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Something Desperate
Season 03, Episode 04
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Air date November 1, 2019
Written by Jenna Richman
Directed by Kenny Leon
Viewers 0.35 million (350,000)[1]
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Wild Ghost Chase
Mother? I’m at La Mirage
When I got a tip that there was an intruder on the property, I wondered whether you were crazy enough to come here; a mother's intuition, that never fails.
Laura to Fallon when she broke into her home

Something Desperate is the fourth episode of the third season and the forty-eighth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on November 1, 2019.


EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – In a special episode, hear a very different side of the Carrington family as Blake is feeling back on top of the world. He and Cristal surprise Adam with some news that doesn’t sit well so Adam attempts to sabotage their plans. Fallon refuses to give up on convincing Liam that she is his soulmate and manipulates Sam into doing her bidding. Dominique tries to reconcile with Jeff who makes a high stakes demand of his mother. Culhane brings a business opportunity to Anders. [2]

Plot Summary


Sometime in the morning, Blake comes downstairs in a good mood while humming “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. When Adam greets his father, Blake responds by saying he is on top of the world. Cristal also sits down at the table and Blake tells Adam that his stepmother is the new co-president of the winery. Adam promises that nobody is going to remember what went down during Halloween after the wine tasting. He boasts that the invitations have already gone out, which includes one to the personal sommelier of the Swedish royal family. Cristal tells Adam that it’s time to open the doors a bit because there’s a whole generation out there who couldn’t care less about Bordeaux or Napa. She continues by saying that Blue Belt Winery needs to aim for the people who that fine wine doesn’t have to mean stuffy and traditional.

In another part of The Carrington Manor, Sam and Fallon talk about Blake being chipper this morning when they hear him humming. Fallon jokes that Blake isn’t the only one, when she sees that Sam is up before 8:30AM and working out. She jokingly says that it’s like she doesn’t know who Sam is anymore. Sam answers by saying that he is a professional now, and calls himself a hotelier, and a pillar of his community. Fallon then informs Sam that she is going to go see Liam to stop him from marrying Ashley. All of this in spite of Laura Van Kirk having a restraining order on her. She vows to not give up without a fight, and is going to Laura’s house to show Liam the original manuscript of his book that contains his own notes. Fallon admits that there may be nothing she can say to bring back Liam’s memory, but hopes that his own words will. At the Colby House, Monica and Jeff are also having some breakfast until Dominique walks in with a basket and wants to apologize. She comes clean about being the one who took the cufflink and gave it to Blake. Dominique further says that she knows she hasn’t been around when her children needed her most, but wants to make things right. Jeff asks his mom why did she let him leave them, to which she answers that if he had stayed, Jeff would have just escalated the war until he really did wind up dead. Jeff refuses to listen further and tells Dominique that if she really wants to make things right, she can start by leaving his house.

Back at the Carrington Manor, Adam is trying to sabotage Cristal’s efforts, and ends up convincing Mrs. Gunnerson to give him one of the gift baskets that is meant to go to an influencer. He is stopped from getting rid of it, when an unsuspecting Cristal is hot on his heels. He sets the gift basket in Fallon’s room, which their dog Bo walks into. Adam walks out once he gets a call from Laura after he told her all about Fallon’s plan to see Liam. Bo inadvertently turns on the gas valve for the chimney, and the gas begins to hiss.

Over at La Mirage, Anders reminds the workers that the hotel opens in one week, just as Culhane walks in. Anders compliments him on the new suit, and tells him how sorry he is for what Blake ultimately did to Culhane. He calls his former boss’ actions unforgivable, and Culhane accepts the sincere apology. Which in turn causes him to apologize to Anders for how things ended with Kirby and him. Culhane then goes on to suggest a partnership between the hotel, and The Atlantix, once the hotel is operational.

Cristal, for her part, goes to talk to Mrs. Gunnerson about not receiving RSVPs from the people she invited. The other woman reveals to her boss that Adam took them from her to supposedly help. Cristal smiles and tells Mrs. Gunnerson, that Adam must have forgotten to tell her. She apologizes, but Cristal is quick to tell her that it’s not her fault.

Meanwhile, The Colbys are going on the offensive as Dominique agrees to get inside the manor to sabotage Blake’s plans for his winery.

Fallon ends up climbing up the balcony of Liam’s room, and tries to hand over his original manuscript, but it ends up falling down when two security guards rush to her. Laura eventually appears and gloats about Liam and Ashley having decided to skip all the accoutrements and will be getting married down at the courthouse later that afternoon. Now back in her room, an unsuspecting Fallon and Sam are discussing her run-in with Laura. She eventually ropes Sam into helping her stop Liam’s wedding. Sam leaves, but not before saying that it smells weird inside her room. Unaware that it’s the gas being turned on when Bo accidentally turned it with his nose earlier that day.

Downstairs, Fallon confronts Adam for tipping Laura about her plans to go see Liam. She alludes to Adam sleeping with Laura, much to Blake’s chagrin. Adam calls her crazy for violating a restraining order. To which Fallon throws back that at least she didn’t try to mom’s face. Blake steps in to break up the squabble citing that they have enough battles to fight without turning on each other. She is about to leave when she sees a Whitesnake record he had just given to Adam. Fallon wishes that things could go back to before Adam came into their lives. Out of nowhere, Adam begins to play the piano and the two launch into a duet of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. Fallon asks what she just witnessed and says they were like Boyz II Men, but changes it to Men II Boyz to make fun of them. She further says that the two Carrington men were a little pitchy on the second verse they were singing, much to the confusion of Adam and Blake. They both tell her that nobody was singing, and Blake asks her if she’s feeling okay.

In his office, Blake tells Adam that this whole thing was a mistake. He thought it would bring the family closer, but it’s caused nothing but strife. Thus, he wants to cancel the tasting. Adam tries to talk him out of it, saying he will call Bob Channing and the Carters. Adam promises to his dad that he won’t regret giving him a second chance to make things right with the winery. Just as he’s about to leave, Dominique walks in but promises she’s not there for their wine tasting. Once Adam leaves, she asks Blake if she will continue to honor their agreement on not harming Jeff. He agrees to stand down as long Jeff does too since he has his hands full with the winery and the state prosecutors watching his every move.

Sam meanwhile, has managed to get into Laura’s home dressed like an employee for Petals on Ponce. She mentions that she’s been having a headache all day when she confuses Sam with the directions.

Still inside the Carrington Manor, Dominique sneaks inside the wine cellar, and manages to sabotage a couple bottles before Cristal walks in and takes a few of them.

At the Van Kirk residence, Sam manages to get inside and talks to Liam. She asks Sam to put her on speaker so she can talk to Liam, and he obliges. Due to the effects of inhaling the gas, Fallon while trying to convince Liam to read his manuscript breaks into a song. Liam smiles and tells Fallon she has a great voice, while she continues to belt out Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”. Sam sees the security guards rushing to escort him out, and he turns the speaker off saying that’s all the time they have as he rushes out.

Back in the manor, Sam tells Fallon that she should give Liam some space after they broke into his house twice. He mentions how it smells like cheese in her room, and then the two of them break into a duet of the song “You Can't Hurry Love”. Fallon thinks it’s the cover done by The Supremes, but Sam says that he always thought it was Phil Collins who sang it. Much like Blake and Adam earlier that day, Sam too tells Fallon that he wasn’t singing and looks at her weird. He asks her if she’s sure she’s okay. Fallon answers honestly and says that she isn’t. Sam doesn’t think Fallon should be alone, and suggests they go downstairs. Fallon then ends up witnessing everyone but her singing the song “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads. She comes back to reality when Bo comes in and gets stopped by Adam.

Meanwhile, Dominique is trying to sneak out of the manor, when she gets a text from Jeff asking her where she is. She doesn’t reply to it, and back at the party, Fallon sees Liam walking towards her. After the weird day she’s had, she asks Liam if he’s real. But just to make sure, she touches his hands and sees that he is not wearing a ring. Liam informs her that he didn’t get married.

Upstairs, Adam rushes to Fallon’s room and tries to close the gas valve, but it breaks. Downstairs, everyone screams as an explosion is heard. Adam is moaning in pain and touching his eyes, as everyone else rushes to find out what happened. Fallon asks her older brother what he’s doing in her room, and Sam once again asks why it smells like melted cheese. Adam cries while Blake asks someone to call 911. Later, Blake tells him to hang in there as Adam is placed on a stretcher. Adam apologizes, but Blake tells him he has nothing to be sorry for. Blake mentions that Adam probably saved all their lives as the paramedics take Adam away. Adam is freaking out, wondering if he will never be able to see again. But Blake says they should probably wait to see what the doctor says. Adam reminds him that he is a doctor, and he has seen injuries like this before. That some people don’t recover their vision. Blake reminds him that Adam isn’t just some people, and regardless of the outcome, he will be there to take care of his son.

Fallon meanwhile has come to the realization that she was hallucinating all the singing as a byproduct of the gas leak in her room. But tells Liam that none of that matters because he is here with her. Fallon asks if he read the book, and he says that he did. Liam says that she was right, and that there was more to it than he remembered, so he didn’t marry Ashley. Liam confesses that the book didn’t make him fall in love with her again, or at all. He realizes that the girl in his book meant to be Fallon is selfish, callous and definitely a narcissist. He apologizes as he says to her that he needs to be on his own for a while. Fallon tearfully lets him go .

At La Mirage, Kirby knocks on Victor’s room and offers him some wine as a proper welcome.

At the Colby House, Jeff is genuinely worried about Dominique and asks Monica if something could have happened to their mother. Monica instead suggests that she could have easily used that as an excuse to run away since it wouldn’t be the first time. A few seconds later, Dominique arrives, and says she could use a drink after the night she had. They bombard her with questions about the explosion that happened at the manor. Monica asks if everyone is okay since she texted Fallon to check in on her, but she hasn’t responded.

Dominique reveals that Fallon is fine, but that as a result of a gas leak, Adam Carrington got the brunt of it. She takes credit for the gas leak saying she was planning to spoil the wine, but a better opportunity came along. The two Colby siblings wonder if Dominique actually did what she’s alluding to. Inside her car, Dominique talks to Vanessa to tell her that they are going to get everything they’ve always talked about. She asks her to sit tight a little while longer before she hangs up.



Guest Starring


  • Natalie Karp as Mrs. Gunnerson
  • Bruce Blackshear as Private Security Guard
  • Vanessa Aranegui as Van Kirk Housekeeper


Notes and Spoilers

  • "Something Desperate" is the first musical episode of the series.
  • Cast members Elizabeth Gillies, Grant Show, Rafael de La Fuente, Daniella Alonso, and Sam Underwood performed musical numbers in this episode.
  • When Sam tells Fallon that this isn’t an 80s' movie and she can't just stand outside his house with a boombox, it is a reference to the 1989 film Say Anything starring John Cusack.
  • When Fallon confronts Adam for tipping Laura on her plan to see Liam, she references the 1967 film The Graduate, when she refers to her potential in-law as Mrs. Robinson.
  • Adam burning Alexis' face in "Motherly Overprotectiveness" was referenced in this episode, before he unintentionally blinded himself.
  • Blake is heard humming "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" at the beginning of the episode, upon arriving for breakfast, before he performs it with Adam in Fallon's hallucination.
  • There are a number of jokes pertaining to Cristal being recast in this episode, such as "Yes, that's my face. Same as the day we met" and "He changes wives like he changes companies."


  • "Something Desperate" is a reference to a line Krystle Carrington said about Sammy Jo Reece to Blake Carrington in the Season 5 Episode 29: Royal Wedding of the original Dynasty series.
    • The title might reference Fallon desperately trying to contact Liam so he could recovers his memory.
  • One of the songs performed in this episode, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," was previously played in the season one episode, "Company Slut.
  • Adam accidentally blinding himself is a reference to Blake being blinded in a plot of the second season of the original Dynasty series.
  • This is one of Rafael de La Fuente's, Sam Underwood's, and Grant Show's favourite episodes.[3] [4]
  • Cristal's romantic gesture in customizing the labels of the Blue Belt Winery bottles based on Blake's childhood memories he told her about, is a reference to the season two episode, "That Witch".
  • On the day of Daniella Alonso's Dynasty Instagram account takeover, she revealed that this episode was the first time she has ever sang, in her career.[5]
  • This is the final episode to reference the character of Alexis Carrington before Elaine Hendrix assumes the role in "The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial".



Fallon: Should I text him? Maybe I'll text him.
Sam: Fallon, we broke into his house twice. Okay? I'd let it breathe.
Fallon: For how long?

Jeff: The annual Blue Belt tasting is tonight at Carrington Manor. Apparently, Adam's running the vineyard now. Prodigal son entrusted with the last remaining jewel of the Carrington empire. It's almost Shakespearean.

Anders: And I think it's probably for the best that things didn't work out with Michael.
Kirby: What do you mean?
Anders: I mean that you and Michael dated for all of five minutes. If this is how you're reacting than obviously you still have a lot of growing up to do.

Blake: That's your face, isn't it?
Cristal: Yes, that's my face. Same as the day we met.

Liam: Fallon?
Fallon: If you remembered me, this really wouldn't surprise you.