Matthew Blaisdel was a recurring character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He first appeared and was subsequently killed in the Pilot of the series. He was portrayed by Nick Wechsler.


While Cristal Flores and Blake Carrington were engaged to be married, Cristal met Matthew in his car and they ended up kissing, which Fallon had Michael photograph and sent to Blake. As a result, Blake offered Matthew a large amount of money to re-locate to China and stay away from their family, but he refused, saying no amount of money could make him leave behind the people he loves. He was later killed by a mysterious explosion while working for Carrington Atlantic on land purchased by Jeff and Fallon, but with machinery operated by Carrington Atlantic. 

Matthew's murder was then pinned on Willy Santiago by Stansfield in an effort to "close the case" as to not incriminate himself for stealing Matthew's cell phone from evidence, but during the Carringtons' Thanksgiving dinner, it is revealed that his wife, Claudia Blaisdel, killed him after finding out he'd had an affair and faked her brain damage.

When Claudia was in the mental institution, it appeared to be that Matthew was alive as he appeared to her and helped her escape.[1] However, it was soon revealed in Dead Scratch that Matthew’s presence was all part of Claudia’s hallucinations, and he wasn’t actually there. While Claudia saw Matthew standing in front of Cristal, he wasn't actually there. He faded away when she shot at him and it was revealed she unintentionally had shot Cristal.

Appearances 5/22

Season 1 (5/22)



  • In the original series, Matthew was presumed dead in the second season before  he returned as alive with a scar on his face in the seventh season finale and being killed in the season eighth premiere.
  • Despite dying in the series premiere, he has reappeared in flashbacks,  a videotape(s) and/or hallucinations. 
  • His son was named after him.  


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