Who would do such a thing?
Blake: I would. Which is how I know you did.

Sam: Not to bet against the house, or, the Manor in this case, but didn't they find Mack wrapped in a body bag with your DNA on it?
Blake: Oh, a drop of DNA will never hold up in court against my army of lawyers.
Sam: And the justice system wins again.

Dominique: Objection, you skanky bitch! How dare you accuse my dear brother of such a thing?! Our father is rolling over in his grave.





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