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Michael Laurence Culhane is a main character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Robert Christopher Riley.

The former chauffeur to Blake Carrington, he had an on and off again relationship and brief engagement to Fallon Carrington. He currently finds himself working with Blake in various business opportunities, including Blake's purchase of a soccer team, The Atlantix. He has since become the majority shareholder and owner of The Atlantix.


Michael is the son of Luella and James Culhane and the older brother of Evie. He received a football scholarship for college but his football career ended suddenly. Micahel was still determined to graduate, and his parents wanted him to succeed. James took out a second mortgage and got another job to help support Michael through college. Michael graduated with decent grades but didn't find a job suitable enough that would make his parents proud.

Culhane somehow became employed by multi-millionaire Blake Carrington as his driver. Michael knew his parents would disapprove of him being employed under a rich white family. He then lied to his parents about his real function in the Carrington empire, making them believe he was a vice president of CA. During his time with the Carrington's, Culhane began a passionate love affair with Blake's daughter, Fallon.

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Michael is a strong-willed man who has a sense of morality that used to be manipulated by Fallon and the Carrington family. He is loyal to those he views as friends and family.


Fallon Carrington

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At the beginning of the series, their relationship was mostly physical. Fallon eventually reciprocated his romantic feelings. However, she used him for her gain and her friendship with Jeff Colby, made Culhane jealous and they broke up. They remained friends until they repaired their relationship and began dating again. They were engaged and planned their wedding. When Fallon learned that Michael was lying to her about the Ada Stone situation, she ended their relationship for good.


Vanessa and Culhane were instantly attracted to each other upon her arrival to Atlanta. They brought out each other's playful and energetic sides. Things became complicated between the pair when he discovered she is Dominique Deveraux's stepdaughter. Dom blackmailed Culhane into ending their relationship, however, they had an off and on relationship after that. When she left for New York to pursue her music they fell out of contact when Dom, yet again, intervened and deleted Culhane's text messages to her. Culhane's one-night-stand and illegally recorded sex tape with Dominique created a rift between Culhane and Vanessa. When Vanessa secured a reality TV show deal with Dom, she agreed to use Culhane to entice viewers.




  • In the original series, Michael was a womanizer and manipulator, using women for his reasons. In the reboot, he is very loyal to the Carrington family until he realized that Blake was responsible for his father's death. 
    • In the original series, Michael and Fallon have a relationship but once they broke up they never got back together unlike the reboot.
  • Culhane's favorite food is chocolate ganache. ("A Line From the Past")
  • Culhane has majored in Business. ("A Public Forum for Her Lies")