Joseph Winifred Anders is a main character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Alan Dale.

He is the majordomo to the Carrington family, and planned their events, parties, and took care of the house. He was the general manager at La Mirage where he mentored Sam Jones in the world of business. Once Sam was able to handle things on his own, Joseph left the company and returned to the Carrington family. He is very orderly and neat and likes to be as prepared for everything.


Joseph Anders is a New Zealand native. One day, while trying to pickpocket a man, he was caught. Instead of being punished, the man, Thomas Carrington, offered Anders a job with his family. Anders accepted and eventually became the Carrington's majordomo, caring for almost every aspect of the Carrington's lives. He also cared for Thomas and Ellen's son, Blake, and helped raise the boy. Anders witnessed the rise and retirement of Thomas, and the rise of Blake to reach the helm of the family company.

He was present for Blake's marriage to Alexis Morell and the birth of their firstborn, Adam. Anders mourned the kidnapping of Adam alongside Blake and Alexis. Alexis took comfort in Anders and the two had an affair that only lasted one night. Alexis became pregnant with their child, but lied to Blake and claimed the child was his. She later gave birth to Steven Carrington. Anders helped raise Steven and was a father figure to the boy despite having to keep his true parentage a secret. Anders also helped raise Alexis and Blake's daughter, Fallon.

Anders eventually moved his young daughter, Kirby, to the States where she lived with him and the Carrington's. During this time, Kirby struggled to adapt to the States and her new home. Later, Alexis caught Kirby spying on her and Anders and feared that the girl overheard them talking about their child, Steven. Alexis framed Kirby for a fire in Fallon's room which forced Anders to send Kirby back to New Zealand to live with her mother. Even though it killed him to send his daughter away, he believed the lies Alexis told more than he believed Kirby.

A few years later, Fallon brought home one of her best friends, Trixie Tate, for a sleepover. That night, the girls were drinking when they got into a fight over something petty. Trixie wanted to leave but Fallon didn't want her to leave while she was so intoxicated, and grabbed Trixie's arm in an attempt to stop her. They struggled at the top of the stairwell, and Trixie fell over the balcony and onto the floor below. Fallon panicked and asked Anders for help, and he assured her that he would take care of it. Unbeknownst to Fallon or anyone else, Trixie died upon impact. Anders and Blake put Trixie's body in the Carrington lake to cover up the crime and protect Fallon. They then perpetuated the story by claiming that they weren't paying attention to the girls but heard Trixie leave that night but never saw her again.

Anders is fiercely loyal to the Carrington family and took an immediate disliking to Blake Carrington's bride, Cristal Flores Carrington. He hired a private investigator who discovered unsavory factors about her past.


Blake Carrington

He is very protective and cares deeply for Blake's safety. In early episodes, they have serious conversations about what's going on around the house. He seems to always have Blake's back.

Cristal Flores

Even though he doesn't like her at the beginning of episode one, he becomes suspicious about her and the terrible events of her past. In episode eight, when he found out about the truth and the envelope that says her name. On it, Cristal quickly asks for his help. He might think it's risky for helping her but decides to do it since she asks him to help her. After he helps her, Anders says he's the majordomo that can protect his family and those that he can't trust.

Sam Jones

In the beginning, they had their differences. Anders wasn't fond of Sam's behavior, particularly his dancing and attitude. Anders' attitude was cool and off-putting toward him. He later manipulated Sam to stop Ted from rekindling his relationship with Steven. After Claudia trapped them in basement of the house, they were forced to rely on one another and trust each other. They eventually escaped when they picked the locks on both doors.

In I Answer to No Man, after Sam learned of his father's death, Anders politely gives Sam a drink and cheers to apologize. Their relationship subsequently evolved from there and they now have more of  a father-son relationship. In Deception, Jealousy, and Lies, Anders resigned from his position with the Carringtons and joined Sam in renovating and managing La Mirage.


  • In the original series, Anders had a daughter named Kirby, who was involved with both Jeff Colby and Adam, Blake and Alexis' oldest son. He also had a son, Sean, who married Alexis, and a second daughter, Victoria.
    • In the reboot, Anders has a daughter named Kirby, who is mentioned and heard in the first season and becomes a recurring character in the second season. He is also the biological father of Steven Carrington, due to an affair with Alexis.
  • When Joseph left the Carrington's, he left behind a binder outlining everything important in the Carrington's lives that his successor might need. It included everything from day-to-day operations to Blake's Blockbuster account number. ("Shoot From the Hip")
  • He has a signature drink that he gives Blake called an Anders Manhatten. ("Shoot From the Hip")
  • He has both been fired from the Carrington's employees and quit on his own regard, at least once.
  • Anders's life-long dream is to open a beachfront restaurant in New Zealand, which is where he wants to eventually retire. Blake later gave him the deed to one that will be ready for Anders to take over when he retires. ("Robin Hood Rescues")




  1. Blake gave him the deed to a beach front restaurant in New Zealand in "Robin Hood Rescues"
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