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Rita is a recurring character and antagonist in the television series Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Daniella Alonso.

Rita is a woman that Roberto Flores stumbles across that resembles his sister, Cristal Carrington.


Season 5

After being thrown out of Flores Incorporado and having a huge fight with his sister Cristal, Roberto Flores goes to a bar where he stumbles across Rita– who looks just like Cristal.

Two weeks have passed, and Beto and Rita are plotting against Cristal as Beto is teaching Rita to talk, walk and eat like Cristal as if Rita is gonna replace Cristal entirely.

Weeks have passed after Beto and Rita kidnapped Cristal and Rita infiltrated the Carrington Family and gets close to Blake. Despite her training, Rita didn't know everything about Cristal and the Carringtons, which is shown during interactions with Blake, Adam, Fallon, and Sam.

After successfully getting Blake to sign Flores Incorporado back to Beto, Rita attempts to kill Cristal in a fire were no one would notice the body. Rita enters the basement where Cristal is being kept and is shocked to discover Cristal is untied. The two women fight but they are broken up by Blake, who is shocked at the scene.

Blake tests the two women to discover who is the real Cristal. Rita fails the test and Blake and Cristal embrace while Rita attempts to escape but is halted by the couple, Blake hands Cristal is phone and she calls the police who arrested Rita.


Cristal’s complete opposite as she has no morals.

Physical Appearance

Rita shares exact physical appearances with Cristal Carrington. The only difference is that Rita has straight brown longer hair as opppsed to Cristal's highlighted shorter curly hair. Rita speaks in a Southern accent which is also a difference between her and Cristal.