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The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned
Season 03, Episode 09
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Air date January 17, 2020
Written by Aubrey Villalobos Karr
Directed by Jeff Byrd
Viewers 0.34 million (340,000)[1]
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The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial
What Sorrows Are You Drowning?
You change your loyalty as often as you change your face.
Blake to Alexis after her testimony.

The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned is the ninth episode of the third season and the fifty-third episode overall of the television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on January 17, 2020.


THE TRUTH HURTS – Blake’s trial continues as Alexis shocks the jury with her testimony. Following the scuffle between Adam and Liam, Fallon returns to the courthouse to find her mother has returned, newly married to her ex-fiancee, Jeff Colby.[2]

Plot Summary


Adam saves Liam from falling but then falls himself, though he escapes with minor injuries. Alexis testifies that she saw Blake murder Mack. Fallon visits Jeff and Alexis ostensibly to reconnect with her mother, but actually to find her datebook to prove she was not home when she said she was. While Cristal helps Blake have a juror replaced, Fallon is able to prove that Alexis is lying, resulting in a mistrial. Dominique is especially upset over Jeff's marriage, and confronts Alexis. Later, Dominique takes a public tumble down the courthouse stairs and makes it look like Alexis pushed her. Sam reconnects with Fletcher. Adam tries to make things up to Blake for torching the vineyard, but Blake tells him to leave the Manor. Adam moves into Alexis's vacated loft. Fallon tricks Cristal into revealing that Blake did kill Mack. Alexis reaffirms her commitment to help Jeff destroy Blake.<ref>This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors).

Fallon confronts Adam. She nudges him in the stomach to hurt him and tells him that Blake is going to do far worse when he finds out that he set fire to his precious vineyard. Adam tells her that she is going to be blamed, not him.

At the courthouse, Dominique tells Jeff that she knows they are on bad terms, but says that Alexis is bad news and warns him to steer clear of her. She asks him if he is in trouble and if she has blackmailed him. In response, Jeff only says that she is right, they are on bad terms, and the only one using him is her. He tells Dom he can take care of it himself.

Fallon shows up, and Blake tells her that Alexis is back from Europe, with a new face, and a new stepfather for her that she has already met: her cousin, Jeff Colby. This time, Fallon approaches Jeff, and asks if Alexis has something on him. Blake gets a call, and asks Fallon why she burned his vineyard down. She tells him that it was Adam and to speak to him.

In the courtroom, Alexis takes her seat in the witness' chair. She testifies that she looked through the window and saw Blake strangle Mac with his bare hands. She continues by saying that Mac turned on Blake after he ordered him to kill Cristal's lover, Mark Jennings. Alexis says that she will never forget the look of violence in Blake's eyes and that he absolutely killed Nathan Macintosh.

Fallon approaches Alexis, outside the courthouse. Alexis tells her that she is so busy thinking that her mother is the enemy that she doesn't see the "big bad wolf" right beside her, referring to Blake. Alexis says that when Blake is in jail for murder, it will give them more time to connect.

Fallon asks her father if Alexis is telling the truth. Blake says that she absolutely did not see what she said, and that she is perjuring herself. He says that he doesn't deserve to go to jail because of her lies. Fallon tells him that they just need to prove that Alexis was not there that day. Anders walks in, and Blake thanks Fallon for believing in him, she leaves. Anders then asks Blake what will happen if Fallon learns the truth, to which Blake responds that she will not find out. Blake asks Anders if he has heard from Kirby, he says no.

Alexis is moving out. She tells Adam that she wants to put the past behind them and move on. He says that can't happen, he is a Carrington and she is a Colby now, she made her choice.

Michael meets up with Sam at the bar and asks about Vanessa. Neither have heard from her. Michael asks about Fletcher, but Sam hasn't heard from her either. Michael encourages him to call Fletcher; Sam does and invites him to drinks.

Fallon brings a bottle of wine over to Alexis and Jeff and says that she wants to give them a peace offering and apologies for being crabby. Then, she asks how this whole thing came about, but to leave out the parts that would make her sick to her stomach. Jeff says they met up in Switzerland, Alexis says that timing is everything. The two kiss, Fallon says she is going to the bathroom to throw up. Fallon actually sneaks into one of the rooms to go in the safe, she guessed the password being Blake’s birthday and finds Alexis’ agenda. Alexis calls for Fallon and discovers her in the room. Caught, Fallon says a photo caught her eye when she was on her way to the bathroom.

Adam goes to see Blake and tells him that it was all Fallon's fault that the vineyard burned down. She paid Nadia to fall in love with him, and set it up so he would hear Nadia talking to Cristal on how she was having an affair with him, and that she was only sleeping with him to make Blake jealous. Adam tells Blake that he lost his mind for a while and set the fire to get back at him, but Fallon orchestrated the whole thing. Blake says it is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard: why would he sleep with someone they hired to take care of him? Blake shouts at him and says he doesn't care for his excuses, Adam tried to destroy the one thing that means something to him in his life, while he is on trial for murder. Adam promises to make it up to him and leaves.

Alexis meets with Dominique at a bar and they exchange caddy comments back and forth.

Alexis returns home, and learns that a bartender at Club Colby sent Jeff a photo showing him that she was having drinks with Dominique. Jeff says he has to be able to trust her, she says he can, and the first thing they are going to do is put Blake away for a very long time.

In the washroom, Cristal threatens a juror's life to vote for Blake's acquittal. The juror only sees her shoes. In the courtroom, the juror tells the judge that she was threatened. The judge tells Cristal to show off her shoes, which have now been changed. Cristal plays dumb. The juror is dismissed.

Since Fallon took Alexis' journal, she wants to prove that her mother was not where she says she was on the day Nathan was murdered, and could not have seen Blake do it. The first place she tries is a spa, where her mother apparently had an appointment. She tries to get in, but can't, she finds out that someone she knows has an appointment there, and goes to see her. Using Liam as a faux dog photographer, Fallon comes up with a story and manages to have the woman cancel her appointment.

The appointment is taking place at the manor. Fallon discovers that it is a spray tan appointment and not a hair appointment.

Jeff goes to see Dominique and questions her about meeting with Alexis. Dominique says she is worried about him and tells him that Alexis will do anything that she can to get the money she has lost.

As Fallon is getting the first of four long spray tan treatments, she finds out the spray tan appointments take four hours, and realizes there is no way Alexis could have been back home at nine to see Blake kill Mac, as she would have still been getting her spray tan. She also could not have taken a bath for six hours after her spray tan or it would have washed thousands of dollars down the drain.

Back in court, Alexis is called again to testify, and she is asked to give a timeline of the night in question. Alexis says that she had her hair done at 6 p.m., wrapped it in a turban, and took a bath. She recounts that she had just closed her eyes when she heard a blood-curdling scream, and then she saw Blake kill Mac. Blake's lawyer asks if she is sure about this, and asks if she could have made a mistake and been at a tanning appointment. She tells him that it was nine months ago, but she has been taking a pill to improve her memory daily, so she is confident. Mitchell says that if she put a woman named Becky on the stand, to testify on the stand, would she say that Alexis was with her at the tanning salon, on that day, or not? Alexis says that even if she did confuse the two dates, a spray tan only takes one hour; therein Fallon catches her lie and whispers to Mitchell that Becky's spray tan takes four hours to complete, which he repeats to Alexis. Fallon jumps up and says that she tracked Becky down and that she knows that she was getting her spray tan and that the spray tan takes four hours, so there is no possible way she could have been at home at nine. Fallon is asked by the judge to sit down. Alexis screams at Fallon from the witness chair, telling her to just wait until she starts showing signs of age. As the jury looks at her in disbelief, she awkwardly adds: especially when her memory is as fuzzy as hers. Mitchell says that the defense rests.

At the manor, Liam asks Fallon what she thinks the jury is thinking. She says she is not comfortable with the fact that they have been deliberating for two hours. Liam tries to sex up Fallon, but she turns him down, saying that her spray tan needs to settle.

Back to court, the jury is deadlocked. They tell the judge that it's half/half and they can't and won't agree. The case is claimed as a mistrial, and Blake is free to go, for the time being. Cristal hugs Blake. Blake is celebratory, thanks Fallon, she says if a daughter can't save a father from the death penalty by exposing her mother's lies, then what good is she.

Outside the courthouse, Fallon tells Alexis to let go of her obsession with Blake. Alexis insists that Mac is a killer, but Fallon says that Blake told her he didn't do it, and she believes him. Dominique is coming up the stairs to the courthouse. Alexis nudges her and sends her flying down the stairs. Everyone runs over in shock.

Fletcher meets Sam at La Mirage; in seconds, they share another kiss.

Adam tells Blake that he bought him a new vineyard, spent his entire life savings on it. Blake says he doesn't want it, and furthermore, he wants him out of the house – furthermore, he is lucky he doesn't cut him out of the will. Blake tells him again to get out, and he wants him gone before the end of the day.

Alexis is upset; all of the society's websites she is being called names for supposedly pushing Dominique down the stairs. She has also been uninvited to a fashion show. Jeff asks her if she pushed Dominique, she says no. Dominique comes in and dramatically says that she is scared for her life around Alexis and is leaving; she is going to New York to have some quiet.

Adam is moving into Alexis's loft. Anders enters, and he asks him not to tell Blake. Anders tells Adam that Blake will see the error of ways by throwing him out.

Fallon goes to see Cristal. She hands her some papers, says that Mac's family agrees that they won't file a civil suit or bring this up again if Blake admits his guilt. Fallon says that she hopes it was worth it. Cristal says she was so broken up after the baby died, that Blake couldn't control his rage and lost it. She adds that it's weird he signed that without telling her. Fallon says that Blake didn't sign it. Off of Cristal's confused face, Fallon says that she wasn't entirely sure that Blake killed Mac, until Cristal just told her. Fallon says they finally have something in common: they both helped someone get away with murder.



Guest Starring


  • Maura Gale as Judge Ruth Matthews
  • Renu Razdan as Libby Witers
  • Katie Gunderson as Laura Jean Tennybelle
  • Melissa Saint-Amand as Becky
  • Jaidi Ventura as Roma
  • Heyes Mercure as Tripp Worthington
  • Terrence Smith as Bartender
  • Anna Wright as Foreperson


  • Director Jeff Byrd describes the episode as "very Dominique Deveraux heavy". Having shot the episode shortly after Diahann Carroll's passing, he and actress Michael Michele "feel the weight that's on [their] shoulders to represent for her and all that she meant to the culture and as an OG on this show." Byrd also warns fans to listen closely for an iconic line or two from the original series, either from and about Dominique.[3]
  • As a main cast member, Maddison Brown is credited but does not appear in the episode.


  • Alexis' marriage to Jeff is a nod to the original Dynasty, in which Alexis married Cecil. Elaine Hendrix mentioned that she hoped history didn't repeat itself. In the original series, Cecil died after the union.[4]
  • The burned champagne scene is a reference to one of the most famous scene of the original Dynasty from the episode New Lady in Town. The title of the episode also comes from that same scene.
    • However, in the reboot series' scene, Alexis is the one to drink the burned champagne. In the original series' scene, it is Dominique who drinks it.
    • The title of this episode comes from that original scene, but the line is not in the scene of the reboot.
  • This is one of Elaine Hendrix's and Michael Michele's favourite episodes.
  • The fact that Fallon wears pink and discovers the truth about Alexis lying is a reference to the movie Legally Blond.


Fallon: It’s not everyday that your mother marries your cousin. Except maybe in Nebraska.

Cristal: If Alexis is involved, I’m guessing it has to do with money.
Alexis: That is the gold digger calling the cattle black.

Fallon: In the meantime, we'll be sure to send the police over to arrest you for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.
Liam: It was a flower pot, Fallon.
Fallon: Yeah, but a deadly one.

Alexis: It's burnt. This champagne was obviously frozen in the bottle at some point.
Dominique: I know. That's why you're drinking that one.