Jack "Liam" Ridley-Lowden is a recurring character in the television series Dynasty on The CW and is portrayed by Adam Huber. He first appeared in the fifteenth episode of the first season, as Sam's fake date to Fallon's wedding, but was later revealed as also being her fake husband. 


Introduced as a friend of Fallon's, Liam is initially Sam's "date" for her wedding with Jeff Colby. However, he is later revealed to be Fallon's husband, whom she married the day before her wedding, as part of her plan to avoid actually marrying Jeff.

After their wedding, Fallon and Jeff are shown signing contracts giving a 25% share of Carrington Atlantic to Jeff and a 25% share of ColbyCo along with full ownership of Morell Corp. to Fallon.

Unlike Fallon, Jeff didn't think of adding a wedding clause to the contracts and that eventually proves to be Fallon's way out of their marriage. Thanks to her wedding with Liam annulling Jeff's, as bigamy is illegal in Georgia, Fallon keeps her Carrington shares, but also gets to keep Morell Corp and the 25% from ColbyCo.

The next day, Fallon makes arrangements with Liam for the annulment of their marriage and also gives him his paycheck for the whole pretending-to-be-married act. Jeff publicly accuses her of fraud during their own marriage, and that makes Liam and Fallon agree to stay married longer than expected, until the scandal calms down.

Liam is at Fallon's side during her Grandpa's funeral, where some people recognize him and call him "Jack". He also denies being the son of a certain couple, Laura and John.

During their time playing perfect newlyweds, Fallon and Liam become closer and they start dating. At the La Perla party in Use or Be Used, Fallon's mother, Alexis Carrington, discovers that he is an author named Jack Lowden, who writes a scandalous book about a rich dysfunctional family. Believing he is writing about the Carringtons, Fallon breaks up with him. Before the episode ends, he reveals to Alexis that his book is about his own rich family, which is just as dysfunctional as hers. He gives her the only copy of his finished manuscript and then he leaves, saying he hopes that one day Fallon will give him another chance. However, Alexis burns the pages before Fallon can find out the truth and Liam deciding to return to his family.

In the season one finale, Liam attends Sam and Steven's wedding and reveals to Fallon that he actually wrote about his own family, the Van Kirks. He also confesses that he's fallen in love with her.




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