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Monica Colby is a recurring character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Wakeema Hollis.


Monica is Jeff's sister and Fallon's best friend since High School.

When Fallon begins dating Jeff, Monica feels jealous of her best friend stealing her brother and they become rivals. As a revenge against Fallon, Monica has a brief affair with Michael Culhane but they finally settle their differences and become friends again.

When her father is released from jail after eleven years, Monica agrees to help him and Jeff to get revenge against the Carringtons but has scruples using Fallon's feelings.

After Fallon finally wins a battle by annuling her marriage with Jeff, Monica chooses to take her distances with her brother and becomes the guardian of their father, who is still in probation.

When she learns that she is a Carrington, Monica changes her mind. She realizes that she loves money and teams up with Jeff to force a sale of Carrington Atlantic.


Season 1: (16/22)

Season 2 (11/22)


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  • In the original series, Jeff had a half-sister named Monica while her friendship with Fallon was not developed at all.
  • Her name is confirmed to be Monica and not Monique.[3]
    • During the girl's party with Fallon, Monica says in French : "Je m'appelle Monique" ("I am called Monique"). Monique was the misspelled name used for the character when the series was launched and also fitting since the party was French Theme.
  • To date, Monica is the recurring character with the most appearances, capping season 1 with 16 out of the 22 episodes and season 2 with 11 out off the 22 episodes, making a total of 27 episodes. In fact, Monica has appeared in more episodes than series regulars: Alexis Carrington, Cristal Carrington, Cristal Jennings, Kirby Anders, and Adam Carrington.
  • On July 9, 2019 Liz confirmed Wakeema's appearance in Season 3 with a picture of the two she posted on her twitter. [4]




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