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The Birthday Party
Season 4, Episode 7
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Air date June 18, 2021
Written by Katrina Cabrera Ortega
Directed by Kenny Leon
Viewers 0.28 million (280,000)[1]
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The Birthday Party is the seventh episode of the fourth season and the seventy-first overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on June 18, 2021.


THANK YOU FOR THE DRAMATIC REVEAL - Blake warns Fallon about mixing marriage and business. As Liam wants more time with Fallon, she comes up with a "fool proof" plan to keep Liam occupied. Blake and Dominique finally see eye-to-eye. Meanwhile, Kirby and Alexis vie for Adam's attention as Adam continues his quest to become Chief of Staff, at any cost. Sam consoles Kirby as he shows her a different perspective. Lastly, Culhane volunteers for a charity event, with unforeseen results.

Plot Summary


In the future, Fallon is at the same funeral funeral from before, but this time Adam sits down next to her.

Four months earlier, Alexis walks into Adam’s room with a full breakfast prepared for his “almost birthday,” but instead what she uncovers is Kirby under the sheets. Adam walks into the room, and she asks what he wants to do for his birthday. Kirby interjects; she’s planned a birthday party for Adam for their closest friends and family.

Fallon and Blake are hard at work at Fallon Unlimited, looking at potential land for their European hub. Fallon is stressed because there are seven other bidders, and she won’t have time to look over anything before the bids are due. Blake says he’ll make some calls. Liam brings Fallon a special treat and asks if they can book a lunch so he can bounce some ideas off of her. Fallon lets him down gently because she has a busy work schedule, but Liam isn’t bothered by it and leaves. Blake thinks the two are spending too much time together, and it isn’t good for their marriage or business.

Meanwhile, Anders visits the manor in search of Kirby but runs into Alexis instead. They both agree that their children are getting too serious and spending too much time together. Alexis gets an idea on how to pull them apart and tells Anders not to get in her way.

Kirby is at La Mirage planning the party with Sam and she wants it perfect. Suddenly Sam gets a delivery, and under it is an invitation to Adam’s birthday at the manor. Kirby is furious that Alexis is planning a party the same night as hers.

At the Carrington Manor, Fallon greets Liam, who tells her he has plans with his friend Nash. He explains how they met and that they’ll be spending time together for a few days. He gets up to refill Nash’s drink, and Nash asks Fallon how he did. She says perfect and thanks him for coming on short notice. She doesn’t want Liam to know about her call though, so she wants that secret to stay between them.

Elsewhere, Blake is meeting with Dominique to apologize for her mistreatment, as he wants to make amends. He tells her that their father told him that there are no diamonds underneath the property and that whatever he left Dominique is worthless. She doesn’t want to believe him at first because of everything the Carringtons have put her through, but he thinks there’s a way he can fix it, and she’s all ears.

Adam tells Alexis she needs to call off her party because it’s making Kirby upset. She says if that’s what he really wants she will do it, but that means calling the entire guest list including the hospital board. Adam says he will talk to Kirby and get her to come to Alexis’ party instead. Alexis doesn’t think that’s the best idea, though.

Culhane is early to an event and runs into the coordinator, Mia. She mistakes him for a volunteer but he doesn’t tell her otherwise, instead, he gets his hands dirty and helps out.

Adam and Nash interrupt Fallon’s work at Fallon Unlimited telling her they’re going to karaoke. Fallon tells them to have fun but they insist she needs to go with them. She says she’s busy, but Martina says she will wait for the call and postpone it until she gets back.

Adam gives Kirby a bouquet of flowers which she knows isn’t a good sign. He tells her exactly what happened with Alexis and at first, she agrees to cancel her party and attend Alexis’ but that’s another hurdle Adam has to jump through, notifying Kirby she can’t attend. She gets heated, as his girlfriend she should be there to support him, but he says the board doesn’t need to be reminded of what they got up to in the supply closet.

At karaoke, Fallon really thinks it’s best if she get going and back to work but Liam really wants her and Nash to get to know each other. Suddenly, “Drops of Jupiter” begins playing and Fallon rushes to the mic to duet with Nash but as soon as she begins singing he leaves it all to her. When the song ends Nash and Liam cheer and Fallon says she’ll stay to do one more.

Culhane is getting things put away after the event while Mia reads a text from Jeff who wants to see her when he gets back to Atlanta. She and Culhane share a moment together, and he asks if she’ll be at the actual event the following week, she says she will be and they do need a good bartender.

Liam gets up to refill his drink and Fallon says while the night has been fun, she needed Nash to occupy Liam alone, so she’s going to leave. Nash moves next to her and tries to make an unwanted advance on her as she pushes him away.

At the manor, Dominique and Alexis are with the new mineralogist that they hired to inspect the property. They find out that where they are currently digging, there are no diamonds, so they must dig in another spot. Alexis notes it’s been a waste of time and money, so she suggests Dominique split the cost with her which she can pay back later. Dominique tries to get a word in but Alexis says they have to do this unless they want Blake to win again.

Alexis’ party for Adam is in full swing, and Liam has major news for Fallon. He tells her Nash plans on staying in Atlanta to write. Fallon says it’s perfect and they can spend time together, which prompts him to tell her he invited Nash to the party, which makes Fallon uncomfortable.

Fallon approaches Nash who tries to blackmail her by saying that if he doesn’t get a spot in her biggest magazine and should she try to tell Liam about the stunt he tried to pull on her, he will tell Liam all about how she asked Nash to come to Atlanta to take him off her hands.

Dominique walks in with a bag full of raw diamonds just as Blake comes in behind her. She and Alexis tell Blake the news and Dominique notes he used her mother’s death to cheat her out of her birthright and the dig. Blake says no matter how much money she makes she’ll never be a real Carrington.

Fallon and Blake are in a meeting, and she’s upset because she didn’t have a chance to get any work done, she was busy with Nash and Liam. Blake tells her he believes in her. She puts the bidding in his hands to deal with.

In the kitchen, Kirby is having a drink when Alexis walks in. She tries to have her taken upstairs because she’s drunk, but then an idea pops into her head and she says Kirby should definitely stay and meet the board. Adam catches sight of Kirby as she’s walking up. She introduces herself and suddenly seems completely sober.

Fallon gets everyone’s attention for a toast. She says she’s commissioning a series of articles about medical mysteries of the world. All of which will be written by Nash. However, these writings will send him off far away from her and Liam.

Alexis pulls Kirby aside and calls her a “low-class freeloader” and says she needs to stay away from Adam. Kirby says she’s just trying to sabotage their relationship and use Adam to climb back on top of the Atlanta social scene. Adam overhears and begins questioning Alexis. As she tries to explain herself, Anders steps in and calls her a liar.

Fallon leads Nash into the study. He says he’s not taking her assignment but Fallon won’t be blackmailed. Nash finds it hard to believe that Liam would ever trust what she’s saying and besides, she’s not even his type. Liam appears behind them and shuts the door, and he does believe his wife. Liam tells him he needs to pack his things and leave, but Nash has a few words he wants to get in first. He never wanted to co-write with Liam, who he claims is a “hack,” and apparently Fallon is a bitch. Liam goes to defend her by fighting him, but Fallon tells him not to and instead punches Nash herself.

Back in the kitchen, Liam says he just wanted to spend time with her before he starts writing again and sees her less. Fallon commits to being better at balancing their marriage and work, right after she finds out what Blake is worried about.

Adam and Kirby are upstairs in the room and despite the night going in their favor, Kirby is still upset he chose Alexis over her. Adam tells her that once he becomes chief of staff and has her by his side, none of it is going to matter.

At La Mirage, Blake tells Fallon that their bid was accepted and the land belongs to Fallon Unlimited. The only problem? Their building permits were denied and they won’t be able to break down for the foreseeable future. Fallon questions why this is happening, and Blake says it happened after the deal closed but they can still back out. Fallon doesn’t want to be back to square one and Blake thinks it’s all too much of a coincidence, as it seems like someone doesn’t want her to expand her company.

Culhane decides to come clean to Mia about who he is until she greets him by his name, outing that she already knows. She says she was embarrassed when she found out who he really is. He didn’t mean to mislead her, and he didn’t want to ruin the “thing” they had going. Mia tells him they didn’t have anything going on, and that she’s had a rough go with rich men lately, she wants to keep their relationship professional.

Dominique meets with Blake, and it seems they really sold their plan. Blake tries to take his diamonds back but Dominique says she had to give a few to Alexis to keep the ruse. She wants the rest as a downpayment for her help. After all, without her, his plan to steal back the manor wouldn’t work.

Elsewhere Alexis is on the phone with Oliver, Kirby’s ex-boyfriend (who is also a photographer), and asks him if he has any interest in visiting Atlanta.



Guest Starring

  • Shannon Thornton as Mia
  • Jesse Henderson as Nash Martinez


  • Kelsey Scott as Martina
  • Shelley Virginia as Nicole Kealing
  • Elizabeth Becka as Mrs Scarborough
  • Javiera Zapata as Sandra
  • Marta Gonzalez as Female Guest
  • Abraham Hsu as Messenger

Notes and Spoilers

  • As part of the main cast, Daniella Alonso and Sam Adegoke are credited though they are absent from the episode.
  • The Birthday Party confirms that two months after passed since the events of, That Unfortunate Dinner.
  • The flash forward sequence to a funeral is seen once again. Only this time, Fallon is joined by Adam.
  • Adam's birthday is celebrated here, although the exact date for his birthday wasn't disclosed.
  • This was the last episode which was left to be shot before the cast and crew went for a Christmas break as per Daniella Alonso.


  • Elizabeth Gillies's infamous hiatits begins from this episode forward.
  • Daniella Alonso missed this episode because she had taken her maternity leave making this the first (and by far only) episode Cristal Jennings is absent from since her arrival.


Anders: I believe Kirby would be better off apart from your son. We both know that's not going to happen without an act of God.
Alexis: Or an act of Alexis, which is equally as powerful.

Fallon: Good, because if Liam found out that I brought you here just so I can get a little bit of work done, he'd probably want a trial separation. Or something more permanent.

Kirby: I don't want ice cream! I want respect. Actually both would be great.

Dominique: You used my mother's death to cheat me out of my birth rights. You're shameless.
Blake: You know what Dominique? It doesn't matter how much money you end up with. You'll never be a true Carrington.

Kirby (to Adam): Hey, did you notice that the sushi's not quite right? It would be such a shame if your mother's friends suddenly came down with food poisoning.

Kirby (to Alexis): Huh. Guess I was wrong. The sushi's delicious.

Blake: Hmm. Extortion. Well, spoken like a true Carrington.
Dominique: And a true Deveraux.




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