Michael Culhane is a main character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Robert Christopher Riley.

The former chauffeur to Blake Carrington, he had an on/off relationship and brief engagement to Fallon Carrington. He currently finds himself working with Blake in various business opportunities, including Blake's purchase of a soccer team.


Michael is the son of Luella and James Culhane. He was on a football scholarship in college until his football career ended still determined to graduate his dad took out a second mortgage and another job. Michael graduated with decent grades, but didn't find a job suitable enough that would make his parents proud. He somehow ended up employed by Blake, but knowing his parents would disapprove of his job since he's employed under a rich white family he lied to his parents about in real function in the Carrington empire making them believe he is a vice president of CA.

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Season 1

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  • In the original series, Michael was a womanizer and manipulator, using women for his reasons. In the reboot, he is very loyal to the Carrington family
  • In the original series, Michael and Fallon have a relationship but once they broke up they never got back together unlike the reboot.



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