Jeff Colby is a main character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Sam Adegoke.


Jeff used to work in I.T, and developed a music software that was supposed to belong to Carrington Atlantic, but a judge disagreed and Jeff went on to earn his first billion dollars, which made him Blake Carrington's number one enemy, who admits to hating him on multiple occasions.

In "I Hardly Recognized You", after Blake refuses to give Fallon Carrington a job of importance in his company, she teams up with Jeff, and he offers her financial backing to be chief executive officer of Carrington Windbriar, her own company that she's starting, which will also be Blake's new competition.

In "I Answer to No Man," when Fallon gets kidnapped by Alejandro. Knowing that Michael was sent by Blake to watch Jeff, they both start to fight and after they fight the two work together. It could be the fact that Michael asks Jeff for help to save Fallon.

He has a father who was arrested on alleged drug charges and sent to prison after Jeff's mother was having an affair with Blake Carrington, and Blake wanted Jeff's father out of the picture. When Jeff found out about it, he started a plan to get close to the Carrington's in order to get revenge.

In Trashy Little Tramp and Dead Scratch, it is revealed that Jeff and Monica Colby are half-cousins to Fallon Carrington as as Thomas Carrington, Fallon's grandfather, had an affair with the Colby's grandmother.


Fallon-Jeff relationship

Their relationship was business like before it turned romantic however fans doubt Jeff's intentions with Fallon after he confessed to his father in the midseason finale that he is using Fallon to get revenge.


Season 1: (20/22)

Season 2: (17/22)



  • In the original series, Jeff and Fallon develop a strong relationship very quickly and are soon married. Jeff also had a kind relationship with Blake, who thought of him as a son.
  • The "new" Jeff is morphed with the original Cecil Colby, who was his uncle and a strong rival to Blake. In the reboot, Cecil Colby is actually Jeff's father and not his uncle. Jeff follows his father's footsteps to get revenge.
  • This Jeff Colby is shown to be bilingual, speaking excellent Yoruba and English while his original counterpart didn't know Yoruba because he wasn't of Nigerian descent.


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