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Our Turn Now
Season 01, Episode 15
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Air date March 16, 2018
Written by Libby Wells
Directed by Matt Earl Beesley
Viewers 0.60 million (600,000)[1]
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The Gospel According to Blake Carrington
Poor Little Rich Girl
Our first Halloween together. You wouldn't leave my side because I was the only one willing to explain your costume to people. Well, how lame that kids in junior high didn't know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg was. {...} But you stayed with me all night. Right by my side. And 13 years later, nothing has changed. You're still right here, supporting me every step of the way. You know, after everything we've been through, you are the one person I trust most in this world.
— Fallon trying to bait Monica into a confession

Our Turn Now is the fifteenth episode of the first season of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on March 16, 2018.


RULES OF ENGAGEMENT — After Fallon discovers that Jeff Colby's motives to marry her are not for love but for revenge, she is forced to continue with her faux engagement until she can save her family from becoming a casualty of the Colby-Carrington war. Sam pulls out all the stops to earn his citizenship and Steven’s love, while Cristal must choose between her role as a wife or her role as a stepmother.


The Carringtons proceed with preparations for Fallon's wedding to Jeff, planning to invade Jeff's home and erase his server while the Colbys are at the rehearsal. Cesil's refusal to attend forces the ruse to continue, despite Cristal's objections. Blake convinces Cesil to put aside the animosity between them and come to the ceremony, while Jeff presents Fallon with full ownership of Morell Co, and a plan for them to exchange 25% of their respective companies. On the eve of the wedding, Fallon asks Michael to marry her at city hall, but he refuses, not wanting something so important to be part of a Carrington plot. With Fallon and Jeff at the altar and the server still not breached, Blake tries to stop the ceremony, but Fallon shuts him down. Afterward, she reveals to the stunned Colbys that the marriage is invalid because she married someone else, Liam Ridley, the night before. Jeff's claim to 25% of Carrington Atlantic is therefore null and void, but Fallon now owns 25% of ColbyCo. A confrontation with Cesil causes Thomas to have a heart attack, and he admits to the Carringtons that Blake never had an affair, but was just covering for Thomas.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Karen Boles as Wedding Planner
  • Greg Corbett as Officiant
  • Brandon Morris as Bruce
  • Drew Lamkins as Bodyguard
  • Jenne Kang as Wedding Planner #2


  • The 15-second opening sequence is featured in this episode.
  • Fallon's little meltdown when being made-up prior to the wedding was a rip from Original Fallon's meltdown (due to her headaches) prior to when she was supposed to remarry Jeff in the episode "The Nightmare".
  • The title of the episode comes from a line said in the original Dynasty 1981 series by Alexis Carrington to Tracy Kendall in the Season 4, Episode 25: The Engagement.
    • The exact line of the original scene is used by Cristal when talking to Fallon.


Cristal: He was essentially asking me to whore myself out.
Fallon: Well, at least daddy recognizes your true talent.





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