The wedding of Steven Carrington and Sam Jones took place during the first season finale, Dead Scratch. It was organized by Sam and Joseph Anders is the one who pronounced the grooms partners for life.


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  • Steven and Sam first met in the Pilot. They had their ups and downs and Steven finally proposed to Sam on the day of his grandfather's funeral.

Notable Incidents

  • Steven's mother Alexis and Sam's aunt Cristal had a catfight in the art studio and didn't attend the ceremony.
    • However, Alexis arrived just in time for the I dos while Cristal stayed lock in the studio, where she was later shot by Claudia Blaisdel.
  • Just before the ceremony, Steven learned that Melissa Daniels is pregnant with his child.
  • Unaware of her shady past with Fallon, Sam had invited Anders' daughter Kirby.
  • While waiting for Cristal for the family portraits in the Trophy Room, the Carrington family is locked in and trapped in a fire.
  • The grooms are separated in the blaze with Sam outside and with Steven inside.
  • They officially divorced in Life is A Masquerade Party.