Kirby Anders is a main character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Maddison Brown.

The daughter to the Carringtons' majordomo, Joseph Anders, she was sent away and framed for arson as a child after overhearing a conversation between her father and Alexis detailing their affair. She then returned several years later and found a place in the family, despite a rocky past with all of them.

Before her Entrance

Joseph Anders first mentioned his family during a conversation with Sam Jones in A Line From the Past and revealed that his daughter, Kirby, lives with her mother in Australia. Anders later called her but hung up instead of talking with her.

Shortly after Sam married Steven, Sam confesses that he had invited Kirby so that Anders could see her again. Sam realizes his mistake when Steven and Fallon tell him that Kirby used to live with the Carringtons when she was a child and tormented Fallon, citing the emblaze of her dolls as example.

Face unseen and smoking a cigarette, Kirby later appears at the Carrington Mansion in Dead Scratch and greets her father just after someone set the barn on fire with the grooms and some of their family locked inside.

Throughout the Series

In The Butler Did It,  Kirby reveals she has held a grudge towards Fallon for so long because she thought it was her fault that she was exiled from the Carrington Estate However, she learn that  it was Alexis who framed Kirby for burning Fallon's bedroom when she overhead a conversation between her and  Anders regarding an affair that resulted in Alexis getting pregnant with Steven.


Season 1 (2/22)

Season 2 (17/22)


Press Release

  • On August 14, 2018 a press release revealed that according to the network, “Kirby grew up in the staff’s living quarters with her father and sides more with the downstairs occupants than the upstairs. She has a fraught history with the Carringtons, specifically a tempestuous relationship with Fallon that was the reason for Kirby’s exile from the Carrington Manor years ago. And while she returns to Atlanta to make amends with her father, she will certainly continue wreaking havoc on the Carringtons..” [2]
  • On October 22, 2018 Maddison Brown gave an interview to Australian Vogue where she talked about her role in season 2, Kirby's style, etc. [3]





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