My Hangover's Arrived
Season 3, Episode 20
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Air date May 8, 2020
Written by Francisca X. Hu
Directed by Gina Lamar
Viewers 0.37 million (370,000)[1]
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It's really hard to trust anyone when you're a Carrington. And it's even harder to let yourself love sometimes. But you pushed past all my defenses. You're the only one I want to talk to and be with when the going gets tough. So... would you please come back?
— Blake's voicemail for Cristal

My Hangover's Arrived is the twentieth and final episode of the third season and the sixty-fourth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on May 8, 2020.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which in turn caused production to shut down indefinitely, this episode served as the unintended third season finale.


SEASON FINALE - In the season finale, it's time for Fallon's surprise Bachelorette Party and things go exactly as one would expect... in the world of Carrington. [2]

Plot Summary


Fallon talks to Kirby about discovering that Liam went to Moldavia to rescue Blake. She is upset that Liam didn’t trust her enough to tell her about the kidnapping. She thinks this means he doesn’t think she can handle adult things. Kirby is thankful that no one told her since she would have been a wreck. Fallon agrees that Kirby would have been a wreck, but Fallon also reminds Kirby that she’s been dealing with this kind of thing since she was a baby. Kirby defends Liam and the boys which annoy Fallon greatly. She changes the subject to the prenup she’s having her lawyers draw up to ensure that Liam treats her as a fair partner. Kirby doesn’t think that will go over very well. Fallon bans the topic of Liam until after their retail shopping therapy. Kirby gets a text and lies about forgetting her sunglasses and goes upstairs. Fallon goes outside just as a sack is put over her head and a man tells her not to say anything.

Kirby talks to Liam on the phone thanking him for the flowers. Anders hears her on the phone and asks if she’s talking to someone. She asks him no to pressure her and he agrees not too. She walks off as she has a plane to catch.

At the Colby home, Alexis and Adam have a meeting about their battle against Blake. Alexis thinks they’re out of moves, but Adam tells her that Blake has named him in second-in-command at Carrington Atlantic. While they can’t kick Blake out of the company, they can destroy it from the inside. Adam asks if she still has connections at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

On a plane, Fallon tells her captor that they won’t get away with this as she will kill them. Sam tells her to stop being dramatic as this is the perfect way to start a bachelorette party. Fallon asks why her assistant, Allison, is there, to which Sam states that Allison is there as a babysitter. Someone needs to make sure they don’t shave their heads or do anything rash. Cristal boards the plane and explains to a less-than-eager Fallon that she will stay out of her way. She just needs to get away for a few days to blow off steam. Sam notes that Cristal was even chewing sadly when he saw her at La Mirage.

At the Manor, Blake tells Adam that he understands why Cristal left. Adam feigns concern for Blake’s well-being. Blake explains that the tankers are at a refinery, and he’s going to host a press conference to announce he’s back at the helm of CA. Anders interrupts with both good and bad news. The bad news is that someone leaked to the press that Blake stole oil from Moldavia and now the department of energy has launched an investigation into misconduct. Blake thinks it’s insane as it isn’t his fault Laura Van Kirk set him up. Adam agrees that just because the King decided to nationalize oil doesn’t mean they can take what CA has already paid for. Until the energy department agrees with the Carrington’s, all CA assets have been frozen. Blake decides to turn to his friends in high places to squash the investigation.

Sam, Kirby, Fallon, Cristal, and Allison arrive at Fallon’s bachelorette headquarters in New Orleans. They have 24 butler service, on-call masseuse, and in true New Orleans fashion, a witch who also dubs as a bartender. Everyone decides to go crazy with their drinking by making them extra strong. Sam tells Allison that she isn’t supposed to drink since she’s chaperoning. Before they get started, Fallon lays out some ground rules: no strip clubs, blow-up dolls, bachelorette sashes, and no photos. They toast to an untacky night to remember.

The next morning, they wake up to the sound of a phone ringing. Everyone is wearing different clothes. The headquarters is completely trashed with ribbons, clothes, confetti, and several empty glasses. Sam wakes up to a snake crawling over him and begins to scream as he climbs on a chair. He grips his head in pain. Cristal wakes up on the couch with a black eye. Kirby asks Cristal what happened but she can’t remember. Kirby realizes she’s in a stranger’s dress to which Sam asks where she got the diamond necklace. Fallon flails away with a blowup doll on top of her. She answers the phone and then drops it when she realizes her engagement ring is gone. She realizes there is a paper on her chest that is of a marriage certificate. She assumes she got married to someone who wasn’t Liam.

Fallon doesn’t know what she’s going to do as this is not good. Kirby agrees that it isn’t. Sam complains about his head hurting to which Fallon mocks him then slaps his head, angrily telling him that no one gets to rest until they figure out what happened. Sam thinks they had reservations at Antwon’s, but Kirby and Cristal don’t remember eating. Sam needs his phone as the entire itinerary was in there, and asks someone to call it. The group quickly realizes that all of their phones are missing. Kirby can’t find her purse and Sam can’t find his wallet. Fallon, on the verge of crying, thinks it’s a stiff psychological joke. Sam pulls out a bachelorette sash from under the dresses and Fallon exclaims that she told him no sashes. The sash has the name of a bar on it.

Alexis comes home to find the maid, who tries to warn her that Jeff is in the middle of something. She walks into the room and catches Jeff in bed with someone. She chastises him for not putting a sock on the door or anything. He asks her to give them a minute and she closes the door. She stands outside clearly bothered by it.

Blake meets with Anders to talk about the press conference. He wants a complete profile on Adam as an attempt to humanize him in the eyes of the media. Adam enters just as Anders is leaving. He doesn’t think Blake’s plan, which he assumes has something to do bribery and/or blackmail, is a bad idea. Blake is just calling in a favor, but Adam thinks someone else should go in case she sets them up. He will call Adam if he needs him. While Blake is pouring them whiskey, Adam sneaks a peek at where Blake is meeting this woman.

At the bar, Fallon tells the bartender that all they have to go on for what happened the night before is this sash. The bartender asks if their serious and if they don’t remember the mechanical bull ride. Sam asks if that is why his thighs are killing him. Cristal explains that the last thing they remember is having drinks in their room. Fallon chimes in by explaining the woman to the bartender, to which he recognizes her as Mistress Delphine. He explains that Delphine is famous for her herbal blends that act very similar to roofies. Fallon glares at Sam for not doing a background check, but at least they know who has their phones and wallets. The bartender does have one phone, and Kirby snatches it as it is hers. Fallon is confused as to how Kirby still has her phone. Kirby admits to being overly attached to it, despite somehow leaving it at the bar. The bartender clarifies that there aren’t any phones allowed on the mechanical bull. There aren’t any pictures because of Fallon’s rule, but they did take a Lyft to Monsieur Reynaud’s.

Jeff and Alexis sit down to discuss what she walked in on. He wants a divorce as their revenge plot failed and CA is back in Blake’s grasp. Alexis tells him that she has a new plan to which Jeff is surprised she still has a plan. He explains that when he met her in Europe he thought he was dying, so revenge made sense. But he has a new liver and a new lease on life, he just wants to move on. He wants to settle down and he likes Mia. Alexis thinks that’s sweet, but they had a deal - one year of married bliss in exchange for her testimony against Blake. Jeff reminds her that the testimony was worthless. He promises to give her a very hefty settlement for terminating their deal early.

Once inside Monsieur Reynaud’s, they ask if the man remembers them from last night, to which the man remarks that they’re a hard group to forget. He asks about the fourth one but Sam tells him Cristal is outside. Fallon asks if a man was with them - probably handsome and husband material. Reynaud doesn’t recall the man but does state that she couldn’t stop talking about her wedding to someone named Scorpio. He then offers to show them the surveillance footage in the hopes they might remember something. Someone keeps trying to call Kirby but she declines the call. The footage shows the group acting like fools and Kirby grabs the necklace. They realize they don’t have any money and ask if they can pay for it tomorrow, but the clerk told them no. The ran out anyway. Fallon apologizes for the robbery but promises to pay him back as soon as they get their things back. The clerk, however, already activated the silent alarm. The group is then arrested.

Blake is intercepted by Anders who has an update on Adam’s childhood in Montana. While they found a cute moment or two, they also found sealed juvenile court records. Blake smirks saying that “boys’ll be boys” and starts to walk off. Anders stops him saying that he pays the premium rates to have those records unsealed. Adam has a history of violent outbursts, especially towards his adoptive mother. Blake doesn’t think that’s anything new considering Adam burned down his vineyard. But Adam is a good son who saved their lives and tells Anders to forget the profile.

Now in prison, Fallon blames Sam for the mess their in but Kirby sides with Sam. The whole mess started because she was mad at Liam despite just saving her dad. Fallon tells her to stop taking Liam’s side, but Kirby exclaims that she’s taking Adam’s side. Sam tells her not to start as this isn’t the time. Kirby admits that they’re seeing each other. Fallon groans in disgust and tells her good luck. She makes a comment about Cristal, who defends herself as the only reason she’s here is to show Fallon that no matter what happens with Blake they can still be friends. Cristal can see Liam’s side now, as Fallon does go overboard on everything. She’s mad at Liam so she marries someone else, she mad at Cristal she ices her out and accuses Fallon of giving her the black eye. They all start arguing and yelling at each other but are interrupted by Culhane who waves at them for the other side of the bars.

Alexis and Mia meet at La Mirage to discuss their relationships with Jeff. Alexis assures Mia that she was merely surprised and they talk about Jeff being a hard man to pin down. Mia wants to make sure that their marriage is platonic so she isn’t stepping on anything, but Alexis assures her it’s fine. She goes to take her hand and knocks her green juice on Mia’s white purse. She apologizes and offers her purse as payment. After some gripping, Mia agrees to take the purse.

Fallon asks Culhane how he knew where they were and he tells her that Kirby called him, because apparently, she won’t contact Liam. Fallon thinks Liam views her as a child he needs to rein in instead of an equal partner, which is why it is all going into the prenup. Culhane assures her Liam doesn’t think that, but if he does, they have to work that out. Kirby interrupts saying that their all good to go and Culhane can leave now. He comments on having his place but then asks about Allison. Fallon’s face falls and she turns to Kirby and they both realize they completely forgot about Allison. Fallon takes Kirby’s phone and calls the unknown number from earlier and Allison answers. Kirby asks how she knew it was Allison, and Fallon remarks that the only person annoying enough to call every hour is Allison. Culhane asks where she is, to which Fallon relays that Allison is in the hospital, but she’s just praying Allison remembers something about her wedding - and that she’s okay, of course.

Blake wants his contact to drop the investigation into CA but she can’t, as this is a high-profile case for them. He reminds her that the more power and influence he has, the more sway he has with getting her that Secretary of Energy spot one day. But that won’t happen if she doesn’t fix this for him. She realizes he makes a good point just as a smoke canister breaks through the window. He pulls her to safety and sees that the label has “Moldavia” written on it.

Olivia thinks Blake has Moldavian terrorists after him and she can’t risk putting her life, career, or family in danger. They have to wait until things cool down then she will help him.

Jeff and Mia hang out in Club Colby and he asks her if she has plans for the next day. As they talk he notices a man sitting at the bar staring at Mia. She remarks on how strong the martinis are and excuses herself to use the bathroom. When Mia is gone the man approaches Jeff saying that he went on a few dates with Mia too. He asks Jeff if she used the Sugar4Hire app too but Jeff doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. The man notes that Mia only dates wealthy guys with expensive tastes, nodding towards her handbag - the one Alexis gave Mia. The man wishes Jeff luck and leaves. Jeff takes out his phone and looks up the website and is surprised to see Mia on the app.

Anders enters Blake’s office looking for a vase. He yells to Tony that he found the vase, and chuckles muttering to himself that only his daughter would use a priceless artifact to house common weeds. As he lifts the vase he notices a sticky note from Adam thanking her for the date. He calls his contact and tells the contact to keep investigating Adam Carrington and to go as deep as possible, then report only to him.

At the Colby house, Jeff asks Alexis if she’s ever heard of Sugar4Hire, to which she asks if it’s a food delivery service. It’s an app that matches young women with rich men to date. Alexis remarks that she’s isn’t that desperate, to which Jeff admits to having found Mia’s profile on the site. He learned that she is a gold digger and only after him for his money. She apologizes for his luck. He remarks on the $20,000 bag Mia was carrying, and that when he asked her about it she made up a crazy story that Alexis gave it to her. Alexis laughs claiming they went for lunch but she wouldn’t even give Fallon that bag, so Mia must have gotten it from one of her sugar daddies. Jeff tells her to drop the act - he’s a tech billionaire, after all. He did a deep background check on Mia before they even went out and that site didn’t pop up. So he hacked into Alexis’ credit card account, which she claims is a violation of privacy, but he knows she won’t call the police. He saw that Alexis bought that bag this morning and asks why she’s trying to ruin his relationship. She emotionally admits that she’s his wife and she likes being Mrs. Colby. It gives her a certain sachet in society and name recognition for her podcast. He’s had enough and is filing for divorce in the morning.

Adam enters Blake’s office to ask him how the meeting went, as he bought whiskey assuming it went well. Blake tells him about the smoke canister but everyone’s fine. Olivia was shaken and upset, but he managed to turn the situation around. Adam is shocked and Blake explains that he asked Walker how her bosses would feel about her working with Moldavians, as it would be very easy to make it seems as though she were getting kickbacks from them to screw over an upstanding American citizen such as himself. This time tomorrow, CA will be back in business and the tankers will be released from the refinery just in time for the press conference.

Allison is eating pudding when Fallon and the group walk in. Fallon demands Allison tells her everything she remembers about the night before including who she married. Allison is confused as she doesn’t remember much. She fell off a mechanical bull and a stranger brought her to the hospital with a concussion. Cristal is surprised they just left Allison hurt, but she tells them not to worry as she broke out of her comfort zone and had a great time. Fallon does feel bad - not just for what she did to Allison, but for lashing out at Liam by getting married to someone else. She does go overboard and emotionally admits to being a child. Sam tells her that they all went overboard last night and it wasn’t just her. Fallon apologizes for yelling at them since they were just trying to be a good bride tribe and good friends. Cristal remarks that it doesn’t matter whose fault it was because they made a lot of good memories. Allison offers to help with the Scorpio situation and asks someone to untie her gown. Cristal helps and everyone turns around to give her privacy. Cristal notices a note written on Allison’s back from Scorpio signed from The Anaconda Club. Kirby tells them it’s a strip club and Fallon emotionally realizes she married a stripper.

Anders visits Alexis at the Colby house. Alexis asks him why he’s there, to which he tells her that he’s discovered their children are dating. He’s been looking into Adam’s past and is worried, as he’s left quite a trail of violence behind him. He knows that Alexis and Adam are close and asks if he’s ever hurt her, to which Alexis scoffs saying Adam is a mama’s boy through and through. She remarks that Adam saved her life when she tripped and fell into the fireplace and burned her face. Anders always wondered about that, as how can one person trip into a fireplace and lay there long enough for their face melt off? He thinks reflexes would have kicked in. She claims her reflexes were slowed by drinking too much wine and that is all there is to the story. Anders pretends to just be an overprotective father and shows himself out.

The group arrives at the Anaconda Club only to be asked to leave by the bouncer, who tells them that they were banned from the club last night. Apparently, Cristal jumped onstage for a lap dance but her face got in the way of a dancer’s elbow. They had to kick the entire group out for rowdiness. Then, they snuck back in and Sam ran away with Andy. Sam claims he would never run away with an Andy, but then asks if Andy is an Anaconda. The bouncer angrily tells them all to leave before he calls the police. Kirby pulls the group back as they can’t get arrested again. Fallon remarks that they need a New Orleans miracle. Allison taps the bouncer on the shoulder then flashes her breasts at him, leaving him stunned for a moment. She grabs his walkie talkie and runs off leaving the group time to sneak in.

Adam fills Alexis in on what happened with his plan to stop Blake, to which Alexis tells him that Blake always manages to win in the end. Alexis thinks it’s time to give up but Adam reminds her that she’s the one who taught him to never give up. Blake would have left Adam to rot in a dungeon just to save CA, he would’ve kept Alexis from her children, which is why they continue to fight for what they want. Adam has a new plan, he just needs her trust and a little money.

Anders pays a nurse at Northend Memorial Hospital to give him all of Alexis’s files from the night she fell into the fire. As he goes through it he notices a piece of information that catches his attention.

The group struggles to determine which of the dancers is Scorpio. The announcer introduces the highlight of the night, Scorpio. He comes out in a full suit and the crowd goes wild. He begins to undress and Fallon notices Scorpio is wearing her engagement ring. Sam tells her they don’t have much time until security comes back, so she has to hurry. She tries to catch his attention but can’t so Kirby shouts for her to get on the stage. She does and dances down the catwalk until she reaches him. Sam cheers Scorpio on while Cristal can’t watch the event. Fallon taps him on the back asking for her ring and turns to leave saying she’ll come back when he’s less busy. He grabs her shoulders and sits her on the chair and dances for her. Sam approves of his moves and she asks if he’s done. Fallon grabs his hand and they exit backstage. Now alone, he admits he was wondering when they would come back. She says that she’s apparently his wife which he finds funny. He didn’t marry Fallon, he married Sam.

Alexis interrupts Jeff getting dressed to tell him that she isn’t ready to give up on their marriage, even if that means being honest about her feelings and showing him the real her. She admits to not liking seeing him with Mia. She thinks there’s something between them and he knows it too. He was the first person to visit her after her accident, he tried to protect her from Adam, and he came to see her when he thought he was dying. If all of that really means nothing then she will give him the divorce. He admits to there being a seed of something between them but if they went there it would get messy. He thinks Alexis is too much to handle for him right now, especially after what she pulled with Mia. Alexis thinks Mia will make him dull as she is uncomplicated and simple. He wants to take the easy, well-paved road but Alexis knows that’s not who Jeff Colby is. She asks him to choose the more interesting choice for his new lease on life - her. A moment passes between them before he kisses her. They continue to kiss and then have sex.

The group goes over the events of last night with Scorpio, who tells them that everyone was wasted - especially Cristal. She assures him she’s not usually like that. In the midst of all the chaos, they left their phones and wallets at the club, which he safely stored for them. They thank him for keeping them safe. Sam asked when he proposed - assuming that he did the proposing. Scorpio assures him that Sam did propose, as he was moved by the story Fallon told about marrying a complete stranger and falling in love. Fallon exclaims that the story is true and is how she met Liam. After proposing, Sam and the group left to go to the store and buy wedding clothes. They returned all decked out and Sam proposed to Scorpio with Fallon’s ring. She can’t believe she let Sam use her engagement ring, to which Scorpio remarks that she did ask for his as collateral. Scorpio and Sam got married at an all-night chapel. Fallon asks for her ring back to which Scorpio does willingly. She remarks how happy she is that they aren’t married as that would be a truly awful thing. The girls say goodbye and leave so Sam and Scorpio can talk. Sam asks if they can get an easy annulment to which Scorpio assures him they can. He then asks if he can call Sam when he’s in Atlanta as last night was fun and he wants to start with a date first. Sam tells Scorpio that while he seems really sweet he’s trying to keep things casual and doesn’t want to settle down. He takes Sam’s phone and puts his number in just in case Sam changes his mind. Sam is relieved his name is Ryan and not Scorpio. Ryan kisses Sam’s cheek and walks off.

Blake delivers his press conference about CA being back in the family. The reporter’s phones chime and they all begin asking about the refinery explosion and how the loss of $500 million dollars will affect CA. Adam pulls Black away while security keeps the press back. Adam tells Blake that the Moldavian oil was tainted and caused an explosion at the refinery. There were no casualties but it will be a nightmare financially and PR-wise. The press is going to be out for blood. Blake tells everyone the press conference is over and there will be no more questions.

Fallon tells Kirby that she was right about the prenup being overboard. She understands how Lima came to make the decision and has decided that she doesn’t need to have all the control in their relationship. Sam finds photos from their first trip to the strip club online and shows them to everyone. Some of the photos were sent by Ryan and shows the duo getting married and being sweet together. Another is of Sam holding Andy, Fallon curled up with a pink bear, and Cristal drunk. Cristal tells Fallon that she meant what she said in jail - that she hopes they can stay friends. Fallon tells her not to worry as she’ll always be her second evil stepmother.

Kirby collapses on her bed just as Anders walks into her room. He knows she’s dating Adam and tells her to stay away from him. He would trust her but he’s worried about her dating Adam. Adam is dangerous and has a history of hurting people, and tells her that Alexis didn’t fall into the fireplace Adam pushed her and burned her on purpose. He calls Adam deranged. Kirby doesn’t believe Alexis since she lied about Kirby burning the manor down just so he’d send her away. Anders apologizes again for sending her away. However, he verified with the hospital records. Alexis claimed she was drunk the night she “fell” but there was no alcohol in her system. She had bruises on her neck and back as if someone had been holding her down. Kirby thinks Anders is the deranged one who is using lies to break them up. She’s done listening to him and leaves.

Alexis and Jeff wake up together and their deal is back on. They decided to take it day by day. She shows Jeff the burning refinery, explaining that Adam bribed the captain to poison the oil with a toxin to make it explode. This is just the beginning, and while he supports her choice but he’s done trying to avenge the past. He wants to enjoy himself so she decides to help him with that too.

Blake calls Cristal and tells her it’s been a really bad day. He’s only been CEO a week and the company is already on the brink financially. He leaves an emotional message on her voicemail about how it’s hard to trust people or let yourself be loved when you’re a Carrington. He asks her to come back.

During the voiceover, Fallon burns her prenup, Sam holds his phone while looking at Ryan, and Cristal takes off her wedding ring.

At the loft, Kirby and Adam talk about Anders not liking that she’s dating Adam. She tells him that Anders thinks he’s dangerous and went on and on with this insane story about how he shoved Alexis into a fireplace. Adam is confused and asks if Alexis told him that, to which she says she doesn’t know. He assures her it is ridiculous and to not even think about it. She’s over it as it’s been a crazy 48 hours and she promised him a good time.

Anders is on an airplane traveling up North. The flight attendant asks if he’s going fly-fishing, but he tells her he’s going hunting.



Guest Starring


  • Nicole Zyana as Allison
  • Shawn Harrison as Monsieur Reynaud
  • Lana Young as Olivia Walker
  • David Flannery as Bartender
  • Liv Crosby as Nurse
  • Eli Everett as Security Guard
  • Jacob Saxton as Man
  • Marcia Harvey as Staffer
  • Bethany Davenport as Reporter
  • Osei Anom as Reporter #2
  • Diana Chiritescu as Flight Attendant



  • This episode unexpectedly became the season finale when production shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The cast and crew were in the middle of their final day of filming "My Hangover's Arrived" when the order to shut down production arrived.[3]
  • According to Elizabeth Gillies, "there is no finale at this juncture, and there is no episode before the finale,” she added. “It ends in a very weird place. I don’t know what that means for Netflix or for anything, but I know we’re not the only show experiencing this.” She also added that "It certainly shouldn’t end on the episode we finished, because it’s just really random and nothing’s resolved. I apologize if it does."[3]
  • The final scene filmed was in a dubbed strip club with over two-hundred extras.
  • This is one of Rafael de La Fuente's favorite episodes.
  • There were two snakes that were used when everyone woke up in the hotel room the next day. The one that went over Sam was not real, but the one that went around the corner was real. [4]
  • Fallon's bachelorette party pays homage to the famous comedy film, The Hangover.
  • The episode is called the 'finale' (in airquotes) and the accidental finale by the cast as it was not going to be the actual finale of the season.
    • According to Daniella Alonso, if they had to end at an episode which was not the finale, it would be this one.
  • Daniella found out she was pregnant while filming this episode.


Fallon: "The Anaconda Club?"
Sam: Why does that sound familiar?
Kirby: It's a strip club.
Fallon: Oh, come on. I married a stripper?

Ryan: We got married at an all-night chapel. 
Sam: Wow. Blackout me is leaving sober me speechless.

Kirby: No, no, um, it's actually pretty bad. At least Britney Spears knew who she was marrying in Vegas. 
Fallon: Remind me not to invite you to my next bachelorette party.

Jeff: Don't you ever run out of plans?
Alexis: No.

Kirby:Hey Fallon, I have a new name for you- Felon Carrington






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