James Culhane was a minor character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He first appeared in the seventh episode of the first season, portrayed by Darryl Booker.


Luella and James Culhane are the parents of Michael, the chauffeur of Blake Carrington but their son lies to them about his real function making them believe he is a vice-president of Carrington Atlantic.

When his father falls seriously ill, Michael resignes his job to be closer to him. Cristal Carrington soon discovers that the Culhane family lives in Clarke County, a place touched by a health scandal and admits having smothered the case during her time as PR of Carrington Atlantic.

Blake Carrington then destroys evidences of the involvement of CA in the poisoning of James Culhane but keeps Cristal's confession to be sure she will stay quiet.

James Culhane dies in A Line From the Past.


Season 1 (3/22)