The Carrington Manor is the primary residence of Blake Carrington, Cristal Flores Carrington, and Joseph Anders.

Current Residents

Former Residents


  • According to the adress on a letter received by Sammy Jo, the mansion is located at 3673 Riverly Road N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327.
  • According to Fallon, there are 16 bedrooms in the house.
  • In "I Hardly Recognized You", Fallon Carrington and Steven Carrington moved back in, but as of recently, Fallon was kicked out by Blake and subsequently moved back in.
  •  In I Answer to No Man, Steven and Sam leave the Carrington Mansion together and they become roommates; however, Sam moves back in Our Turn Now per Steven's request.
  • In Dead Scratch, the Carrington House goes up in flames due to a mysterious person causing the fire.
  • On October 12, 2018 as part of Rafael's Instagram takeover, he revealed that The Carrington Manor is located in Swanee, GA. Only the exteriors are shot at the real house, everything else is shot at the studio. [1]

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