Senator Paul Daniels is a minor character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He appeared in the twelfth episode of the first season, portrayed by Rick Hearst.


Paul Daniels is a friend of Blake. He was the judge in charge of his divorce and later statued during the drugs dealing trial against Cecil Colby. In exchange of bribes, Paul Daniels allowed to Blake the full custody of his children and put his rival out of the picture.

Senator Paul Daniels is now in campaign for re-election of his office and the Carringtons support him with a Casino Event at their home. The Senator has some ideas about the immigration : when Blake introduces him to Cristal, he mixes up her from Venezuelan to Mexican and takes Sam for a waiter.

When Rick Morales reveals to Cristal that he writes an explosive article about the corruption of the Senator that involves Blake, Cristal succees to protect her family by revealing some extramarital affairs of the politician, who is forced to demise.

Cecil Colby's release after eleven years in jail is one of the chain reactions of his demise.


Season 1 (1/22) :

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