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New Hopes, New Beginnings
Season 4, Episode 5
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Air date June 4, 2021
Written by Jason Ganzel
Directed by Geary McLeod
Viewers 0.23 million (230,000)[1]
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Everybody Loves The Carringtons
A Little Father-Daughter Chat
Today is difficult for me. Not only because I lost a mother, but because I lost a mother I didn't know that well. I thought I did. But I was wrong. And I know that now. I wish that I could see her one more time to apologise and to tell her how much I appreciate her. I'd ask her questions I never bothered to ask. But most importantly.. I'd thank her for raising my children.. when I left. She supported them. She loved them. She had that maternal instinct that I... I lost somewhere along the way, but I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to find it again. Because I never want my children to be standing here in front of friends and family one day.. laying me to rest, regretting that we never really knew each other. So thank you, mom. For everything. And thank you to my kinds for showing me who she really was. I promise to be better.
Dominique's eulogy at Lo's funeral.

New Hopes, New Beginnings is the fifth episode of the fourth season and the sixty-ninth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on June 4, 2021.[2]


FAMILY IS ALL THAT MATTERS - With her new position as self-appointed head of the family, Fallon finds that with power comes great responsibility, and they don't always go as imagined - or wanted. As Fallon works to repair her image, she leaves Alexis and Adam in her wake. Jeff and Dominique have a true heart-to-heart as Jeff delivers some unexpected news. Meanwhile, Culhane turns to Sam for help and Sam gets more than he bargained for. Lastly, Blake goes to extremes to fight for Cristal.

Plot Summary


At the Carrington Manor, Dominique and Alexis are meeting up to discuss what their next move is now that Fallon has purchased the access roads surrounding the area. Alexis’ plan is to keep Fallon “happy,” which includes a giant breakfast. Adam interrupts their conversation and sits down just as Fallon walks into the room. He teases her about being the self-proclaimed head of the Carrington Dynasty, but she says it’s just to make the media happy since she want to keep the family from crumbling; which in turn means she has bigger things to worry about.

At Atlantix, Culhane is talking to Deputy Commissioner Dawkins, who he previously outed as the ring leader of a gambling ring. Culhane wants to sell the team locally, and he knows a few Black businessmen who may be interested in purchasing. Dawkins intercepts, noting that he also has a few guys that are interested in buying and if he sells to one of them, they can fast track the approval. Dawkins says it’s about what’s best for him and the league over Culhane’s wants and needs. But Culhane isn’t backing down.

Culhane meets with Jeff who tells him that selling the team is a good idea. Culhane, however, is in a bind because he doesn’t want to sell out. He wants to keep the team Black owned. They conjure up a plan to take Dawkins down.

Anders visits Fallon at work, giving her the Carrington family planner which has scheduled events that she will need to attend. Because Fallon is the head of the family now, Blake has bestowed the duties to Fallon. Anders offers to split the duties between Fallon and Adam but Fallon quickly shuts him down, saying if Blake did it, so can she. Her first event ends up being a library dedication.

Blake is at La Mirage catching up with Anders and ordering food for himself. Blake says now that Fallon is taken care of, they can focus on the real issue at hand: keeping Father Caleb away from Cristal for good. They just need to remind him how much he means to the clergy, because he has yet to leave the church.

Elsewhere, Caleb and Cristal are having a conversation and Caleb reassures her that yes, he still is leaving the church. He tells her he owes it to the church to leave the right way.

At the library, Fallon is dedicating the children’s section. A kid, Tommy, asks if her name is Fallon Carrington, and she says yes and asks if he wants an autograph. He claims his father told him she wouldn’t show up to the dedication, and that the Carringtons use to be a powerful family, but it fell apart and she should be embarrassed to show her face now. When asked if his father is there so she can have a chat with him, he continues grilling her about Carrington Atlantic, the dead bodies in the lake like Trixie Tate, and about her parents Alexis and Blake. She gets fed up, telling him if he doesn’t stop making baseless accusations she’ll sue him, his dad, and she’ll take his dog too.

Culhane is talking to Sam, who he has chosen as a prospect to “buy” the team. He has an entire plan set in place to catch Dawkins. Sam wants to know what his backstory is, because it doesn’t seem like he’s doing it for the money, more so he loves the game.

Fallon is back at Fallon Unlimited, and everything that happened is already all over the news. Smartverse canceled their meeting, but they were brought back on the line. Fallon answers, but Cathy at Smartverse says their values don’t line up and cuts her off. Fallon needs to get ahold of the Carrington planner so she can fix this, and she doesn’t want Tommy to be right.

Meanwhile, Dominique is livid, asshe doesn’t want to give up a portion of her diamond rights up to Alexis. Jeff needs to speak to Dominique right away, but the two of them won’t stop bickering. Finally he blurts out that his grandma passed away. She wants to know how that can be when she just called her earlier that morning, and when Jeff asked how she sounded, she tells him she didn’t take the call. She was going to call her back. Jeff lets her know he will take care of the funeral and the arrangements, but Dominique says she can handle it.

Elsewhere, Sam is in his meeting with Dawkins, and Dawkins says there are already a few offers, but Sam wants to know what he has to do to make his offer stand out. Dawkins says that maybe they’ll be able to come up with something that is mutually beneficial, because he’s not in it for the money either, and strokes Sam’s face. He asks Sam to set a suite up for them for that Friday so they can “discuss details” then. Clearly Sam is uncomfortable but agrees anyway, before downing the rest of his drink. Culhane rushes over, wondering if Sam had gotten anything out of him, to which he says he’s pretty sure he can get the team, if he sleeps with Dawkins.

Fallon is at the hospital questioning Adam about what the Carrington Medical Research Institute is. He gives her all the information she needs before taking her into the pitch room.

Cristal confronts Blake, asking him why he felt it was okay to threaten Caleb. She says sometimes she hardly recognizes him nowadays. Blake said he was desperate and he’s sorry for what he did, but he’s not sorry for trying to get the woman he loves back.

Instead of listening to the other pitches, Fallon grants the participants with the necessary funding they need. Adam asks her what she’s doing, but she says she’s just “letting the white coat people handle the white coat stuff.”

Dominique is planning the arrangements and Jeff says all of the things she is suggesting her mother would have hated, and he’s not going to let her give her a funeral she wouldn’t have wanted. The two of them get into a heated argument, and she kicks Jeff out.

Fallon is late to a meeting back at Fallon Unlimited because her driver isn’t taking her advice. She tells Martina to have them leave the reports and they’ll reconvene in the morning. After hanging up, she gets the driver’s attention and tells him to get out, because she’s going to drive.

Father Caleb has just ended a sermon which Blake attended. Blake says it was excellent and really made him think. But he’s not getting off so fast, because Caleb wants to know why he was there. He apologizes for his threats, but Caleb says he’s only probably there because Cristal told him to apologize, and he’s not welcome in his church.

The conversation is cut short and Blake leaves, smirking. Caleb calls Cristal letting her know he can’t make it to their meeting, but he will call when he can.

Fallon leaves her team to brainstorm as she continues her duties, this time donating to the library, the senior pet care, and another charity.

Sam says he has a new plan. He’s not going to sleep with Dawkins, but he can do stripping. Culhane tells him that’s not a good idea, but Sam says that Ryan gave him a crash course, and Culhane says if he’s going to do it then he needs to be next door just in case something happens.

Monica has returned to Atlanta for the funeral. Dominique shows her a few of the things she found when going through her stuff and asks Monica if she knew she was into fashion design. Monica asks if she’s being serious, because that’s her grandmother's lookbook and she was always designing.

Fallon is once again having problems. First, Alexis reveals that now that she has money, she is no longer working on her Aunt Alexis podcast, so Fallon has no way of getting Fallon Unlimited back in the game. Second, Adam walks in angrily because she awarded five grants and they don’t even have space for one, so now he has to go back and tell them she was kidding. And when she says she needs to talk to her team, Anders reminds her she let them go.

Sam is in the suite with Dawkins, who requires him to turn off his phone before they discuss anything. Dawkins is visibly making Sam uncomfortable, but slips in a nugget about a five percent tax, and Sam says that’s a little high. Dawkins tells him it was going to be 10, if they weren’t going to sleep together. His approval has a price. Sam notes it’s basically a bribe, but Dawkins says it’s a down payment on his commitment.

Dawkins tries to make a move on Sam, but luckily the phone rings and Sam rushes over to answer Culhane. Culhane knows he said the code word, “Olivia Newton John,” and tells him he needs to get out of there. Sam quickly makes up an excuse but Dawkins isn’t done trying.

Dominique is giving the eulogy at the funeral and goes into thanking her mother for raising Jeff and Monica when she left. She wants them to know that she never wants this to be them when they lay her to rest one day, regretting that they never really knew each other.

Fallon is giving the Fallon Unlimited state of the company address. As she goes into talking about how the company is a family, she begins thinking about her own family. She cuts the speech short telling everyone she missed the funeral because she chose to do the address instead, thinking it was more important, but she was wrong.

Fallon shows up to the wake and her and Monica embrace. Monica asks her what happened to her presentation, and Fallon says she cut it short, because she should have been at the funeral.

Caleb brings Cristal a salad, but Cristal’s mind seems elsewhere. She asks how his meeting with the bishop went, and he says he was offered a raise and a promotion but he wanted to talk it through with her first. Cristal doesn’t think she can go through with their relationship anymore because she knows how passionate he is about his job, and she doesn’t want to be the one to take that away from him.

Dominique and Monica are rekindling their mother daughter relationship, and she tells Jeff she’s heading back to New York with Monica for awhile to catch up. Jeff says he needs to figure out the person he wants to be before he can deal with the person he wants her to be.

Culhane is at the office where he runs into Dawkins, who hands him a page of talking points before their meeting with potential buyers. Culhane crumbles it up, saying he doesn’t need it because neither Sam nor Dawkins’ golfing buddies will be buying the team. Dawkins says he can ruin him in minutes, but Culhane pulls out the recording and plays it. Culhane tells him his own talking points. He has a list of Black businessmen willing to buy the team, and Dawkins will be signing off on it, and the gambling ring is going to stop before he announces his retirement.

Fallon and Blake are sharing a toast, because Smartverse had a change of heart that pushed the sale through. Fallon tells him she needs someone to help run Fallon Unlimited with her, and Blake agrees to do it. Blake says he has a list of ideas for the company and Fallon already has the face of regret.



Guest Starring


  • Kelsey Scott as Martina
  • Marissa Chanel Huampton as Debbie
  • Chris Mayers as Kevin
  • Michael Burgess as Bishop
  • Garrett Hines as Jeremy
  • Rez Geiger as Tommy

Notes and Spoilers


  • Granny's name is finally revealed in this episode to be Lo.
    • Lo's fashion designing is a homage to her original series counterpart Laura Matthews who was dressmaker for the Carrington family.


Anders: Now it's your time to put the care in Carrington.
Fallon: Please never say that again.

Dominique (to Jeff): One second, your ex-wife is extorting me. You know the feeling.

Cristal: You threatened to hurt a priest?
Blake: Doesn't sound like something I would do.