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Shoot From the Hip
Season 03, Episode 07
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Air date November 22, 2019
Written by Paula Sabbaga
Directed by Geoff Shotz
Viewers 0.44 million (440,000)[1]
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A Used Up Memory
The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial
Now that we are finally together, granted, under the most excruciating circumstances possible, I want to thank you all for making it.
— Blake to his family on Thanksgiving

Shoot From the Hip is the seventh episode of the third season and the fifty-first episode overall of the television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on November 22, 2019.


GIVE THANKS – Blake readies the family to celebrate what could be his last Thanksgiving, beginning with a request that Adam and Cristal put an end to their constant bickering. Fallon continues to focus on her new project and Liam has a chance encounter with an old friend. Culhane pushes Dominique to disclose important information, while Dominique continues pushing Monica to work with her new singer Vanessa. Sammy and Anders get outside assistance with the hotel.[2]

Plot Summary


Darren and Blake are out doing some shooting, where Darren vows to make this year’s thanksgiving one to remember. He mentions that this year, the Carrington’s thanksgiving won’t involve a hostage situation or a tornado. Blake jokes and asks if he got all of that in Anders’ binder. Darren answers that his predecessor was very thorough. Blake however mentions that some of the info in there is outdated.

Inside The Carrington Manor, Liam and Fallon are in bed together basking in the afterglow after they had sex. Liam mentions that Blake skeet shooting is giving him some PTSD, and as far as he remembers he wasn’t in the military. Fallon says that he wasn’t and that the closest he has come was Miami last year when the two of them ate a ton of General Tso’s chicken. That seems to jog Liam’s memory and he asks if they were at Art Basel. He then follows it up by asking Fallon if they were naked at Art Basel. She confirms that they were always naked in the hotel, not at Art Basel. She goes on to say that she feels like James Garner in The Notebook, just with better hair. She suggests that maybe later they can reenact the ice cream scene. Liam grimaces and says that he has never seen it, or maybe he has and doesn’t remember.

During breakfast, Adam is trying to get Blake to let him run The Carrington Foundation. He makes his point by saying how he likes helping people. But more importantly, with him currently being blind, he knows what it’s like to have a disadvantage and can’t think of someone that’s better suited for the job. In comes Cristal, who tells her stepson that he has proven time and time again that he’s not suited to run anything. She counters his case for liking to help people, by saying that if he likes that so much, he can always volunteer at a dog shelter. Eventually, Blake gets fed up with their never ending bickering and puts a stop to the argument. He mentions that this could be his last Thanksgiving before he is behind bars, and he really doesn’t want to spend it with his family at each other’s throats.

Meanwhile, over at Club Colby Monica is hearing Vanessa during her dress rehearsal. Monica praises her singing, and Vanessa gushes about how Monica is such a strong independent woman running her own business. Dominique comes in and asks her daughter if she will be working with Vanessa. Monica says it’s a strong possibility. The only thing keeping her from outright signing her is that she’s not so sure she wants to work alongside her mother.

Back at the Manor, Sam decides that if Fallon isn’t coming for Thanksgiving, then neither is he. Which gives him free time to deal with the whole Victor Diaz fiasco that happened at La Mirage. Fallon mentions that Sam could always have dinner with Liam, who will be home alone. Adam pops in, and Fallon is quick to quip how Adam must have just been lurking like an AV kid at prom. Undeterred, Adam asks her sister if leaving Liam alone is such a good idea. He asks her if she’s not worried about a backslide. He explains that backsliding is a condition that occurs in amnesia victims, and it’s when they forget things they’ve already remembered. This usually occurs when they’re far from their main memory source.

Elsewhere, Michael sits down to have a talk with Dominique where he tells her that she’s not here because she missed her children. In reality, she is just trying to use Monica to get Vanessa discovered. Dominique claims she loves all her children, but Michael corrects that it’s not so much love, but that she needs them. Angry, Dominique asks him when he will get to the point. To which Michael says that he is giving her one day to tell Monica and Jeff the truth before he tells them himself.

As for Adam, he talks with Cristal and asks for a truce since Blake wants to have a memorable thanksgiving. He mentions that he wants her help with a pie Blake used to love to eat as a kid. Apparently it was his grandmother’s recipe. He jokes that said grandmother died tragically in a fire, and that fires and Carringtons seemed to be a recurring theme. Cristal agrees.

At his hotel, Sam meets Fletcher who introduces himself as the PR guy that owed Fallon Carrington a favor.

Fallon comes to find out that Landon gave Liam his first internship, which according to Landon could have become a full time position if Liam hadn’t decided to become a cliche and traverse the world like some type of viking. Landon agrees to hearing Fallon’s offer as a favor to Liam.

At the manor, Adam and Cristal are doing some cooking. He asks her not to use any knives, since he’d be a disadvantage due to his blindness. She answers that she won’t stab him; mostly because she doesn’t know where they are kept. Later, they put the pie in the oven, and Adam asks if he can get Cristal’s help to go to the stairs since he forgot his cane. She agrees, but a few seconds later, Nadia comes in and turns the heat on the pie. She then takes out the SD card from Cristal’s phone.

Whereas, Fallon grows increasingly frustrated with Landon not paying her any mind while she is trying to pitch him a job offer. Instead, he is preoccupied with catching up with Liam.

Meanwhile, Fletcher and Sam but heads on what to do about the hotel. After he receives backlash for his social media posts, Sam gives in and apologizes to Fletcher. Unfortunately, the two get into another argument and Sam decides he doesn’t need the PR guy’s help after all.

Landon continues to get on Fallon’s nerves as he reschedules talking with her yet again. Once he leaves, Fallon reminds Liam what they are here for and it’s definitely not so that Liam and Landon can act like frat bros. Fallon further realizes that Liam’s is slipping when he can’t recall his earlier memory of the two of them being in Art Basel. Realizing that Landon wouldn’t be ducking her if she were a man, Fallon vows to get him to listen to her one way or another.

Back at Club Colby, Dominique hands Monica a drawing of her younger self made of a turkey. Monica looks at it and says that it is the most maternal thing Dominique has ever done. She apologizes for being so icy to her the other day. She goes onto say that perhaps a mother-daughter reunion wouldn’t be the worst thing. So Monica tells Dominique that she is drafting a contract for Vanessa to sing at the club. Which in turn means the two of them can start a professional relationship and take it from there. Monica admits that Vanessa is really good, and doesn’t deserve to be ignored because of problems between the two of them. As a result, Dominique chooses not to tell her the truth. Instead, she and Vanessa will be having thanksgiving dinner with Monica.

Due to Adam and Nadia’s sabotage, Cristal gets stranded in the middle of the road. She tries to call for help with her cell phone but finds that she has no service.

Fallon continues to be derailed by Landon, who mentions to Liam that he knows of the perfect temporary job he’d be perfect for. The downside is he’d have to leave in two weeks if he accepted.

Dominique goes to see Blake, where she asks for any dirt he has on Culhane. Blake reminds his half-sister that he doesn’t do things for free. Which is why Dominique says that in exchange, he can stop writing her checks. Blake accepts since he claims he wants nothing more than to have her out of his life.

Blake goes out of his office to take the family picture, but no one is there. Adam shows up and looks at first to be the only family Blake will have in the picture due to sabotaging Cristal. But Dominique pipes up that she is there too and is also family.

At the hotel, Sam explains to Anders that all the talk of him not having a home made him realize that there are actual homeless people out there. Fletcher shows up, which annoys Sam even more. But Fletcher says he is there to apologize to Sam, and congratulate him for deciding to work with the homeless shelter. Sam says he owes Fletcher nothing, but the other man says that this idea made the news, and now the hotel is getting some positive PR. Fletcher mentions that he would be happy to make the story go wider for free. All as a way of apologizing for his behavior earlier. Sam admits that Fletcher can be kind of nice when he’s not being obnoxious. Fletcher chuckles and says to Sam to not get used to it.

Michael on the other hand gets a visit from Dominique at his apartment. He asks if she has talked to Monica yet and mentions he has a thanksgiving dinner he needs to go to. Instead, Dominique shows him the folder that Blake has of dirt on Michael. She blackmails him to stay quiet by mentioning that the last thing Culhane wants is for his family to find out some of the things he has done. Dominique tells Michael to not be mad at her, because someday he will thank her for this.

At the turkey hunt, Liam asks Fallon if she is upset. To which she admits that she is. She has been so busy trying to charm Landon, that she just realized that all Landon cares about is charming Landon. The two get in argument because Fallon doesn’t want Liam to backslide and forget her again. But in the process, Liam realizes that Fallon made up the article to babysit him. The fight gets temporarily put on hold when Fallon accidentally shoots Landon in the butt. However, once Landon has been taken by the ambulance, Liam is honest with Fallon. He tells her that he has to face the uncertainty of restarting in every aspect of his life. That it’s not just about their relationship. He reminds her that she doesn’t have to restart if she doesn’t want to. That at the end of the day, he’s the only one without a choice.

At the manor, Blake is having a lonely dinner with just Adam and Nadia who is all dressed up for the occasion. Adam thinks he has won, but nevertheless, Cristal still manages to show up before Blake cuts the turkey.

At La Mirage, Sam and Fletcher toast to the success of the hotel and Sam eventually apologizes for being so stubborn. He admits that this is his first thanksgiving post-divorce and it’s not where he thought he’d be in his life a year ago. The two men eventually kiss before Fletcher leaves after wishing him a happy holiday. A few seconds later, Anders joins Sam at his table and tells him that he is quitting. He goes onto say that they both knew this wasn’t a long term thing, and he was just coming on to teach Sam how to fly. Sam admits that he is really grateful for everything he has done, but knows Anders needs to do what’s right for himself.

At the manor, Blake gets mad at Cristal for not being there for him. Cristal surprises Adam, when she says that she’s not blaming Adam for her misfortunes today. That she was helping him because he wanted to give Blake some joy before his trial by baking Blake’s favorite pie. But that the reason he stood by Blake all day is because he makes Adam feel like a problem. Which granted, most of the time he is. But that he’s also been a better person, and at the end of the day, he is still Blake’s son. A shocked Adam admits that Cristal is telling the truth and really was trying to help him. Eventually, Sam also shows up for thanksgiving dinner as well. With Fallon joining not long thereafter. Eventually they all end up taking a family picture courtesy of Darren. However, Cristal finds out that Nadia and Adam are in a relationship when she sees the two holding hands underneath the table.

At the Colby House, Vanessa is really thankful that Dominique told Monica everything and that now they are having their first family dinner. Unfortunately, the bubble is burst when Dominique informs her stepdaughter that Monica knows nothing. Which she’d like to keep that way until Monica has signed Vanessa. Once the three women have dinner together, Monica mentions that she’s thinking of opening an offshoot of Club Colby in New York. Fed up with her stepmother’s lying, Vanessa tells Monica the truth.

Back at the manor, for The Carrington’s thanksgiving dinner, Blake tells Adam that he is making him president of the Carrington Foundation. They all toast to family as Blake asks that all the drama and backstabbing be left in the past. Anders also shows back up asking for his job back. To which Blake quickly agrees and fires Darren on the spot. In his room, Nadia asks Adam why he didn’t take the opportunity to poison Cristal in his father’s eyes today. He admits to being as surprised as she is, but that something changed when Cristal said he was a better man now. Nadia helps Adam undress while he tells her that she’s been a good influence on him.

At Liam’s apartment, Fallon shows up with an ice cream cone in an effort to recreate a scene from The Notebook. She admits that if it’s what he really wants, then Liam should take the job in London. But Liam reveals that Landon killed that opportunity after Fallon shot him in the ass. She asks if she’s still his girlfriend, but admits that it’s not the point. She does however mention that she took a look at his piece and loved it. She says that it’d be perfect for the magazine, but instead of keeping for herself, she sent it out to a couple editors and publishers. He thanks her, but she’s not done. She admits that Liam was right, because she is afraid of beginning again. But realized that if they do, they can make new memories. Liam takes the ice cream cones, and re-introduces herself. Which is enough for Liam, who invites her into his apartment.

At the manor once more, Cristal asks to talk to Adam, but before she can, he tells her how glad he is that they are able to move past their differences. She admits that the moment her car broke down, she realized it was Adam’s doing but didn’t know how. Until she saw him and Nadia together. But she chose to not say anything because she didn’t want to hurt Blake. However, she vows that Adam won’t be here for long and asks Adam to watch his step.

Elsewhere, Nadia ends up climbing into Fallon’s car as she hands over some money. She asks him how it’s going, and Nadia tells her that Adam told her today that he loves her. She admits that she has Adam wrapped around her finger just like Fallon wanted.



Guest Starring


  • Brandon Lee Browning as Darren
  • Malone Thomas as Aubrey Watt


  • As the main cast members, Sam Adegoke and Maddison Brown are credited but they do not appear in the episode.
  • Celia Machado's death is subtly referred to in this episode.
  • This is the third Thanksgiving episode of the series.
  • The events of the past two Thanksgivings are referenced by Darren in this episode, Blake's majordomo who is promptly fired after Anders' return.
  • Joseph Anders returns to the Carrington Manor in this episode.
  • Sam meets his first major love interest after Steven in this episode, Fletcher Myers.


  • "Shoot From the Hip" is a reference to a line Alexis Colby said to Nick Toscanni in the Season 2 Episode 13: The Hearing of the original Dynasty series.

Bloopers and Discontinuity

  • Vanessa's father and Dominique seem to have divorced a while back as mentioned in this episode. However, Dominique was talking to him on the phone during the episode, New Lady in Town in a way which it seemed that they're in contact and together.
    • Michael Michele confirms this to be an error in the script-writing process, alongside the fact that Vanessa is the only stepdaughter of Dominique even she had mentioned more than one children before.


Adam: Are you leaving Liam alone for Thanksgiving?
Fallon: Of course you're there, lurking like an AV kid at prom.
Adam: Uhm, do you think that's such a good idea given his issues? Aren't you worried about a backslide?
Fallon: What, like Liam getting back together with Ashley? No, no. You don't go back to eating ground beef after you've had filet mignon. At least not twice.

Fallon: Landon would not be ducking me if I were a man, and no one ducks Fallon Carrington.

Landon: Did you just shoot me?
Fallon: Maybe.