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Ramy Crockett, is a minor character on The CW's Dynasty. He is portrayed by Mustafa Elzein. He appeared in Season 1 episode "Private as a Circus".


He is Sam Jones's old friend with whom Sam did theft and other illegal activities for.

Sam needed money to help his mom, Iris, with financial assistance. However his aunt, Celia Machado - or rather Cristal Carrington -, refused to give him money. Sam, being too desperate, asks Crockett to rob Blake Carrington and promises to give him a part of the money. ("Guilt is for Insecure People")

Post robbery, it is revealed to Sam that Crockett stole a cellphone along with jewellery- a phone which belonged to the recently deceased Matthew Blaisdel, an evidence which Blake stole. A worried Sam reaches Ramy and requests him to give the phone. Ramy reveals that the phone contains a sextape of Matthew and Cristal which could earn him a lot of money, and would only give it back if Sam pays a loadsome cash to him. A nervous Sam tells Steven Carrington after the robbery (omitting the fact that Sam had a hand in it). Though, Sam gets the phone by giving money to Ramy, the police force reaches the point and arrests Ramy as per the request of Steven, and the dismay of Sam. ("Private as a Circus").

About three years later, Ramy, now released from prison, reaches La Mirage which Sam owns. Ramy reminds Sam that he didn't say anything to the police regarding Sam's part in the robbery and requests Sam to keep him in a room, much to the dismay of the newly-appointed event coordinator, Kirby Anders. At the next event of La Mirage, Brent Scott, one of the people attending the party of Atlantix Football event, reveals to Kirby that someone had stolen his rolex. Kirby immediately blames Ramy to which he denies doing so. However it is revealed that he did infact steal the watch and Sam asks him to leave the hotel, however hee requests Sam to give him another chance. Sam agrees and also apologies for not visiting him in the prison. Later, Sam and Kirby are talking and Sam points out that his keys are missing. Not soon after Ramy appears and gives him the keys and tells him that he left it at his hotel room. However as Ramy walks away, it is revealed that Ramy gave Sam the wrong keys and he walks away with a smirk on his face. ("Is The Next Surgery on The House?")

When Kirby requests Sam to give her an assistant, Sam agrees so quickly. Sam, later, reveals that her assistant is his friend, Ramy. Ramy, and his lack of interest in the job becomes the root cause of Kirby and Sam's fight during Michael Culhane's pyjama birthday (courtesy of singer Dominique Deveraux). However, Kirby is proven right about Ramy as he steals money off Sam's locker and flees away. ("She Cancelled...") 



  • Mustafa Elzein, the actor of Ramy, is by far the only actor on the show to be promoted from "Co Starring" status to "Guest Starring" status.
  • Ramy served thirty-six months in prison after taking the fall for Sam.