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Roberto "Beto" Flores is a supporting character on The CW's Dynasty. He is portrayed by Geovanni Gopradi.

Beto is the brother of Cristal Carrington. Under his mask of heavy masculinity and rugged personality lies a calm and closeted person which Sam Jones is able to identify.


Season 2

Season 3

Beto is asked to come to Atlanta by Cristal to assist her with her help to kill Alexis Carrington. Beto though reluctant decided to help his sister when Cristal told him that she will continue with the plan with or without his help.

Beto plants the bomb on a car which he thought was Alexis' during Fallon and Liam's engagement party but it turns out that it was Alexis' car. The bomb blows up at the wrong time and Beto is injured.

Beto is admitted in the Atlanta General Hospital without Blake knowing. He informs Cristal that the police came by to cross question him about the incident and he told them that he was an innocent bystander.

Cristal then lies to Blake that she is going to Mexico for her friend's shower but is actually going to drop Beto back. Blake surprises them by joining them on the plane and is surprised to see Beto. Cristal tells him a part of the truth but when Beto chokes on his medicines, Cristal thinks that god is punishing her for wishing ill on Alexis. Beto is okay and returns back to Mexico.

Season 4

Season 5

After being thrown out of Flores Incorporado and having a huge fight with his sister Cristal, Beto goes to a bar where he stumbles across Rita– who looks just like Cristal.

Two weeks have passed, and Beto and Rita are plotting against Cristal as Beto is teaching Rita to talk, walk and eat like Cristal as if Rita is gonna replace Cristal entirely.

After making sure that Rita is fully prepared, Beto kidnaps Cristal and Rita replaces her just at the time of a Carrington Gala.


  • Beto shares his name with Ana Brenda Contreras's (former Cristal Carrington) brother.
  • The character of Beto seems to be a reworked version of the character of Sammy Jo from the original show, as they are both related to her and troublemakers for her.