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Robin Hood Rescues
Season 3, Episode 19
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Air date May 1, 2020
Written by Paula Sabbaga
Directed by Jeff Byrd
Viewers 0.32 million (320,000)[1]
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You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad
My Hangover's Arrived
Right, so I-I sacrificed myself so you could keep all of... a couple of barrels of stolen oil? Do you have any idea what we've been through? What I've been through? I dropped everything to come save you. I risked my life because you're my father. Even though you-you continue to berate me. And now I find out that this could've all ended yesterday if you weren't so damn greedy?
Adam to Blake

Robin Hood Rescues is the nineteenth episode of the third season and the sixty-third episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on May 1, 2020.


UNLIKELY HEROES - Adam and Liam rush to the aid of Blake and Anders, and Sam gets a special visit from his hero Danny Trejo. Fallon faces legal repercussions for advice "Aunt Alexis" gives a listener on the new podcast and Culhane, Vanessa, and Dominique celebrate the success of their reality show by looking ahead to what's next. Cristal is forced to make a difficult decision. [2]

Plot Summary


In a Moldavian dungeon, a worse-for-wear Anders tries to open the metal door locking him and Blake inside. Blake comments that the guards didn’t unlock it in the last five minutes. Anders suggests that just speak with the King but Blake knows that the King is the reason they were kidnapped. Laura Van Kirk screwed Blake over when she sold him back CA. A guard enters to tell them to be quiet, as the King can hear them from his quarters. Anders requests to speak with the King but the guard informs them that the King is aware of their situation. Blake attempts to pressure the guard into releasing them but fails. Anders asks Blake if he’s out of his freaking mind because he doesn’t seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. Blake is aware they were kidnapped five-hours ago, which means the pilot is already on his way home and has notified the family.

At the Carrington Mansion, Cristal and Adam plot a way to save Blake and Anders. Adam recommends that Cristal stay quiet for now, as they can’t risk the story being leaked to the press. Adam wants to go but Cristal thinks it’s just another way for him to get on Blake’s good graces. She asks why Liam is here if everything is supposed to be secret. Liam explains that his family has done business in Moldavia so he’s been there and has already reached out to a few of his mother’s contacts. He also was able to get the blueprints for the palace where the political prisoners are taken. Cristal wants to send the blueprints to an actual international rescue group. Adam tells her that the UN advises all international rescue programs not to go to Moldavia - even private security companies won’t go there. Cristal wonders what makes Adam so sure he can do it, to which he explains he’s just going to unkidnap a few innocent people and won’t be fighting anyone. She wants to tell Fallon about the situation, but both Adam and Liam agree it’s a bad idea as she tends to go overboard. Cristal thinks Fallon might have insight on how to handle these types of situations, but Adam angrily tells her that he’s had experience too - having been kidnapped for thirty years. He accuses her of not wanting Blake back and alludes to her affair with Father Collins. Liam stops the arguing to tell them VKI has agreed to let them use their jet. Adam and Liam then leave.

Alexis is advising a young woman when Fallon storms in and ends the podcast early to tell her they’ve been served. Alexis advised Joyce Doyle about how to handle a career change by telling her to get behind the wheel and drive without looking back. This resulted in Joyce getting in a car accident where she broke her left leg and right arm. Joyce is now suing Fallon, Alexis, and the company for damages. Alexis finds the lawsuit laughable as she was using a figure of speech and the woman shouldn’t have taken it literally. They bicker before Alexis recommends Fallon call a lawyer. Fallon, now aggravated, tells Alexis her “free advice” is going to cost her millions in legal fees.

Culhane meets with Dominique and Vanessa at La Mirage to tell them that while he was apprehensive about the show, it has been nothing but positive for himself and The Atlantix. Dom happily tells everyone that the network is already working on an offer for season two, which annoys Vanessa as she is going on tour. Culhane recommends putting that in her new contract and they toast to getting everything they want. Culhane leaves for a moment just as Dominique gets a text from Chase Cartof saying that he’s excited to sit and talk with her today.

Culhane talks with Kirby about why he’s still talking to Vanessa and Dom. Kirby is done listening to his complaining if he isn’t going to do anything about it, but Culhane assures her he has a plan to use them back. But this time, things are going to be different.

Liam is about to leave the Manor when Sam intercepts him to talk about him being honored at a ‘30 Under 30’s’ ATL Entrepenaurs banquet. He’s apprehensive to take it as he hasn’t accomplished anything other than sneaking mistresses out of rooms in laundry carts. The situation with Ramy made Sam realize that the only difference between the two is that he married rich. Otherwise, he would still be breaking to people’s houses through air vents and watching Danny Trejo movies. Liam excuses himself to leave and Sam asks where the plane is going, as he overheard the conversation. He calls Liam out on his terrible ability to lie and asks if this is about his bachelor party. Liam lies that it is and then leaves.

In the Moldavian dungeon, Blake apologizes to Anders for dragging him into another bad situation. Anders assures him he volunteered to go and they are in this together. Blake asks Anders where if he could be anywhere in the world right now - aside from the Manor. Blake wants to go to the moon. Anders doesn’t want to say but Blake pressures him. Anders admits he always wanted to open a beachfront restaurant in New Zealand, which prompts Blake to scoff at the idea. The guard enters the dungeon to tell Blake the King has a proposition. The captains of the tankers won’t negotiate with the Moldavian government without the okay from Blake. The tankers aren’t leaving Moldavian waters, so the King wants Blake to call the captains and order them to turn around and return the oil. If Blake complies they will let both of them go. The guard asks if they have a deal, and after a moment passes, Blake spits in the guard’s face. The guard punches Blake which knocks him out. The guard approaches Anders and tells him that the King’s offer only lasts until midnight.

Blake wakes up and Anders informs him of the King’s time limit on his offer. Anders then tells Blake that when a dictator offers a way out he should take it, but Blake thinks the moment he signs over that oil is the moment they die. As long as they control the tankers they’re fine, as the King isn’t going to risk an international incident by shooting at the tankers. Which is why they aren’t making a deal.

Evan surprises Fallon at Fallon Unlimited. He’s still cc’d on the companies legal emails, as he did set it up, and he came across the lawsuit. While he’s sure her lawyers will crush the lawsuit, he thinks the message it sends is that the company will crush anything in its way. He knows this kind of person from his time as a social worker and public defender - she has nothing to lose. While she isn’t calling off her lawyers just yet, she does ask Evan to try and settle. He warns her to keep her eye on Alexis, but she has already been warned by her lawyers, the insurance company, and Alexis’ masseuse.

Alexis and Fallon do test questions to see her reactions. Whenever Alexis makes poor advice Fallon uses a beeper to sensor it. For example, Alexis advises a woman to go out for drinks with her professor, sneak something into a child’s cereal, and many more.

Dom meets with Chase Cartof, who wants to offer her a talk show. The financiers are guaranteeing three-years of syndicated programming. The idea is to start local and eventually become global. She decides to call him in a few days and leaves his office.

Cristal calls Caleb and leaves a message filling him in on Blake’s situation. She thinks God is punishing her for what they did, but she needs to make things right. She can’t continue to betray the people she cares about and decides they can’t see each other anymore. She asks him not to call her back and hangs up.

Liam goes over the plan with Adam. As long as Liam’s contact meets them at the palace they can sneak in, find Anders and Blake, and get out before anyone notices. Adam assures Liam that they have to at least try to save Blake. From the front of the plane, Sam emerges holding alcohol. He states he wasn’t about to let Liam scout for bachelor parties without him, especially now that he sees Liam invited Adam which is a little hurtful. Liam finally tells him the truth but Sam doesn’t believe him.

Liam opens the blueprints and is about to go over everything with Sam, who is exasperated as he just spent a fortune on party drugs. He thought he might get a half-naked man to do belly shots, but now he might get shot. Adam agrees that being shot is a possibility. Sam asks if they can turn the plane around so he can get off but the plane has already landed. He doesn’t understand why Adam and Liam aren’t freaking out about the situation as neither of them has a Trejo thing going on. He points out that Adam went blind have a gas leak and Liam got amnesia after being hit by basically a flower. Adam corrects Sam that he went blind after an explosion, not a gas leak, and they have a well-thought-out plan so everything will work. The map will lead them to the palace where Liam’s contact will be waiting to get them past the guards and then back to the plane. Everyone agrees that Sam staying behind is for the best.

Evan drops by Alexis and Fallon’s desk to tell them that Joyce Doyle agreed to settle for two-million-dollars. He invites Fallon to lunch after to celebrate which she accepts. When he’s gone, Alexis tells Fallon that Evan likes her and she refuses to sign anything. She doesn’t want to sign because the moment she does her career will be over. But Fallon tells her she will be signing the papers tomorrow and after, they can try to find her a new hobby.

Anders is getting antsy but Blake is sure that someone is coming to rescue them. Anders doubts the pilot even made it back home and begins to panic as they are going to join the pilot in death soon. The guard opens the dungeon door and walks to Blake. The guard then snaps his fingers, and Adam and Liam are thrown into the cell. The guard smirks and leaves with his men. Blake looks over at Anders saying that at least they know the pilot told the family.

Fallon calls Alexis from the manor as she’s late for their meeting. Alexis informs her she isn’t coming. She’s going to confront Joyce Doyle and convince her not too sign the lawsuit which Fallon thinks is a terrible idea. Alexis hangs up.

Blake confronts the boys about walking into the Moldavian governments’ arms, but Adam assures him they had a great plan they just couldn’t execute it. Liam’s contact, who worked for VKI for twenty years, turned on them. Blake isn’t surprised since Liam’s family ist he one who told him he had to come to Moldavia and collect the tankers. Adam tries to reason that at least they’re alive, but this only angers Blake. Anders asks them what plan B is, but Adam nervously asks what he means by plan B. Anders thinks they must have a plan B or otherwise plan A would just be called the plan. Blake realizes that no one is coming to rescue them because no one else knows about the kidnapping. Adam realizes that Sam is still on the plan and could rescue them at any moment. Anders chuckles and decides to call that plan Z.

Sam lays on a bed with a bottle of alcohol trying to think positive thoughts. From the end of the bed, Danny Trejo tells Sam to get his act together while swinging a machete. Sam tells Trejo how much Trejo means to him. Trejo tells him that it’s time to let his inner badass out, but can’t give Sam much more advice then that since he’s just a hallucination. Sam wants to save everyone from the plane as he’s been lacking in the confidence department lately. Trejo jumps to his feet and tells Sam to grab the blueprints, break into the palace, and they’ll worry about the rest later.

Alexis meets with Joyce Doyle but the meeting doesn’t go well due to Alexis’ abrasive attitude. Fallon interrupts the meeting and introduces herself to Joyce. She apologizes for whatever her mother has already said before complimenting Joyce’s home. Fallon triest o force Alexis to leave but the two have a physical altercation that results in Alexis hitting Joyce and knocking her back onto the couch. The Carrington women then leave quickly. On the way out, Alexis tells Joyce to put ice on her shoulder and Fallon yells at her to stop giving advice.

A very high Sam converses with Trejo on what the next step of the plan is. Trejo suggests finding what Sam is good at and using it to their advantage, but Sam doesn’t think he’s good at much other than hospitality. The agree to serve them to death and Sam heads off the plane.

Sam hides in a laundry cart in the palace while Trejo stands next to him sipping tea. Sam emerges and smirks, saying that there are benefits to being an accomplice to adultery. He looks at the map while Trejo tells him that it’s all about confidence, though a weapon helps. But since Sam doesn’t have one he’ll have to improvise.

Sam crawls through the air ducts smiling, as this was how he used to sneak into people’s houses to watch Trejo’s movies. Upon realizing that Trejo isn’t with him anymore, he begins to panic as he’s beginning to sober up. He debates whether he has to go left or right, then remembers what Trejo said about confidence and decides to go left.

Michael, Dom, and Vanessa meet with the producers to discuss season two. Michael suggests the camera follow him to Atlantix games, which the producer likes. Dom demands a private jet on standby, new cars, and time off to pursue other projects. The producers laugh and Dom rolls out a long list of demands. Culhane suggests lowering her demands a little but Dom assures him this is just a starting point for her. She tells them to let her know when they’re ready to talk and leaves the room.

The guard, now known as Frederick, relays a message that the King is getting impatient but Frederick recommended a human head as something new to look at. He opens a switchblade and moves it over each man before landing on Anders. He approaches Anders and everyone panics telling Frederick to stop. He presses the blade against Anders’s throat moving him to another wall. Blake clutches his chest and cries out in pain which distracts Frederick long enough for Anders to knock him out. Blake stands revealing he was faking the pains, brushing off Adam’s concern. Adam has a plan but Blake isn’t confident in Adam’s plan making skills. Adam wants to get Frederick’s keys and use them to escape, leading to an argument about being able to leave. Liam notices Frederick is waking up and everyone begins to panic.

Sam drops from the air duct above and lands on his feet in front of Frederick. He then kicks Frederick across the face knocking him unconscious. Sam wishes Danny could have seen that, and Danny remarks from the air duct above that he did, as Sam is still a little high. He assures Sam he’ll see him later and vanishes. Sam turns to the captives and tells them they have to get back through the air vent. He instructs Liam to go first and they hoist him into the duct.

Fallon confronts Alexis on why the podcast means to much to her. Alexis admits that this is the first time in a long time that someone cares what she has to say, and it’s nice to be validated. She doesn’t want that to end. Alexis sits on the floor and Fallon joins her. Alexis states that one of the few nice things about being married to Blake was that she was taken seriously in society. She knows it probably sounds superficial to Fallon, but she was respected and looked up too. Fallon thinks it’s superficial which Alexis finds ironic since when Fallon wants something she doesn’t care who gets in her way but when Alexis does it, Fallon calls her crazy. Fallon takes a moment and admits they while they both agree that Alexis can be a little out there, Fallon sometimes loses sight of why Alexis does the things she does. Alexis tells her that they’re more alike then she thinks. A moment passes and she says that while kicking that woman was an accident, the tacky doormat made her kinda deserve it. Fallon looks at the doormat and realizes something.

Sam is in the air vent and tells the next person to come up. Blake wonders how they’re going to get the last one up, and Adam puts a hand on Blake’s shoulder. He came here to save his father and that’s what he’s going to do. He then gives Blake a leg-up so he can escape. Adam then tells Sam to close the duct. Sam whispers good luck to Adam before leaving with the group.

Fallon and Alexis knock on Joyce’s door until she enters. They force their way in as they have a few questions. Fallon points out that when Alexis struck her, Joyce used her right arm to defend herself - the one she allegedly broke. Joyce blames it on a reflex but Fallon points out she wasn’t showing much pain while waving it around. She then points out the doormat as the fresh dirt on the doormat matches the dirt on Joyce’s $12 high heels. Alexis smirks saying that everyone knows you can’t wear high heels with a broken leg - it’s the height of gouache. Joyce doesn’t think they can prove the dirt came from her. Fallon is certain that if she tested the dirt on the shoes it would match the dirt on the mat. Before Fallon can settle, she wants to see X-Rays. Joyce finally drops the act admitting she just wanted an easy paycheck and will drop the lawsuit. She then calls them insane so Fallon starts to leave but Alexis stops her. Joyce rolls her eyes saying that the advice was good. Alexis is pleased with the answer and Fallon mutters that she can’t as she leaves. Alexis tells Joyce she knows and you’re welcome before leaving.

Now safely on the plane, Anders remarks that it’s been over thirty-minutes since they escaped but there is still no sign of Adam. Liam wants to give him more time, and Blake is certain that they won’t kill Adam. They have to keep him alive to get to Blake, who will call in an extraction team as soon as they get home. Liam shouts no and that they are staying until it is no longer safe. Anders looks out the window saying that could be now as there is a palace guard on his way toward the plane. The guard drops a gun and sprints toward the plane. Blake frantically wants to leave but Liam stops him, as it isn’t a guard but Adam. Adam boards the plane smiling and saying he wants to get the hell out of here. Blake then gestures to Liam that they have to go.

Sam passes out on the bed while Blake calls Cristal to tell her they’ll be home soon. Anders proposes a toast to friends, family, and rescuers. Liam toasts to Fallon not finding out about this. Blake toasts to hiring local escorts in armed gunboats who are now escorting the tankers back to Georgia. Adam is confused as he thought the whole reason Blake was in this mess was that he couldn’t negotiate for the tankers. Blake clarifies that he had the tankers the whole time he just didn’t want to tell anyone because he knew they would try him into returning the oil for their freedom. Adam clarifies that he sacrificed himself so Blake could keep a couple of barrels of stolen oil, to which Blake says it was over 150 million gallons and it was his, to begin with. Adam is annoyed and angry, asking if Blake knows how much they went through to save him. He risked his life because Blake is his father even though he continues to berate him. He angrily stands pressing that this all could have been over yesterday if Blake wasn’t so damn greedy. He walks past Blake despite his father’s attempts to stop him and mutters that they’re done.

Fallon arrives at the Manor to find Evan drinking in the foyer. Evan reminds her that she texted him something about wanting to kill Alexis then never heard back from her. Fallon admits she forgot about him but everything is fine now and Joyce was faking her injuries. The case is closed so now Evan can go back to doing whatever it is that he does. Evan approaches her saying they should still celebrate as they never did get their lunch. He puts his hand on her arm saying he’s good for dinner, drinks, or whatever works best for her. Fallon removes his hand saying that she’s getting married to the man she loves, Liam, and there’s no one else she wants to be with. She doesn’t want to lead him on so it’s best if they don’t see each other anymore. Evan understands and tells her to have a good wedding. She thanks him before walking off. Evan leaves with a dark expression on his face. Once outside, he calls someone asking what the hell is wrong with them. He doesn’t care that they dropped by unannounced, revealing that he is speaking to Joyce. The deal is off, because if he doesn’t get to be Fallon’s hero then Joyce doesn’t get a dime.

Fallon visits Alexis who mistakes her visit for her trying to end the podcast. She tells her daughter that she already booked Meghan Markle’s cousin as a co-host. Fallon tells her that’s not why she’s there, she came to tell Alexis she was right about Evan. He did have feelings for her. She admits to questioning Alexis’ advice because Alexis wasn’t around to give her any when she was a child. Alexis states that’s a defense mechanism and she did a show about it three days ago. Fallon sits down and apologizes for always seeing her as a manipulative shrew, but is going to try and change that. She’s going to try and see Alexis as someone with goals, wants, and everything that real people want. She always thought she got her tenacity from Blake, but now she’s starting to think she got it from Alexis instead. Which is why she won’t get in Alexis’ way any longer and gives her a frame. Inside the frame are Fallon’s sensor button and the Aunt Alexis logo. Fallon admits that it’s more symbolic but Alexis decides she’s going to say whatever she wants.

Vaness and Dom visit Chase Cartof’s office only to find it completely abandoned as if everyone cleared out. The phone rings and in the corner, a woman sits in a swivel chair. She turns and reveals herself as Kirby. She greets the duo and picks up the phone as Chase Cartof’s office. She tells Dom it’s for her and puts the phone on speaker. Culhane greets Dom through the phone, and Dom is confused as to what is going on saying she doesn’t have time for this. He tells her she only has time. She has no House of Devereaux, and surprise, she doesn’t have a talk show anymore either because Chase Cartof doesn’t exist. He mocks her for thinking she could be the next Oprah. He adds to Vanessa that this is what she gets for always doing what her mother says before clarifying that they are done. He wishes he could see the looks on their faces before emerging in the doorway. He admits their faces are better then he imagined. Kirby admits he was right, that it was amazing. She joins his side and they high-five. Vanessa turns to Dom and fires her before leaving.

At the Manor, Liam runs into Sam who has a large basket of junk food. Liam asks about the 30 under 30 events, but Sam still doesn’t want to go as he isn’t in a place to be giving uplifting speeches. Liam tells Samm that he’s the reason they’re alive and calls him a hero. Sam doesn’t think he is - Danny Trejo is. While he knows Trejo wasn’t real he still guided Sam through it all. If he hadn’t, they’d still be in prison. Liam doesn’t care how many fake people helped because it was still all Sam. Just like La Mirage and sure, someone else gave him the money, but Sam made it a success. He tells Sam to stop selling himself short. Sam realizes Liam was right and while he may have lied about his age, he’s still going to do 30 under 30. He notices Fallon enter the area and adds that he also just save Blake and Liam from a Moldavian prison, so he has things to say. Fallon clears her throat and Liam turns around. She asks what Sam just said to which Liam only smiles nervously.

Blake has a meeting with Adam and Anders in his office, to talk about Adam being angry. He understands why but he already had a plan to rescue Adam, so he wasn’t in any real danger. Blake hands Adam a briefcase saying it’s for his first day as Blake’s number two at Carrington Atlantic. Blake asks if he wants to learn the ropes to which Adam accepts and takes the briefcase. They shake hands and Adam leaves the office. Blake also has something for Anders, who initially thinks it’s dirt on someone. Blake assures him that it’s just a little sand, as that is the deed to a beachfront restaurant in New Zeland. When Anders is ready to retire from the Carrington’s, the restaurant will be waiting for Ander to take over. Ander remarks that they’ve come a long way. Blake asks when Cristal gets back to which Anders responds that she’s been here the whole time.

Cristal is in the bedroom drinking by the fireplace when Blake joins her. He asks why she didn’ tell him she was here to which she admits she didn’t know how to say what needs to be said. She’s thankful and happy that he’s alive but she can’t do this anymore. They aren’t happy, they aren’t talking, and they don’t know who each other are anymore. Maybe they rushed into things and reality is just catching up to them. Blake wants to try and fix things, to fight for their marriage, but Cristal steps away from him as he approaches. She needs to be by herself to make things right and think about everything. She apologizes and leaves.

In the loft, Kirby and Adam are sitting on the bed discussing the day. She doesn’t understand why he isn’t more excited that Blake saw his worth. He admits it’s because he also saw Blake’s. Blake only ever cared about the money not their relationship, and he didn’t accept the job to get close to Blake. She asks if this means that St. Adam is gone, to which he admits that St. Adam is long gone.



Guest Starring


  • Matthew Jayson Cwern as Frederick
  • Elyse Mirto as Joyce Doyle
  • Drew Stephenson as Chase Cartof
  • Rachael Thompson as Lisa



  • "Robin Hood Rescues" is the third episode of Dynasty to involve kidnapping. The first was the season one episode, "I Answer to No Man" and the second was in the season two episode, "Crazy Lady.”
    • Fallon being kidnapped is alluded to by Cristal, who mentions that Fallon knows what to do in kidnappings as she might have been through it.
    • Adam referred to being unaware that he was kidnapped for the first thirty years of his life.
  • Sam Jones is the titular character of this episode.
  • This is the last episode that Paula Sabbaga has written as she is leaving the show as a writer. [3]
  • As a part of the official cast, Sam Adegoke is credited though he is absent from this episode.
  • Adam being blinded by an explosion and Liam's amnesia are mentioned.



Adam: The UN advises all international rescue groups not to go to Moldavia. Private security won't even go there.
Cristal: So what makes you think you can do it?
Adam: Look, look, we're not going there to fight. We're simply going there to casually break in and...
Adam and Liam: Unkidnap...
Adam: Two innocent people.
Cristal: I think we should tell Fallon.
Adam: Yeah, have you met Fallon? In like three minutes she's going to have the CIA, IDF, several small armies swarming Moldavia, basically starting World War III.
Liam: She does tend to go big.

Sam: I mean, you went blind after a gas leak. And you, you got amnesia after being hit by basically a flower.
Adam: I went blind after an explosion, not a gas leak.