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Can I call you if I'm in Atlanta? Last night was, uh, actually pretty fun. You know, maybe we could start with a-a date.
— Ryan to Sam[src]

The relationship between Sam Jones and Ryan, commonly referred to as "Ram" among fans, is a romantic relationship.

They had a drunken marriage.[1]

Throughout Dynasty

Season 3

When Kirby, Cristal, Allison, Fallon, and Sam came to New Orleans to celebrate Fallon's bachelorette party. They were roofied by Mistress Delphine. Under the influence, they could not recollect any memories they had of the night. However a tore marriage license on Fallon lead them to believe that Fallon had gotten married.

As the group tries to put the pieces together, it is revealed that the person Fallon married was named Scorpio and he was a stripper. Soon, they finally reach the club Scorpio works in the following day but it is revealed that it was Sam who got married to Scorpio, not Fallon. And reveals his name to be Ryan.

Even though they can get an easy annulment, Ryan asked Sam to stay in contact as he had really started liking him. Sam, however, was unclear and said he was not looking for a relationship.[1]



  • Ryan was going to come back in the 21st and 22nd episode of the third season, but the idea was postponed to Season 4 due to the COVID-19 shutdown.