Michael Culhane is a main character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Robert Christopher Riley. He is the former chauffeur for Carrington Atlantic, and specifically for the Carrington family. He then served as the Vice President of Community Outreach for Carrington Atlantic before Blake Carrington fired him.


Michael is the son of Luella and James Culhane. He was on a football scholarship in college until his football career ended still determined to graduate his dad took out a second mortgage and another job. Michael graduated with decent grades, but didn't find a job suitable enough that would make his parents proud. He somehow ended up employed by Blake, but knowing his parents would disapprove of his job since he's employed under a rich white family he lied to his parents about in real function in the Carrington empire making them believe he is a vice president of Carrington Atlantic.


Fallon-Michael relationship

In the beginning, Fallon arrives to Atlanta to see her father Blake. At the airport she meets up with Michael. Their relationship is considered sexual but easygoing in most episodes, but Michael breaks it off.

In A Taste of Your Own Medicine, they reconciled over sharing pie.

In I Answer to No Man, Michael discovered that Blake Carrington was aware of his four-year relationship with Fallon. Blake has always appreciated him and has nothing wrong to say about this situation.

The season 2 premiere Fallon accepts Michael's proposal and the two are now engaged.


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