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The Gospel According to Blake Carrington
Season 01, Episode 14
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Air date March 9, 2018
Written by Francisca X. Hu & Paula Sabbaga
Directed by Dawn Wilkinson
Viewers 0.64 million (640,000)[1]
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I wouldn't last a day in prison. This face has "make me your bitch" written all over it.
— Sam to Steven

The Gospel According to Blake Carrington is the fourteenth episode of the first season of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on March 9, 2018 as the first episode after Dynasty's move to Friday nights.


A WEB OF LIES — Suspicious that the Colbys may be up to no good, Fallon plays a dangerous game of charades; meanwhile, Steven finds himself unexpectedly channeling his darker side when he tries to help Sammy Jo, and Cristal must cover-up an impulsive mistake that threatens to implode her marriage. 


Realizing that she inadvertently put Jeff's spyware on the Carrington server, Fallon and Michael use a dinner with the Colbys to try and access Jeff's own server to erase the data he has stolen. At dinner, Cesil explodes and reveals to Fallon all that Blake has done to the Colbys, which leaves her crushed. Sam tells Steven that he is not a legal citizen, so he cannot explain to the police what really happened with Ted. At Blake's urging, Steven spins the potentially negative publicity by pretending to be Ted's grieving partner. At Ted's hospital bedside, Steven manages to reclaim Sam's missing earring from Ted's belongings, but then Ted wakes up. Cristal receives flowers from Rick, and admits to Blake that they kissed. Aware that Rick is secretly working with Jeff, Blake presses Cristal to get as close to Rick as possible, but she refuses.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Stephan Jones as Gerry Dinard
  • Elizabeth Youman as Evie Culhane
  • Pam Smith as Doctor
  • Brooke Jaye Taylor as Officer
  • Mahdi Cocci as Police Officer
  • Ethan McDowell as Paramedic
  • Ann Marie Gideon as Nurse
  • Christina Bach as Nurse #2
  • Chimere Love as Reporter #1
  • Danny Chung as Reporter #2


  • As clearly mentioned in the title, Blake Carrington is the titular character of this episode.
  • The title of the episode was announced via press release on February 8, 2018.[3]
  • The episode's synopsis along with the the director and writers were announced on February 16, 2018.[4]


  • Starting with this episode, Dynasty has moved to a new night; from Wednesdays to Fridays at 8/7c. [5]
  • The 15sec opening sequence is not featured in this episode.
  • The Gospel According to Blake Carrington is the first episode to feature Blake’s name. The second is, The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial.
  • The title of the episode comes from a line said in the original Dynasty 1981 series, first said by Alexis Carrington to Blake Carrington in the Season 5, Episode 14: The Will.
    • The exact same line is used in the reboot when Fallon talks to Blake.


Jeff: Well go big or kill somebody trying. That's the Carrington way, right?