Ted Dinard is a recurring character in the television series Dynasty on the CW. He is portrayed by Michael Patrick Lane.


Ted is Steven's ex boyfriend and the two  had been broken up for over two years. He was a drug addict who accepted money from Blake to get out of his son's life. Now sober, Ted sees Steven and wants to restart their relationship but, instead ends up having  a one night-stand with Sam.

At Christmas time, Steven and Ted briefly restart their relationship in New York, making Steven turn to cocaïne and other bad habits before returning to Atlanta with his grandfather. When he is revealed to be secretly back to Atlanta, Ted plans to runaway with Steven but is arrested on drugs possession charges.

Steven bails Ted out of jail and cleans up his life but Ted ignores further contact.

Weeks later, Steven informs Ted that the campaign for City Council will put their relationship on the headlines. Ted minsunderstands his intentions and thinks they can restart their relationship once more.

The next day, a stoned Ted visits Sam and they clash about Steven. Saying that the headlines will be quiet different. Ted snatches one of Sam's earrings before jumping through the window of the room-mates.


Season 1 (5/22)





  • In the original series, Blake accidentally killed Ted Dinard after seeing him sharing a hug with Steven. The trial against Blake for murder was the scene of Alexis' return at the very end of the first season.


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