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Company called Windbriar... Heard of it? With Jeff's backing I will be chief executive officer of Carrington Windbriar. My own company, my name... and your new competition.
— Fallon to Blake

Morell Green Energy Corporation, formerly Carrington-Windbriar is a company founded by Fallon Carrington with the financial support of Jeff Colby. It was formed when Fallon and Jeff put in motion the deal to acquire Windbriar Energy while the company's value was low due to over-expanding and losing a billion in assets. Patricia de Vilbis was given the company after Fallon sold it. However, Peter de Vilbis sells it back to Fallon when she and Jeff expose that Patty has been greenwashing,


After setting their sights on branding the company with the Carrington family name, Blake Carrington sent a cease and desist letter to Fallon causing her to change the name of the company to something that represented her uniquely, her middle name.

Fallon and Jeff then set out to get the support of the Atlanta State Government, where one of Fallon's high school classmates, Kori Rucks had a job. However, Fallon didn't recognize her and mistook her for an assistant, leaving Kori unwilling to help and bitter. Jeff later tried to turn her around by getting Fallon a second chance with Kori, but Fallon blew the deal. The government funding was later given to a third party company due to Fallon's bad timing, and both Carrington Atlantic and Morell Corporation lost the deal.


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  • Morell is Alexis Carrington's maiden name and Fallon Carrington's middle name.
  • The company is absorbed by Carrington Atlantic when Blake named his daughter Fallon COO of his holdings.