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Ryan, also known as Scorpio, is a recurring character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Lachlan Buchanan.


In "My Hangover's Arrived", Sam, Fallon, Kirby, Cristal, and Allison went to New Orleans for Fallon's bachelorette party. During that time, they were drugged by their bartender and woke up with no memory of the night before. They deduced that Fallon married someone and later figured out it was a stripped named Scorpio. A note written on Allison's back from Scorpio led them to The Anaconda Club.

Once there, the group struggles to determine which of the dancers is Scorpio. The announcer introduces the highlight of the night, Scorpio. He comes out in a full suit and the crowd goes wild. He begins to undress and Fallon notices Scorpio is wearing her engagement ring. Sam tells her they don’t have much time until security comes back, so she has to hurry. She tries to catch his attention but can’t so Kirby shouts for her to get on the stage. She does and dances down the catwalk until she reaches him. Sam cheers Scorpio on while Cristal can’t watch the event. Fallon taps him on the back asking for her ring and turns to leave saying she’ll come back when he’s less busy. He grabs her shoulders and sits her on the chair and dances for her. Sam approves of his moves and she asks if he’s done. Fallon grabs his hand and they exit backstage. Now alone, he admits he was wondering when they would come back. She says that she’s his wife which he finds funny. He didn’t marry Fallon, he married Sam.

The group goes over the events of last night with Scorpio, who tells them that everyone was wasted - especially Cristal. She assures him she’s not usually like that. Amid all the chaos, they left their phones and wallets at the club, which he safely stored for them. They thank him for keeping them safe. Sam asked when he proposed - assuming that he did the proposing. Scorpio assures him that Sam did propose, as he was moved by the story Fallon told about marrying a stranger and falling in love. Fallon exclaims that the story is true and is how she met Liam. After proposing, Sam and the group left to go to the store and buy wedding clothes. They returned all decked out and Sam proposed to Scorpio with Fallon’s ring. She can’t believe she let Sam use her engagement ring, to which Scorpio remarks that she did ask for his as collateral. Scorpio and Sam got married at an all-night chapel. Fallon asks for her ring back to which Scorpio does willingly. She remarks how happy she is that they aren’t married as that would be a truly awful thing. The girls say goodbye and leave so Sam and Scorpio can talk. Sam asks if they can get an easy annulment to which Scorpio assures him they can. He then asks if he can call Sam when he’s in Atlanta as last night was fun and he wants to start with a date first. Sam tells Scorpio that while he seems sweet he’s trying to keep things casual and doesn’t want to settle down. He takes Sam’s phone and puts his number in just in case Sam changes his mind. Sam is relieved his name is Ryan and not Scorpio. Ryan kisses Sam’s cheek and walks off.

Ryan later sends Sam photos from the bride tribe's first visit to the Anaconda Club, which includes photos from their wedding.


Ryan is an easy-going and fun guy who enjoys having a good time. He doesn't take much seriously, including the idea of getting married to Sam.

Physical Appearance

Ryan is a very attractive man in his twenties or thirties with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He has tanned skin and a very muscular physique.



  • Ryan is the second person to marry Sam Jones, following Steven Carrington.
    • He is also the second person to break up with him, but unlike Steven, they got annulled rather than divorced.
  • Ryan quotes references from movies when he is nervous. ("That Unfortunate Dinner")