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That Witch
Season 02, Episode 06
Witch (3).jpg
Air date November 16, 2018
Written by Josh Reims & Libby Wells
Directed by Tessa Blake
Viewers 0.66 million (660,000)[1]
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Don't listen to her. That witch has weapons she's never used.
— Fallon to Cristal about Alexis

That Witch is the sixth episode of the second season and the twenty-eighth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on November 16, 2018.


LIONS, AND TIGERS, AND MOTHERS-IN-LAW, OH MY! – Hoping to put Liam in the rear-view, Fallon fights to prove to Culhane’s family, and to herself, that Culhane is her one and only. Blake and Cristal struggle to keep their courtship alive as a paranoid Alexis derails their holiday plans.



As a major storm heads toward Atlanta, Blake and Cristal grow closer, and a jealous Alexis sabotages their plans to leave town for Thanksgiving. Fallon attempts to make amends with Michael's mother, while Liam serves her an ultimatum regarding their relationship. A tornado warning derails the Carrington Thanksgiving celebration. Fallon is knocked unconscious, and has a Wizard of Oz fantasy. She makes up with Alexis and chooses Michael over Liam. Blake proposes to Cristal. Hank cuts Claudia out of his payoff from Alexis, with whom he leaves baby Matthew.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Elizabeth Youman as Evie Culhane
  • Chelsea Niven as Leigh
  • Gilbert Glenn Brown as Pastor
  • Natalie Karp as Mrs. Gunnerson
  • James J. Fuertes as Pilot
  • Chantal Maurice as Joanna
  • Dior Choi as Sous Chef
  • Ashley Dougherty as The Wizard's Understudy


  • The title of the episode comes from a line of the original Dynasty series, first said by Alexis to Dex Dexter about Sable Colby, in the Season 9, Episode 18 : Tale from the Tape.
    • In this episode, only the "that witch" part of the original line was kept, and is said by Alexis to Fallon about Cristal.
  • This episode makes Dynasty the second show to have a Wizard of Oz themed episode and to have Elizabeth Gillies in it, the first being The Nickelodeon teen show Victorious in which Elizabeth played the HBIC Jade West from 2010 to 2013.
    • However in the Victorious episode, she played the Bad Witch counterpart, but in the dynasty one she plays the counterpart of Dorothy.


Fallon [as Dorothy]: I have no idea why you can't get it through your straw head that I am with Culhane. It's like you don't have any...
Liam [as the Scarecrow]: Brains. Well if I don't, its because I've lost my mind for you.
Fallon: And I've just lost my mind. 

Fallon: I'll go find the wizard myself.
Culhane [as The Tin Man]: There's no way in hell I'm skipping.

Fallon to Blake and Cristal: Oh, looks like someone's having a leg, a breast and a thigh. Can you two put some clothes on? People need to take shelter.