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Promises You Can't Keep
Season 01, Episode 12
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Air date January 31, 2018
Written by Jenna Richman
Directed by Matt Earl Beesley
Viewers 0.65 million (650,000)[1]
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What's integrity when you can have this bracelet? It cost more than the home I grew up in.
— Melissa Daniels to Cristal

Promises You Can't Keep is the twelfth episode of the first season of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on January 31, 2018.


THE STAKES ARE HIGH FOR THE CARRINGTON FAMILY— When the Carringtons host a lavish Casino Night party, Cristal and Blake's marriage is put to the test when an explosive secret from Blake's past surfaces. Meanwhile, Fallon must reconsider her behavior as she attempts to fix a professional blunder by accepting an indecent proposal.


As the Carringtons prepare for a Casino Night fundraiser they are throwing for Senator Paul Daniels, Cristal learns from a journalist friend, Rick Morales, that Blake regularly bribed Daniels when he was a judge. To avoid the truth coming out, she gives Rick an alternative story about Daniels' many extramarital affairs. When the price of an important Morell Corp. property lease doubles, Fallon has the opportunity to retain her old price if she can win a poker game. Knowing she would be expected to sleep with the owner if she lost, Fallon bluffs for the win. Monica is horrified when Jeff reveals his plan to destroy Blake by using Fallon, but later agrees to help him.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Rick Hearst as Senator Paul Daniels
  • Clint Magby as Bob Channing
  • Brian Porzio as Assistant #1
  • Ariana Guerra as Assistant #2
  • Marilyn Chung as Assistant #3


  • This episode features the 15-second opening sequence.
  • The title of the episode was announced via press release on November 5, 2017.[3]


  • Guest Starrer Steven Culp has previously worked with Nicollette Sheridan (former Alexis Carrington) and Sharon Lawrence (Laura Van Kirk) in ABC's 2004 dramedy and soap opera, Desperate Housewives. However, he shares scenes with neither of them in dynasty as they hadn't joined the show yet.
  • Monica's red dress looks a lot like the famous red dress worn by Fallon in the original show, notably in its opening credits.
  • The title of the episode comes from a line said in the original Dynasty 1981 series by Alexis Carrington to Dominique Deveraux in the Season 5, Episode 20: The Collapse.
    • The exact lines of the original scene are used when Fallon talks to Tim Mayers during the casino-themed party.


Monica: Does this girl have some kind of hypnotic yoni or something?

Monica: I'll admit she's as flawed as they come but making her pay for her father's mistakes? That just means you and Blake are cut from the same cloth.
Jeff: I am nothing like Blake Carrington.
Monica: No. If you go through with this, you might be worse.

Fallon (To Cristal): Just because you technically saved my life doesn't mean we've had some sort of breakthrough, and I'm gonna start calling you Mommy.