Fallon, I'm not doing this to blow up your world, I'm doing this because I remember my world won't be the same without you in it. Most importantly, I remember I was in love with you.
— Liam to Fallon ("A Used Up Memory")

Jack Liam Ridley-Lowden (alias Johnny Southside) is a main character in the television series Dynasty on The CW and is portrayed by Adam Huber.

He first appeared in the fifteenth episode of the first season, as Sam's fake date to Fallon's wedding, but was later revealed as also being Fallon's "husband" in a convoluted plan concocted by Fallon to circumvent the Colbys' attempt for revenge on the Carringtons. However, Fallon and Liam's relationship does not end after their fake marriage fulfills its purpose, and after a series of ups and downs, Fallon and Liam realize their love for each other, though hurdles between their love are never-ending. They are currently in a serious relationship.


Jack Liam Ridley-Lowden was born to John and Laura Van Kirk in Atlanta, Georgia. He aspired to be a writer from a young age and never fit in with the Van Kirk way of life. While studying abroad in high school, he had a relationship with fellow student Heidi. Their relationship was on the rocks when they returned home. Now, seniors, Heidi had a secret affair with Liam's father which resulted in her pregnancy. Laura Van Kirk thought it would be best if Liam thought he was the father - to protect everyone involved. Liam's family thought the best thing to do would be to have the child but give the baby up for adoption. He agreed and never had any connection to the birth mother or the child since. However, unknown to him, she kept the baby and named him Connor. ("Is The Next Surgery on The House?")

After the death of Liam's father, his mother suffered a mental breakdown which triggered her berating him and trying to make him perfect. ("The Butler Did It")

He eventually estranged himself from the family and changed his name to "Liam Ridley", as a way of distancing himself from the lifestyle he disagreed with. His childhood was riddled with his mother trying to manipulate him into doing things he wasn't interested in, and a slew of family drama and dynasties. He dated Ashley Cunningham for two years before they broke up. As a Van Kirk, he still has his birthright to the dynasty one day.

Throughout the Series

Our Turn Now

Liam is introduced as a friend of Fallon's, Liam is initially Sam's "date" for her wedding with Jeff Colby. However, he is later revealed to be Fallon's husband, whom she married the day before her wedding, as part of her plan to avoid marrying Jeff. After their wedding, Fallon and Jeff are shown signing contracts giving a 25% share of Carrington Atlantic to Jeff and a 25% share of ColbyCo along with full ownership of Morell Corp to Fallon.

Unlike Fallon, Jeff didn't think of adding a wedding clause to the contracts and that eventually proves to be Fallon's way out of their marriage. Thanks to her wedding with Liam annulling Jeff's, as bigamy is illegal in Georgia, Fallon keeps her Carrington shares but also gets to keep Morell Corp and the 25% from ColbyCo.

The next day, Fallon makes arrangements with Liam for the annulment of their marriage and also gives him his paycheck for the whole pretending-to-be-married act. Jeff publicly accuses her of fraud during their marriage, and that makes Liam and Fallon agree to stay married longer than expected until the scandal calms down.

Poor Little Rich Girl

Liam is at Fallon's side during her Grandpa's funeral, where some people recognize him and call him "Jack". He also denies being the son of a certain couple, Laura and John. During their time playing perfect newlyweds, Fallon and Liam become closer and they started dating.

Use or Be Used

At the La Perla party, Fallon's mother, Alexis Carrington, discovers that he is an author named Jack Lowden, who writes a scandalous book about a rich dysfunctional family. Believing he is writing about the Carringtons, Fallon breaks up with him. Before the episode ends, he reveals to Alexis that his book is about his own rich family, which is just as dysfunctional as hers. He gives her the only copy of his finished manuscript and then he leaves, saying he hopes that one day Fallon will give him another chance. However, Alexis burns the pages before Fallon can find out the truth and Liam deciding to return to his family.

Dead Scratch

Liam attended Sam and Steven's wedding and revealed to Fallon that he wrote about his own family, the Van Kirks. He also confessed that he had fallen in love with her.

Queen of Cups

The Sight of You

This Illness of Mine

New Lady in Town

Deception, Jealousy, and Lies

Liam discovered that Adam Carrington was having an affair with his mother, Laura Van Kirk. Adam helped Laura fake her cancer diagnosis and admitted everything to him. Liam confronted Adam and threatened him, which provoked Adam and he attacked Liam and hit him over the head with a flowerpot. Liam awakened minutes later, but his head trauma caused him to faint into the Carrington pool.

Guilt Trip to Alaska

Liam remained in a coma per the result of his injuries. When he finally woke up it was apparent instantly that he suffered severe amnesia. He coincidently forgot the last two years of his life, including his relationship with Fallon. He believed that he was still in a relationship with Ashley Cunningham.

Caution Never Won a War

Fallon attempted to sway Liam back to her by using audio and visual cues to jog his memory. Her efforts were thwarted by Laura Van Kirk, which prompted Fallon to sneak him out of the hospital. He had a brief flashback of them meeting outside the courthouse, but couldn't remember anything else. Laura later served Fallon with a restraining order so she couldn't come within one-hundred feet of her. This meant that Fallon wouldn't be able to see Liam while Laura was with him, which Laura assured would be constantly.

Wild Ghost Chase

Adam coldly informed Fallon that as Liam's doctor, he recommended that Laura takes Liam to their family property until he was well again. He also mentioned that wedding bells weren't far off for Liam and Ashley.

Something Desperate

Liam planned his wedding to Ashley and was surprised when Fallon trespassed on his family property to see him. She attempted to give him the manuscript of the book he wrote about her. She dropped the manuscript and was removed by security before she could hand the manuscript to Liam. Later, Sam Jones conned his way into the Van Kirk manor under the guise of a florist. Liam didn't recognize Sam and was surprised when Sam handed him the manuscript. Liam was able to have a brief conversation with Fallon over the phone, which lead to her singing Against the Odds to him over the phone. Liam arrived at the Carrington Manor that night to tell Fallon he called off his engagement to Ashley. He explained that he also decided not to go back to Fallon, as the woman he read about in the book was selfish, callous, and a classic narcissist. He explained that needed to find himself before he could be with anyone.

Mother? I'm at La Mirage

Liam arrived at the Carrington Manor to return some of Fallon's belongings and ask for his things back. Specifically, his passport, which Fallon explained she had because he kept losing it. She also mentioned them planning a trip together, but said she would look for everything later. He called her while she was getting ready for a party at La Mirage to ask if she had a chance to look for his passport. She lied and said she hadn't, although she had gathered a box of his things. That night, she returned everything to him and promised that she was going to move on from him despite still loving him. He told her it would be for the best. As he sorted through the box he was pleased to find his passport, and then picked up a black mask. The mask triggered flashbacks of a night dancing with Fallon and them kissing, and part of his memories with her returned.

A Used Up Memory

Liam continued to experience flashbacks of his relationship with Fallon. The sight of a couple kissing during his morning run triggered a flashback of him and Fallon kissing on the beach. He went to the former Femperial building and asked Fallon to have dinner with him that night. He admitted his memories were starting to come back and she was the only person who could help him sort them out. He couldn't ask Ashley as she was out of his life for good now, and half of the things Ashley told him about herself and the two of them, was really about Fallon. Fallon was hesitant to accept since going down memory lane was painful for her, which Liam understood. He begged her to change her mind and she eventually agreed to one dinner. At dinner, Liam asked her a string of questions about the vacations he thought they took together. None of the vacations turned out obe with Fallon and were really with Ashley. When she called him out on it not being a good idea of a date he admitted that it was an exercise and not a date. This upset her because it was painful for her to keep relieving that pain and heartbreak. Liam didn't realize that she felt as though she were going in circles and she left upset. He got up to leave when Evan Tate stopped him and warned him not to hurt her or Evan would hurt him.

Liam crashed Fallon's press event and alluded to wanting to go back to what they were. They went back and forth before he listed things he remembered about her, like her favorite color, flowers, and that he remembered the things they used to do together. The things she loves like driving in convertibles or the things she hates like bangs. He wasn't proclaiming the truth because he wanted to blow up her world, he was doing it because he knew his world wouldn't be the same without her. He admitted to remembering he was in love with her. She suddenly left the stage and kissed him in front of everyone - including Evan who was on-stage behind her.

The Sensational Blake Carrington Trial

A confrontation with Adam causes Liam to remember that Adam was his attacker and the reason for his memory loss. He, along with Fallon, also learn that Adam has recently been faking his blindness. Liam gets into a physical fight with Adam.

What Sorrows Are You Drowning?

Liam confirms that Kirby has sold the company. Fallon says the only guilty party is her snake of a father. They narrow down where Kirby is, she is in a compound. Kirby enlists Adam to pose as a doctor trying to get a job in the compound, so he can get in and save Kirby.

Battle Lines

Liam and Fallon are staying at La Mirage where they have been having plenty of sex. Liam still can’t believe he saw the day Fallon left the manor and she admits that hotel life has become mundane. He invites her to his place but she doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed as Ashley did and reveals her decision to buy a house. She wants to buy a house for herself as she’s never lived alone and wants to experience it. He thought they were on the path of living together but assures him this is just a stop, not a permanent destination. She asks for his help to which he agrees and they kiss.

Later, they visit a number of open houses together.

Back at the hotel, Fallon and Liam discuss their future, their relationship, and having children. She assures him that if it comes down to Liam or children she chooses him. They decide to see where life takes them before making decisions on children or a house.

You See Most Things in Terms of Black and White

Fallon plans to propose to Liam at dinner that night. Liam begins heading their way so Sam hides the ring in his jacket. Liam comments on their weird behavior and they attempt to cover. She confirms their dinner plans for tonight before he leaves to shower from his workout.

Fallon consorts with the conductor of the music group she hired to perform a song the moment Liam accepts her proposal. She shoos them off when Liam arrives excited about an opportunity to pitch a book idea to one of the most important publishers in the world. Fallon wants to table the topic for a few minutes while they order drinks, but he stops her. The publisher is in London so he has to cancel dinner so he can prepare for his flight tomorrow morning. He asks to borrow the jet and invites her to come with him. She declines but he asks her to think about it before he leaves to pack.

Liam and Fallon meet on the runway at the airport and he comments on her excess luggage. She alludes to maybe needing something to celebrate but covers that she was talking about his book. While he boards the plane she hides the engagement ring in her bra before hurrying to the plane. Once on the plane, Fallon wants to make a toast to Liam and is about to pull the ring out of her bra when he stops her as he has a better idea. He wants to practice his pitch for her. He encourages her to give feedback then starts telling his story. The black and white sequences begin.

Liam’s pitch lasts the whole flight. Fallon liked the idea but recommends postponing it for a few weeks or a year. She elaborates that certain things in the story didn’t make sense.

Fallon returns to the hotel in London where Liam is waiting for her. She begins to mock his book proposal but he says he didn’t go. The truth is the PI had the Peach Diamond the whole time. He lets her into the hotel room where dozens of roses fill the room. She drops her bags in surprise. When she turns around he is down on one knee holding a ring box. The ring is a peach-colored diamond. He asks her to marry him before elaborating that there was never a pitch. He made it all up on the plane to get her to London. He saw her ring the other day and wanted to be the one proposing this time. He knew if she was angry she wouldn’t propose so he pretended she didn’t understand the story. He stands and slides the ring onto her finger, asking her to run away with him until the end of time. She agrees and they kiss.

Liam, Fallon, and Sam celebrate their engagement at La Mirage. Sam reveals he knew that Liam was going to propose so he made sure that Fallon was on the plane to London. Sam is happy for the couple and Fallon promises to never dumb Sam. The trio has a group hug before Fallon leaves to plane the re-engagement party with Sam. Now alone, Liam turns around and freezes when he sees his ex-girlfriend, Heidi. They talk for a moment before she brings up Switzerland and putting their child up for adoption. She looks behind her to a young boy sitting on the couch playing on his tablet. She tells him the boy is their son, Connor, and it’s time that Connor meets his father.

That Wicked Stepmother

Fallon and Sam are planning her engagement party which will be held at La Mirage. Sam wants Fallon to make more choices but she insists they wait for Liam. Liam texts Fallon and tells her he can’t make it which sparks Alexis to chime in on their relationship. Sam becomes aggravated and leaves. Alexis attempts to give Fallon advice and reminds her to keep things spicy, especially since their engaged now.

Liam comes home to find Fallon in a sexy black outfit and remarks he should have called first. Heidi arrives and is shocked when she sees Fallon, who thinks the situation is very different and remarks that while this isn’t what she planned she’s okay with it. Liam introduces the women and Fallon tries to cover herself up with her arms. Connor arrives in the room but Heidi covers his eyes and Fallon quickly uses a pillow to cover herself. Liam introduces Fallon to his son, Connor.

Later, Fallon and Liam return to their room and are surprised when Connor is waiting in the hall with his backpack and a game. Heidi left a note saying that she had sacrificed so much to be a parent, loves Connor, but it’s his turn to be a parent now. She asks for forgiveness and for him to look after their son. With Heidi gone, and having fled Atlanta and abandoned her son, Liam and Fallon have been promoted parentally against their will.

Up A Tree

She Cancelled...

Robin Hood Rescues

My Hangover's Arrived


Fallon Carrington

Main article: Fallon-Liam relationship

Knowing Jeff's sinister plan to take Carrington Atlantic away from Blake, Fallon enlists Liam, then a stranger, to marry her. The marriage prevented Fallon and Jeff's from being legitimate. To keep up appearances, Fallon and Liam pretend to be together for a few weeks per their contract. However, their relationship became a romantic one when Liam fell in love with Fallon. He asked her out on a date in Use or Be Used, but Fallon stood him up to confront Michael after she learned of his father's illness. She rejected Liam and decided to pursue a relationship with Michael, angry to learn Liam was not just a writer, but apart of the Van Kirk clan as well.

To sell CA to the Van Kirks, Fallon and Liam pretended once again to be married in "Twenty-Three Skidoo." She remained loyal to Michael but questioned her feelings, so she decided to end their charade by hosting a divorce party. ("Queen of Cups") Liam and Fallon shared a last kiss that sparked their passions, but she spurned him for Michael and cut her communications with him. Just as Liam began to move on with formal flame Ashley, Fallon buckled under the weight of Michael's lies and admitted her feelings for Liam. She attempted to recapture his attention but he rejected her for her behavior. ("The Sight of You") Fallon later purchased a publishing company in "How Two-Faced Can You Get?" but to her surprise, the company was selling Liam's book, resulting in an emotionally-charged feud. Fallon reads Liam's book, which isn't the Van Kirk novel he was working on in season one, but about Fallon. Near the end of the episode, "Life Is a Masquerade Party," they finally became a couple, and in "Thicker Than Money," Liam proposes.

After being assaulted in "Deception, Jealousy, and Lies," Liam suffered from a head injury resulting in retrograde amnesia. When Liam wakes up in the hospital, he doesn't recognize Fallon. ("Guilt Trip to Alaska") She attempts to jog his memory with artifacts from their past dates to no avail. Laura Van Kirk continuously thwarts her, finally accumulating in a restraining order against Fallon and betrothing Liam to Ashley. Fallon sends Sam to give Liam his original manuscript that details their relationship in "Something Desperate." Liam decides to not go through with his wedding to Ashley but is also disgusted by the girl depicted in the manuscript, and can't be with Fallon either.

Ashley Cunningham

Ashley is Liam's ex-girlfriend that he dated before he met Fallon. Ashley and Liam were in love and planned to get married before Liam called it off.



  • When Liam was eight, his mother left him alone on a mountain in Aspen for twelve hours, because she forgot he was with her. ("The Butler Did It")
  • Liam Ridley is by far the only series regular not to be a character from the original Dynasty series.
  • During the 2005 hunting season, Liam's father shot his dachshund Layla because he thought she was a fox. ("The Butler Did It")
  • In You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad, Fallon mistakes Kelly & Donna to be his favorite band, but in reality, Liam's favorite band is The Kelly Sisters, with the song "Lovelorn" being  his favorite from their repertoire.
  • Liam was originally meant to appear only in 2-3 episodes of the first season.



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