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I guess that's what love is. Doing things you don't want to for people who don't quite deserve it.
— Sam Jones

Samuel Josiah "Sam" Jones (formerly Carrington) is a main character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Rafael de La Fuente.

Sam is Celia Machado's newphew and the ex-husband of Steven Carrington. Although a foreigner to the luxurious lives of the Carringtons, it doesn't take time Sam to sunk his teeth into it, as if its where he always belonged.


Sam Josiah Jones is the only son of Alejandro Raya and Iris Machado. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and was raised by his mother and aunt, Celia Machado. He often wondered about his biological father, but his mother and aunt told him that his father had died. He is openly gay and travels to the US for Celia’s wedding to the millionaire Blake Carrington.

Sam would later be married to Steven Carrington; however, their relationship would eventually crumble, and they would divorce.[2]


Sam is a free-spirited, fun, and easy-going young adult. He likes parties and doing whatever the newest trend happens to be. His carefree attitude initially is what puts him in a tough spot with Joseph Anders and the Carrington family. While he doesn't come from wealth, Sam integrates into the Carrington lifestyle much better than that of his aunt, Cristal. Sam didn't have a regular job and was happy being the benefactor in his relationship with Steven. The only thing he cares more about then having a good time is his family. He is willing to go to great lengths to help his family, even having Blake robbed so that he could send money to his struggling mother back in Venezuela. This protectiveness is later shown with Steven, and eventually, Fallon. Unlike the Carrington's, Sam wants to give back to the less fortunate - he just wants to do it from a position of comfort.

When Steven's impulsivity led him to purchase a hotel, he was forced to grow up and accept responsibility for his actions. He struggled from the managerial side of the hotel, but with support from Joseph Anders, Sam succeeded. He has since become dedicated to ensuring La Mirage is the best hotel in Georgia and is willing to do anything to protect it. He enjoys being in charge and self-sufficient. Despite his strides business-wise, Sam's romantic life has taken a pause since his divorce from Steven. The emotional fallout of the divorce is something he is still coping with.


Guilt Trip to Alaska

Fallon goes to see Sam at La Mirage after she sees Trixie. He asks Fallon if she really didn’t kill Trixie Tate because he knows that 16-year-olds can be bitchy sometimes. Fallon says that she was one of her closest friends and confesses that it has been very traumatic for her to have all these feelings bubbling back up. Sam inadvertently makes her feel worse by bringing up how it must be horrible for Trixie’s family because just when they have moved past it, they are being forced to relive it all over again. Not to mention that the press is probably hounding them.

After Kirby gets kicked out of The Carrington Manor and in looking for a place to stay, goes to Sam's hotel to see if she can crash there. Sam, unfortunately, has to turn her down because the hotel is going through some renovations. Since she's not able to attend the Carrington Gala, Sam at first tells Kirby he won't go either in solidarity. However, he shortly thereafter confirms that he was already planning not to go because he has an irrational fear of fish, and it's why he isn't going to the Gala this year.


Steven Carrington

See main article: Sam-Steven relationship.

Celia Machado

Sam grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, and lived a simple but loving life with his mother and his aunt. On her wedding day, Cristal was very upset to see him and was scared that he'd exposed her past. She can be angry and concerned with him sometimes but she loved him deeply. On Christmas Eve, when Cristal exposed the whole truth about his dad and the way she killed him, Sam was shocked. However, his dad is revealed to be alive and tried to blackmail Cristal with the help of Iris. Sam saw the error in his father's ways and aligned himself with Cristal and helped stop his parents. Through their ups-and-downs, they cared for each other deeply. Sam was crushed when Cristal died tragically after being shot and burned in the Carrington barn.

Joseph Anders

When Sam arrived at the Carrington manor Anders was cold toward Sam and didn't approve of him or his relationship with Steven. Their differences seemed to outweigh their similarities. Anders wasn't fond of Sam's behavior, particularly his dancing and the way he accepted the Carrington's luxuries without doing anything in return for them. Anders later manipulated Sam to stop Ted from rekindling his relationship with Steven. When Claudia trapped them in the basement of the manor, they were forced to rely on one another and trust each other to escape. They eventually escaped when he picked the locks on both doors, and Anders used a gun from the now-lockpicked gunroom to open up the main door to the basement. They continued to build their relationship, which only became stronger after Steven left Atlanta. Anders became a father-figure in Sam's life, despite their ongoing banter with one another. Anders quit his work with the Carrington's to help Sam develop his new hotel, and eventually became his partner in the business. When Anders was confident that Sam could handle the company on his own, he left and returned home with a blessing from Sam.

Kirby Anders

Kirby and Sam are best friends and have a very sibling-oriented relationship. They confide in one another and get into trouble together. They both enjoy gossip and drama, especially investigating it. Kirby helped Sam find the perfect manny for his adoptive son but was also there for him when the truth about the baby's origins came out. He helped her acclimate to the Carrington Manor and navigate the complexities that are the Carrington family. They aren't shy to call the other out for being overdramatic or being wrong. They are each other's main confidant when it comes to relationship advice. While Sam also confides in Fallon, Kirby only has Sam which gives her more of a reliance on him. Their biggest fights often stem from a source of distrust on Sam's behalf or their mutual inability to appreciate the other as a friend.


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Sam married Ryan, a stranger, while he was intoxicated.("My Hangover's Arrived")




  • In the 1981 "Dynasty" series, Sammy Jo was a nickname for Samantha Josephine Dean, who was a woman and early love interest of Steven Carrington.
    • Making him a gender-bent version of Heather Lockclear's version of the character since the CW wanted to go very diverse with this new Dynasty series.
  • In the original series, as Heather Lockclear's version of Sammy Jo, the character gave birth to a son known as Danny in 1982 from a brief marriage with Steven. In the reboot, Sam would have had an step-child with Steven, due to the latter's infidelity, however, Steven ended up not being the biological father.



  1. Sam revealed he is 32 in A Little Fun Wouldn't Hurt which took place in 2022.
  2. Dynasty: Parisian Legend Has It...