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She Cancelled...
Season 03, Episode 17
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Air date April 10, 2020
Written by Kevin A. Garnett
Directed by Pascal Verschooris
Viewers 0.38 million (380,000)[1]
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Look, it's not gonna be a problem. I know Fallon's weakness. See, you never forget your first love. I can use Michael Culhane to drive a wedge between Fallon and Liam. Honey, my feet don't get cold. Fallon can always find another fiancé, but there's only one Carrington Atlantic. And I will do whatever it takes to get it back.
— Blake to Laura Van Kirk about getting his company back

She Cancelled... is the seventeenth episode of the third season and the sixty-first episode overall of the television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on April 10, 2020.


IT TAKES TWO - Fallon's world turns upside down when she becomes the internet's new queen of mean and her relationship with Liam is tested. Culhane's birthday becomes the main event, but Dominique's new project has him questioning Vanessa's true intentions. Cristal and Blake hit a rough patch, while Alexis finds herself in demand as the new advice guru on a popular podcast.[2]

Plot Summary


Fallon and Liam prepare their breakfast while Blake attempts to make french toast. His attempt is looked down on by Fallon, who likens it to burnt garlic bread, while Liam doesn’t think it should be blackened. Anders hears the commotion and enters the kitchen. Upon seeing the disasters he tries to kick everyone out. Mrs. Gunnerson and the kitchen staff are on leave for flu forcing the Carrington’s to fend for themselves. Anders assures Fallon he will take care of the food. Cristal goes into the kitchen and takes an apple, but can’t stay due to a meeting regarding the fundraising event for the clinic. Blake offers to call some of his donors for help but Cristal assures him she can handle it and doesn’t need it mansplained. She rejects his offer to help as he had his chance and leaves. Blake assures Fallon and Anders that everything is fine between him and Cristal and asks if Fallon is still going through with her marriage to Liam. When Fallon leaves Anders gives Blake the espresso he failed to make earlier, but Blake decides to skip breakfast.

Kirby asks Sam ifs he can hire an assistant to help her with the events coming up for La Mirage. He doesn’t care and tells her to collect resumes. Kirby takes liking to the gift bag that Ramy sent Sam as a thank you for letting him stay. Sam knows Kirby isn’t a fan of Ramy’s but Ramy did thirty-six months in prison for him. Kirby eats the cheese puffs which Sam was saving due to sentimental value. The first thing Ramy and Sam stole together was a bag of cheese puffs. Ramy arrives at the hotel and he and Sam leave to go out for lunch.

Fallon is yelling at Alexis but is interrupted by Allison who has employee reviews that are quite scathing. Alexis shows interest but Fallon takes them and puts them aside. She then argues with Alexis over the wedding announcements Alexis put out without talking to Fallon first. When Fallon comments on Jeff, Alexis assures her that Jeff is resting at home and so is Adam. Fallon looks at the computer behind Alexis and begins watching the podcast “Love, Sydney”. She explains the concept to Alexis, along with her desire for Gigi Henry to design her wedding dress. Fallon plans to call into the show and ask Gigi to design her dress.

Culhane and Vanessa are having breakfast when Dominique shows up at the apartment to drop-off Culhane’s birthday cupcake. Dominique wants to celebrate Culhane’s birthday on-camera for the show, but he is reluctant to accept. When he shows a little interest Dom begins planning and picks a pajama party as the theme.

Cristal and Father Collins discuss the Carrington Manor and she offers to give him a tour which he happily accepts. He flirts with her by moving her hair. She wants to get back to the work at hand but Collins has to leave.

Fallon’s call for Gigi doesn’t get patched through as Gigi sees Fallon as abusive and doesn’t want to reward that kind of behavior. She mentions the internet which is swarming with news about Fallon being a horrible boss. She angrily hangs up and Allison fills Fallon in on the reviews that were leaked online. Only the bad ones were leaked by an outsider. Fallon reads one of the reviews that calls her “cold and angry”. This leads her to concoct a plan to get on the podcast and woo Sydney so that Sydney will convince Gigi to do her wedding dress.

Blake and Laura discuss their plan to break up Fallon and Liam. Laura needs them broken up so her deal with a Moldavian King to open up their oil markets can go through. She knows Liam will inherit a large block of shares to the family company that will give him enough of a voice to block the deal. If Liam doesn’t get married he won’t receive the shares and Laura’s deals can pass through. Blake’s plan involves using Culhane to drive a wedge between Fallon and Liam.

Blake and Liam play golf as Blake wants to bond with Liam to make sure Fallon will be treated right. Blake brings up Culhane and the fact Fallon is still close with her ex-fiance, who helped her cope through Liam’s amnesia spell. Liam is happy someone was there to help Fallon when he couldn’t but he’s back now - forever.

Cristal and Father Collins discuss their roles in the clinic. She thinks he is better suited somewhere else, primarily due to his romantic feelings for her. Adam interrupts as he’s now the supervisor assigned to the planning for the fundraising gala. She suggests he be reassigned and should take time off since he just had major surgery. Adam assures her he’s fine and doesn’t want the assignment anymore then she does, but he has to use the gala to make things right with the board. Adam tells her that Father Collins is staying despite her claiming he wants to leave. The board is conservative and wants the gala to have both a community engagement component and a religious one so Collins is staying. Adam suggests they get to work.

Fallon sits with Sydney for her podcast and they talk about the slew of negative publicity now that the reviews are out. Fallon defends herself by raising awareness of female bosses being judge harsher then male bosses even when they exhibit the same behavior. While she is trying to make a point Alexis arrives unexpectedly and is invited to join the show - an offer she gleefully accepts.

Sam fills Kirby in on his day with Ramy and tells her he hired Ramy as Kirby’s new assistant. Kirby is passionately against the idea, but Sam believes Ramy can learn to be hospitable just as they both did. Kirby initially refuses but Sam tells her he isn’t asking and if he has to choose between them, she won’t win.

Alexis tells stories about Fallon as a child that Fallon discredits. She tries to bring the conversation around to Gigi but Alexis interrupts and derails the topic again. Someone calls in for Alexis on fashion advice for their daughter.

Anders speaks with Culhane about his role in “House of Deveraux”. Anders is worried Culhane will become a reality star, but Culhane assures him he is only going to his party to make a business announcement. He wishes he knew where Vanessa stands on their relationship as everything is filmed, and Anders advises him to keep an eye on Vanessa when the cameras aren’t rolling. That’s the only way to know how she feels. He also tells Culhane not to show up in any more sex tapes.

With the podcast over, Fallon yells at Alexis for her side-show during the interview. She explains her real reasons for doing the podcast but Alexis claims she was only trying to humanize Fallon. Fallon knows it isn’t really about her - it’s about Alexis trying to steal the spotlight. Just like she did with the wedding announcements and her marriage to Jeff. She then warns Alexis to stay out of her way.

Liam meets with Laura to get his father’s watch from her. Liam is still angry at her for lying about him having a son when in reality, he had a brother. She wants to know information on his impending marriage to Fallon, but Liam refuses to tell her anything except that Fallon wanted Gigi to do the wedding dress. Laura knows Gigi and offers to introduce Fallon and Gigi which Liam thinks would be a great surprise for Fallon. Laura promises to do it but remarks Fallon not needing more wedding dresses. Liam asks Laura if she saw Fallon and Culhane together while he was in the hospital, to which Laura reveals she did.

Adam brings menu samplers to the manor for Cristal and Collins to taste. Collins continues to flirt with Cristal and make subtle remarks about them, which Adam doesn’t pick up on. As they are sipping champagne Blake notices the crowd and demands to know what Adam is doing at the manor. Cristal tells Blake that Adam is on the gala planning committee, which Blake believes is just another way to worm his way in after being banned. Adam wants to speak with Blake and Collins chimes in that he thinks Adam’s intentions are pure. Blake and Collins debate back and forth on religion and Adam’s intentions. Blake tells Adam to leave after the meeting.

An angry Fallon doesn’t want to hear any news but Allison tells her not to worry about the negative press. She thinks the show went great and the podcast has stirred up positive press surrounding Alexis. Even Gigi wants to interview with Alexis. Allison thinks the situation is perfect - if Gigi likes Alexis, then all Fallon has to do is ask Alexis to ask Gigi to make the dress. Fallon then decides to go visit her mother in person.

Kirby is trying to teach Ramy who is distracted by women and his base salary. Ramy thinks the job is straight-forward so she asks his opinion on a twenty-fifth birthday party. They disagree over ideas for the food and who knows Sam better. She calls Sam over and he ends up liking Ramy’s food suggestion without realizing it and then leaves.

Fallon visits Alexis at the Colby house with champagne to talk. Alexis admits to stealing Fallon’s spotlight and promises it won’t happen again. Fallon tries to smooth things over by saying she was harsh, but Alexis knows Fallon doesn’t need her in the way. She will be stepping out of Fallon’s to focus on her new spotlight. Ever since the podcast people have been calling her “Aunt Alexis” and asking her for advice on parenting and fashion. Alexis tells Fallon that if she can’t be supportive to leave, so Fallon does.

Vanessa visits Culhane at The Atlantix office to tell him she just found out that Dominique deleted his messages to her while she was in New York. Dom also blocked his number so Vanessa wouldn’t find out. He thanks her for being honest and assures her that the party will go on.

Fallon returns to the manor to find Laura and Liam in the entryway. Initially angry at Laura’s presence, Liam tells Fallon that Laura helped with a surprise for her. Gigi is on her way over to meet about the dress but Fallon doesn’t want to accept the offer as she doesn’t want anything with so many strings attached. This leads to an argument between her and Liam, who thinks she’s being stubborn. The fight is verbally nasty and Fallon tells him she’ll be going to Culhane’s party alone. Liam follows Fallon upstairs so they can talk about their fight. Blake emerges from the shadows behind Laura. While pleased, she needs more than just one fight.

Culhane’s party is held at Club Colby and Dominique introduces Culhane so he can make a grand entrance. House of Deveraux cameras are everywhere and follow Culhane as he greets his friends. He thanks Dom for putting on the party and she gives him a run-down of the schedule with him adding that he needs to make an announcement after the cake.

Blake and Laura bribe the cameraman to pretend that they aren’t there watching the screens that are watching the party. They are there to witness the next fight between Fallon and Liam, which Laura still doubts will happen.

Kirby, Anders, and Culhane take a shot of liquor together to celebrate Culhane’s birthday.

Kirby spots Sam and walks over to talk with him regarding Ramy’s first day. Kirby brings up Ramy stealing the commissioner’s watch, something that Culhane told her about. The situation leads to an argument over Ramy that spreads to a fight over Kirby being qualified for her new position. She isn’t sure if she wants Sam as her boss or friend but he thinks she’s overreacting. She doesn’t understand why he can’t see what’s going on with Ramy.

Fallon interrupts Culhane’s selfie-session and the duo catches-up on recent events. He tells her to stop blaming things that are happening now on events that happened years ago. She should go back to things right with those she wronged. She thanks him for the advice and wishes him a happy birthday. He kisses her on the cheek while Liam watches from a distance. In the meantime, the House of Deveraux cameras is watching Culhane, Fallon, and Liam.

After the cake Culhane thanks everyone for coming out and celebrating his birthday. Dom and Culhane struggle over the microphone as they both have announcements to make. Dom says that Vanessa’s song “Do Anything” just hit the top-ten in downloads. As she is leaving the spotlight she tells Culhane not to ruin Vanessa’s moment. He tells the DJ’s to go ahead and play while he postpones his announcement.

Vanessa apologizes to Culhane for Dom stealing his spotlight and promises to talk to Dom about the way she treats Culhane. He appreciates it and tells her to enjoy her moment.

Fallon and Liam argue because of Culhane and the relationship Fallon still has with him. Liam thinks that Fallon still has feelings for Culhane and mentions the kiss that Culhane gave her earlier. She tells him it meant nothing. After all, it was friendly because it’s his birthday. Because Liam thinks she betrayed him she thinks they should postpone the wedding, which Liam thinks means she wants to call the wedding off. She angrily tells him not to tell her what she means and throws a pillow at him before storming off.

Laura is elated from behind the cameras and gleefully kisses Blake’s cheek.

Adam arrives at the clinic meeting late and Cristal tells him that Collins had somewhere else to be. Cristal angrily tells Adam that Caleb will be on the board by name only, and if Adam or the board doesn’t like it she would be happy to go to them and explain.

Alexis is on Syndey’s podcast when Fallon calls in under the alias of “Frankie” to ask advice on people who have damaged her in the past. She admits that her colleagues not liking her bothers get, though she would never admit it publicly. Alexis tells her to process the criticism, and Fallon wants to move on and stop blaming her actions on the bad things that have happened to her. She just doesn’t know how to do it. Alexis tells her that she needs to realize she’ll never be the perfect boss, friend, or daughter but nobody is. She knows she hasn’t been the perfect mother but can only control what happens next. Everyone has been hurt but shouldn’t pass-on their hurt. Alexis tells Fallon not to worry about those reviews and that she’s an amazing daughter and boss, and she will always be in her corner.

Adam confronts Caleb about the emergency that kept him from the meeting. Caleb didn’t have an emergency but was told that Cristal canceled the meeting. He must have misread the texts which Adam accepts though Caleb doesn’t seem to believe it.

Fallon is making a sandwich when Blake enters. Liam picks a now squealing teapot off the stove and comments that if she weren’t so selfish she would make him one too. The three of them start laughing and Blake congratulates them on their great performance at the party. Blake had given Adam the heads up at the golf course what Laura was planning. While Blake was going to try and break them up initially, he realizes he likes Liam and slides him a sandwich. Fallon tells Blake he’s lucky she was able to get Culhane on-board with the plan. The couple assures Blake they will be able to keep their breakup going until Blake can get the papers for CA signed.

Sam enters his office and is shocked to see that the safe is open. He stops his employee from calling the police when he notices that a bag of cheese puffs left on the shelf. He lies about taking the deposits earlier that day, and couldn’t find her to sign for them earlier. He tells her not to worry about it and she leaves. Sam angrily looks down at the cheese puffs.

Alexis gives Fallon the new wedding announcements but Fallon tells her they’re holding off on sending out the announcement for now. Alexis offers to give “Frankie” relationship advice. She recognized Fallon’s voice the second she heard it but Fallon refuses for now. She then offers to give “Aunt Alexis” her very own podcast courtesy of Fallon Unlimited. Alexis is thrilled to work with Fallon but has other offers to consider first. Fallon offers a twice-a-month issue and a written column in the online magazine as often as Alexis wants. Alexis happily accepts and mentions they should invite Gigi on the show so Fallon can get her wedding dress. Fallon thinks that ship has sailed but knows she’ll look great no matter what.

Sam reconciles with Kirby over their fight the night before. He tells her that Ramy took the deposits from the safe after copying the keys before giving them back. She’s hurt that he turned her back on her and didn’t trust her enough to let her in. She is willing to return to her job but isn’t ready to be his friend again.

Anders drops a present off at Culhane’s to soften the blow of revealing a video of Dom and Vanessa talking. The video has them planning everything that happened at the party, proving that everything was staged from the beginning.

Fallon apologizes to Allison for being so insensitive towards her and other employees. She’s trying to turn over a new life and asks Allison to send out an email to all the employees telling them they will be getting their bonuses early this year. She then gives Allison a save the date to her wedding. Since not everyone is invited Fallon requests that she keep it quiet.

Caleb confronts Cristal about her making up a story to tell Adam. Despite his objections of not flirting she brings up everything that happened between them and he admits to having feelings for her. He kisses her and she returns the kiss.

Laura and Blake toast to their successful plan. She tells him her plan to fire CA CEO Dustin in the morning so Colby’s blackmail plot against him won’t be an issue. Laura closed her deal with Moldavia early so she can rush the deal with Blake and secure him CA. He pretends to be interested in breaking up Fallon and Liam. They begin flirting before they kiss.

At the hospital, Cristal and Caleb are making out while Adam angrily watches through the window.



Guest Starring


  • Nicole Zyana as Allison
  • Michelle Lukiman as Gigi
  • Valerie LeBlanc as Britt


  • As part of the main cast members, Sam Adegoke is credited though he is absent from the episode.


  • The title "She Cancelled..." is a reference to the line Adam Carrington said to Blake Carrington about Fallon in the episode Virginia Reels of the original Dynasty series.
    • Presumably, the title is a reference to cancel culture in relation to Fallon’s storyline in this episode.
  • Cristal and Blake cheating on each other might be a reference to a plot from the fifth season of the original Dynasty in which Blake is seduced by Lady Ashley and Krystal by Daniel Reece.
  • Laura Van Kirk mentions Moldavia, in this episode. Moldavia was a very important plot in the fifth and sixth seasons of the original series.


Fallon: Wow, I am so sorry... I was here to see that.
Blake: That, Oh. That's just marriage. Cristal and I are fine. Speaking of which are you still going through with that Liam thing.
Fallon: "That Liam Thing"? Meaning getting married to the man I love. Yeah, Yeah, we are still gonna do that.
Blake: Just asking. You already divorced him once.
Fallon: Yeah, well, just trying to keep up with you.

Adam: The Board has some issues with me.
Cristal: Understandable.

Kirby: And next time I tell you you're being used, maybe you'll listen.

Blake [to Laura]: Honey, my feet don't get cold. Fallon can always find another fiancé, but there's only one Carrington Atlantic.

Liam: Anything to screw over my mother.
Fallon: Oh, I'll toast to that.

Fallon: Oh no no no no no no. Gigi unfollowed me on Instagram. And on Twitter. Oh, and on TikTok.