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Laura Van Kirk (previously Lowden) was a recurring character and recurring antagonist in the television series Dynasty on The CW. She first appeared in the third episode of the second season. She is portrayed by Sharon Lawrence.

Laura is Liam’s well-bred, erudite mother who is so overpowering and manipulative that she puts Fallon’s mother, Alexis, to shame.


Laura Van Kirk was born into a wealthy family of high social status. She married an equally powerful millionaire, John Lowden. They had two children together, a daughter and a son named Liam Ridley.

Eighteen-years later, Liam's high school girlfriend, Heidi, had a secret affair with John which resulted in her pregnancy. Laura thought it would be best if Liam thought he was the father - to protect everyone involved. She convinced everyone that Heidi should have the child but give him up for adoption. However, unbeknownst to anyone, Heidi kept the baby and named him Connor. ("Is The Next Surgery on The House?")

After John's death, Laura suffered a mental breakdown which triggered her berating Liam and trying to make every aspect of their lives perfect. ("The Butler Did It") Some years after, Laura remarried with George.


Laura is a sophisticated woman who knows exactly what she wants in life and usually gets it. She comes from a wealthy family and grew up looking down on those who didn't have money or power. She is a perfectionist known for her calm and collected mannerisms. Laura has a way of quietly controlling people and the world around her. She has no qualms telling someone what she thinks and is opinionated, outspoken, and sly.

Laura cares for her son deeply and is capable of love and compassion, but often chooses not to show that vulnerable side of herself. Laura does what is best for herself and her interests above the interests of others. She has no sense of commitment to her husband, George, as she cheated on him with both Landon III and Blake Carrington. Coincidently, it is still unknown how she and Adam Carrington broke off whatever relationship they previously had.



  • When Liam was eight, Laura left him alone on a mountain in Aspen for twelve hours, because she forgot he was with her. ("The Butler Did It")