Shoot From the Hip
Season 03, Episode 07
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Air date November 22, 2019
Written by Paula Sabbaga
Directed by Geoff Shotz
Viewers 0.44 million (440,000)[1]
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A Used Up Memory
The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial

Shoot From the Hip is the seventh episode of the third season and the fifty-first episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on November 22, 2019.


GIVE THANKS – Blake readies the family to celebrate what could be his last Thanksgiving, beginning with a request that Adam and Cristal put an end to their constant bickering. Fallon continues to focus on her new project and Liam has a chance encounter with an old friend. Culhane pushes Dominique to disclose important information, while Dominique continues pushing Monica to work with her new singer Vanessa. Sammy and Anders get outside assistance with the hotel.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Brandon Lee Browning as Darren
  • Malone Thomas as Aubrey Watt



  • "Shoot From the Hip" is a reference to a line Alexis Colby said to Nick Toscanni in the episode The Hearing of the original Dynasty series.


Adam: Are you leaving Liam alone for Thanksgiving?
Fallon: Of course you're there, lurking like an AV kid at prom.
Adam: Uhm, do you think that's such a good idea given his issues? Aren't you worried about a backslide?
Fallon: What, like Liam getting back together with Ashley? No, no. You don't go back to eating ground beef after you've had filet mignon. At least not twice.

Fallon: Landon would not be ducking me if I were a man, and no one ducks Fallon Carrington.

Landon: Did you just shoot me?
Fallon: Maybe.






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