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Is The Next Surgery on The House?
Season 03, Episode 16
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Air date April 3, 2020
Written by Liz Sczudlo
Directed by Michael Allowitz
Viewers 0.32 million (320,000)[1]
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It meant a lot to me that you were willing to violate your new do-gooder vow, to help me destroy an innocent woman's credibility and steal her kid. It's the type of thing father-daughter memories are made of.
Fallon to Blake

Is The Next Surgery on The House? is the sixteenth episode of the third season and the sixtieth episode overall of the television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on April 3, 2020.


TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF - Fallon and Liam decide parenthood ain't so bad and work to persuade Heidi to keep Connor close by. Blake and Cristal get charitable, while Alexis recruits Adam to help with Jeff's illness. Sam gives Kirby an opportunity to prove herself by helping with the Atlantix weekend festivities at La Mirage.[2]



Cristal and Blake start their morning off with a run that exhausts Blake, as he asks where she found her trainer. Cristal thinks that the trainer is great and will be a great fit for the veteran's benefit clinic - if they can make it happen. Blake assures her they will and it'll be nice to have their name on a building and not in the headlines. Cristal remarks that the healthiness feels good but they still have to convince the board to greenlight the project. Most of them would rather focus on the plastic surgery department where the money influx is coming from rather than helping the veterans for free. Blake tells her he's handled it by having Anders schedule walkthrough with the hospital's chaplain, Father Kelly. He explains that Father Kelly is the absolutions for the board so he has sway with them. Cristal kisses him, happy for his help.

Inside, Kirby is building a waffle house when Sam reminds her that she has to much time on her hands. She knows since she doesn't have a job or boyfriend but he can't relate. La Mirage has been slammed since the House of Deveraux teaser dropped. This piques Kirby's interest and she suggests hiring someone to help him. She teases someone he knows, trusts, and has a lot of time on their hands. Sam remarks that liking a party is not the same as throwing one. She explains that she's planned heaps of events for Femperial. Sam agrees to hire her on a trial basis so he'll at least have time for the Atlantix All-Star game festivities, as Culhane has become a large client for La Mirage. He tells her to act professionally around Culhane.

At the Van Kirk residence, Fallon and Liam are alone discussing Connor. Fallon doesn't think it should matter that the Van Kirk lawyers were the ones who did the adoption paperwork, and the boy was never adopted. Liam reminds her that he just wants to keep his on in his life and this seems like the best way. Laura comes in remarking that her lawyers are also great at divorce so Fallon counters telling her to just skip the wedding. Laura assures Fallon that she'll be there, if not just to make sure something about the event is classy. Liam tells the women to stop as they are both going to be there so they have to get used to it - and hopefully, so will Connor. Laura doesn't understand his sudden desire to be a father as he made it clear that he doesn't want to continue the Van Kirk gene pool. While he didn't want kids, in theory, Connor already exists. He doesn't want full custody just to get to know him. The lawyer, Randall has arrived. He tells them that Liam gave away his parental rights a long time ago. If he wants to pursue this in court it will get contentious, but Liam doesn't want to drag Connor through an ugly court battle. He'll find another way to convince Heidi to stay.

Alexis is with Jeff in the hospital when he awakens, confused as to what happened. She tells him he collapsed after the party, blaming it on the herbs. The doctor clarifies that Jeff suffers from neurotoxicity but the toxic metal panel looks good so something else made him faint. Adam adds that he's in good hands with Dr. Khan. Adam also notes that he will be monitoring him himself. Jeff cautiously asks who is going to monitor Adam.

Adam takes Alexis into the hallway, wanting to come clean about dosing Jeff with Clompofien. Alexis doesn't agree because that will cost Adam his medical license and she will lose her entire future. He only wants to come clean so Jeff can be treated properly, but she angrily tells him that he's a doctor so he should start acting like one and fix Jeff while covering their tracks.

At La Mirage, Heidi is packing the toys that Liam and Fallon got for Connor, stating that he'll be out of the shower soon and they can so goodbye. Fallon asks what happened to Heidi's plan to stay in Atlanta. Heidi admits that wasn’t real and it was just to see how they felt about having a kid around. Liam admits that they feel strongly about it and wants her to consider staying. He offers to pay to relocate them to Atlanta and help cover Connor's expenses. He just wants an opportunity to spend time with his son. Heidi acknowledges that it's generous but they have a life back in California and she is looking forward to getting back to it. Fallon asks what happened during her moment of insanity to which Heidi gives vague details. Fallon worries that the moment of insanity will turn into a full-time job. Liam adds that it's easier to stay here where there are people who are willing to help her. She thanks them for the offer but is still leaving. Fallon lies that they respect their wishes.

Fallon saunters into the kitchen of the Carrington Manor, stating that she needs Blake's help to do something dark and borderline illegal that no one can find out about. He asks her what it is to which she responds that he's so great at taking kids away from their mother's, so she needs him to teach her how to do it.

Blake asks her what makes Heidi such a bad mother and Fallon remarks that she knows since she had a bad mother. Anders notes that she makes a point as he pours her tea. She presses that Heidi basically hid Connor's existence from Liam for over a decade and then showed up randomly only to drop Connor off and disappear. Plus, Heidi is still lying about where she disappeared too. Anders notes that is something he can find out but Fallon is worried about what they'll find, or that she's already psychologically damaged Connor. Blake tells her that the court only cares about one thing - if the parent is fit to raise a child. They need evidence against Heidi that proves she is a neglectful parent. While he's thrilled Fallon came to him, he made a promise to Cristal to be a better person. Fallon can't believe that the one time she needs him he refuses. She suggests preparing his relationship with his daughter and after am moment, he tells her to check Heidi's social media while he makes a phone call.

Cristal waits at the hospital for Blake when she receives a text message saying that he won't be coming because of Fallon. Her groan catches the attention of an attractive man lifting weights, who comments that people who groan like that are usually learning how to walk again. She remarks that she's the only person who values her time as she's been stood up by two men at the same time. He comments that those men aren't smart and that she should take it as a sign to stop cursing what she can't control and just appreciate what's in front of her. He offers to lend an ear which creates friendly banter between them before she leaves.

At the Manor, Fallon spent the last hour diving into Heidi's social media with no luck finding anything that proves Heidi is a bad mother. Blake tries to advocate the situation but Fallon doesn't agree. Anders enters with the address of where Fallon stayed during her disappearance, but it's a privately owned farm in Arizona near the Mexico border. The farm has a pending application to grow and distribute medical marijuana.

Adam speaks to a nurse about looking at Jeff's chart to which she is understanding as they are family. He asks if they ran a DBS and is surprised at what he sees.

Kirby is busy planning the All-Stars with large ideas that are also very expensive. Culhane reminds her that they have budget constraints so she scales down her ideas to sophisticated and simple to keep everyone happy. The suited man next to Kirby thinks the idea sounds great since last year Milwaukee hosted and the outcome was awful. She assures the man that everything will be fine just as a man begins to make a scene as he is being escorted out. Sam takes this moment to tell the man that they also have top-notch security but the stranger calls out his name, revealing himself as Ramy. The man who robbed the Carrington Manor for Sam years ago. To buy time, he tells Kirby to show the men the VIP lounge so she obliges, understanding that he needs her to stall.

Sam goes over to Ramy and excuses the guards, thanking them. Ramy asks how Sam has been while he's been in prison doing time for Sam's crime.

Adam tells Jeff that he's suffering from acute liver failure which is why he passed out. Dr. Khan states that his signs were atypical and if Adam hadn't looked at the file again they wouldn't have caught it so soon. Adam states that he needs a new liver and if they can find a donor he'll be fine. However, Dr. Khan iterates that Jeff has an incredibly rare tissue type, and finding a donor on the public transplant list will be almost impossible. He recommends finding a match from a family member they can do a living transplant. Adam explains that livers regenerate so if someone's a match, they will take a small part of the liver from the donor and put it in Jeff. When Dr. Khan is gone, Jeff confronts Adam about why he was taking another look at his file. He believes Adam did something to him. Alexis blurts out that Adam gave him Clompofein, the experimental cure Alexis mentioned. He had good intentions but Jeff doesn't believe him. Jeff reveals that there's a copy of Adam's confession at his lawyer's office with instructions to give to the police if he dies unexpectedly. He threatens to release it if he doesn't get him better.

Sam confronts Ramy who only came to La Mirage because he had nowhere else to go. He just got released but can't go to his brother's until next week, so he wants to crash at La Mirage in the meantime. Sam agrees that it's fine and the front desk will find him a room that he will cover. Ramy leaves just as Kirby walks over. Sam claims Ramy is just an old friend who will be staying at La Mirage for a few days. She recognizes the name from the Carrington manor robbery but Sam claims it's complicated. She is skeptical but he tells her to worry about the party while he worries about Ramy.

Adam tells Alexis that he ran most of Jeff's family members through the medical database but didn't find a match. The only match he could find was his own, however, he was already a donor for his adoptive mother. Donating again could be extremely risky for his health. However, there is a terminal patient at the hospital who is a potential match. He's about to be taken off life support but isn't a registered donor. Alexis adds a yet to the end of Adam's sentence and they exchange a mischievous look.

Fallon and Blake arrive at Cleansing Moon Ranch where they are greeted by an energetic woman who tells them that they use Himalayan salts to aid in orgasmic mediation. She rejects the idea of them using marijuana, as that is there co-tenants. When Fallon mentions Heidi the woman shows her annoyance as Heidi spent the entire retreat trying to get cell service to call Connor.

Cristal questions where Blake is and is annoyed that he skipped their meeting because she needed him too. The new chaplain never showed for their meeting and accuses Blake of blowing off their plans. Fallon overhears the conversation and questions their marriage but Blake claims everything is fine. He changes the subject to Heidi, as he doesn't understand why she would lie about being at a retreat. He apologizes that their mission failed but Fallon is intent on seeing the entire thing through, despite his claims. She tells him that he can help Cristal after he helps her build some skeletons to put in Heidi's closet.

CRistal asks a rehabbing veteran about Father Kelly but the man hasn't seen Father Kelly as he retired a week ago. He instead, points her to the same man she bantered with earlier, revealing him as Father Collins. They banter again and he calls her out on her rudeness earlier to which she apologizes and offers to sit down with him to work out a mutually beneficial agreement. He rejects the idea as he doesn't think clergy belongs in hospital politics. He has no doubt she can hold her own and walks away.

Fallon visits Heidi with a proposal for her to have a mom's night out together. Heidi brushes it off as she and Connor have an early flight. She manages to entice Heidi with the idea of having fun and going a little crazy before she has to return to being a single mother.

Adam asks the organ matches wife about signing her husband up for organ donation as they have a critically ill patient who won't survive without her husband's liver. The woman apologizes but is cut-off by Alexis who rushes in abruptly. She thanks the woman for the transplant that is going to save her husband's life. The woman calmly explains that transplants go against their religion so she refuses to cooperate. Alexis insults the woman by calling her out on inconsistencies within her beliefs but the woman still doesn't want to help. Adam takes Alexis into the hall revealing his plan to save Jeff's life, noting that they're going to steal the liver once the man is dead.

the La Mirage party is in full effect with Kirby acting as the planner. The Commissioner admits that he would be having a better time if someone hadn't stolen his Rolex. He took it off in the bathroom to wash his hands which is when someone took it. He accuses one of Kirby's bathroom attendants of stealing the watch and there must be a misunderstanding. He comments that the only misunderstand was him letting his event happen at La Mirage.

Sam comments on Ramy's style just as Kirby walks up and accuses him of stealing the Commissioner's watch. Sam asks if he did it but Ramy insists that he's innocent and even claims that hotel security can search his room.

Fallon and Hiedi are leaving La Mirage to get a car when she realizes she forgot her phone in the room. She asks Heidi to get the car and meet them in the back entrance since it's closer to the elevators. The car pulls up announcing he's there for Ms. Carrington. Heidi claims the car and enters. As it's leaving, Blake is seen dressed as the valet man who announced the car.

Adam fills Alexis in on there plan to steal the body while the widow is in the chapel for bereavement. In the meantime, he will steal the body and escort it to a surgery room where they will remove the liver. Once Adam is in the room a medical examiner prepares to collect the body so Alexis feigns being jitteriness to distract the man. She flirts with him as a distraction. Adam is about to leave when he hears cristal's voice and is forced to act as though he is looking at papers. She fills him in on her plan with the veteran's clinic and asks for his vote of support but he brushes her off as he has other things to do. Time is up for them, and the ME wheels the patient away.

Heidi tries to call Fallon but is getting no answer. She is pulled over by a police officer who wants her to get out, ignoring Heidi's claims of it being a friend's car. The cop claims they talked to the valet and the car was stolen from the hotel parking lot.

Sam clears Ramy of the accusations since security didn't find the watch. Ramy accepts their apology and hopes they can find it before leaving. Kirby isn't convinced Ramy is innocent but Sam tells her to stay in her lane as an event planner. Culhane overhears that they still didn't find the watch with him complimenting her event planning skills. They decide to be friends again before she asks about his recent scandal much to his humorous.

Adam and Alexis are back at the Colby house, and he solemnly tells her that he didn't get to the patient in time. No hospital between here and Chicago has a match which makes Alexis tearful. She wants him to tell Jeff and he tearfully agrees.

Blake returns home and is confronted by an angry Cristal who tries to pry for details on where he's been. He tries to brush her off so she calls him out on lying to her. He tells her that he was helping Fallon save a child from a custody battle. She knows that a custody battle wasn't taking place at a valet stand in the middle of the night. She presses that while he was rescuing Fallon their charity program was collapsing. She fills him in on the priest issue and Adam's resistance to change. She yells at him for lying about changing which he throws back at her by bringing up her wanting to kick Adam out of the family business, banished to an institution, and convincing him that Blake slept with Nadia. He accuses her of not trying to be a good stepmother. She claims the difference is she is trying to atone.

Adam visits Jeff to tell him about the failure of finding a donor. He's showing signs of liver failure and once it progresses he won't come back. He only has a few days before his neuro functions diminish. He asks if he can call anyone but Jeff doesn't want his family or friends to remember him in the hospital. He doesn't want to put his family through that. He does, however, want to make sure everyone is taken care of when he dies. He asks Adam to write some things down for him and Adam agrees.

Ramy enters his hotel room where he is confronted by Sam who found the stolen Rolex in the curtain rod. A trick that Sam taught Ramy. Ramy apologizes but Sam isn't willing to risk his hotel's reputation and insists that Ramy leave. Sam mentions that he's just lucky he isn't calling the parole officer, to which RAmy dares him to since he'll be back in jail soon again. Sam claims he didn't visit because it would be weird but Ramy doesn't want to go back to jail and asks for another chance. Sam tells him that he will be watched and leaves.

Liam is playing video games when Fallon and Heidi enter. Fallon fills him in on Heidi stealing a Tesla but thankfully the Carrington name bailed her out. Heidi comments that Fallon won't believe that it was an accident. Fallon brings up that it doesn't matter what she thinks, only what a family court judge will believe. She paints a picture of a single mother with a record of erratic behavior and auto-theft. Heidi realizes Fallon set her up and turns to Liam for help but he admits to having helped Fallon with the setup. He tells her it will all go away if she agrees to move to Atlanta with Connor. He just doesn't want to lose his son. She is noticeably hesitant as it isn't that simple. Liam presses that there isn't anything wrong with a father wanting to know his son and Heidi agrees. She is holding something back but can't admit what it is. She then reveals that Connor isn't Liam's son. She had an affair with Liam's father and Connor is Liam's half-brother. Liam and Fallon are left shocked.

Heidi explains that it was Senior year when she went to visit his family for Christmas break she and Liam were over. It was then that she had a thing with Liam's father, earning a gag from Fallon. Heidi admits it was stupid and it only happened a few times but he wasn't as responsible as Liam. She knew the correct patronage of Connor the entire time and only showed up in Atlanta because she needed a break. Connor had been asking about his father so much but with his real father dead, Liam was the next best thing. Especially with Liam and Fallon getting married it seemed like an ideal family. He doesn't understand why she lied when they were teens but she hesitates, so Fallon calls her out on it. She then states that she promised someone she would keep the identity of Connor's true paternity a secret but isn't allowed to say who she promised. Fallon pieces together that the person is Laura Van Kirk. Heidi's silence in the confirmation Liam needs.

Liam goes to the Van Kirk residence where he yells at Laura for letting her think he had a kid out there all these years. She tells him to be less dramatic. He worshipped his father and didn't' want to tarnish that reputation especially after he died. She wants Liam to thank her for protecting him. Fallon calls her out on never having done a selfless thing in her life. She thinks that Laura couldn't bear the idea of people finding out her husband had an affair with a barely legal teenager that resulted in a child. Laura rejects the idea as she did it for Liam. She turns to him saying that she might not love all his choice but she loves him. She tearfully approaches him with Fallon claiming that anyone who loves him would never do what Laura did. She states that he can't trust Laura. He agrees and uninvited her to the wedding and leaves.

Sam gives the watch to Culhane claiming they found it in the elevator. He will cover the entire tab for the evening in exchange for him convincing the Commissioner is was the true story. Culhane walks off. Kirby approaches and apologizes to Sam for calling out Ramy. He tells her that she was just being a vigilant employee and apologizes for yelling at her. He hires her as an event planner then realizes he can't find his key. Ramy approaches them and gives Sma his keys that fell out while Sam was "fixing his curtain rod". As Ramy is walking away, he twirls a duplicate set of keys.

Adam visits Alexis to tell her that he's decided to donate his liver to Jeff despite the risks. She worries about her son's safety but Adam tells her that Jeff has too many people that love him to die now. If Adam dies, only Alexis will notice but she tearfully tells him she doesn't want him to die. He doesn't want to either.

Cristal visits Father Collins and pulls a curtain between them, pulls up a chair, and does confession in the middle of a patient's room. She wants to do good and wants COllins to help her. He decides he will because he loves the veterans just as much as her. She apologizes for accusing him of flirting but he admits he was and leaves, calling out prayers for her to do as penance.

Fallon apologizes to Heidi for the auto-theft incident but she understands. Fallon tells Connor she'll miss him and the kid returns the sentiment. He asks Liam if he's going to visit him, to which Liam notes that he will visit all the time. They are family no matter what. They hug while Fallon looks down on them with an odd expression on her face.

She visits Blake to thank him for his help with the whole Heidi situation. He agrees it was good spending time with her. She is glad he agrees and states that she and Liam are moving back in together. Fallon wants to know what Alexis's skeletons in the closet were but he refuses to tell her for her protection.

Alexis takes Jeff and Adam's hands telling them she'll see them soon as the wheel them off to surgery.

Anders tells Blake he has a visitor and Laura Van Kirk enters. He offers to get her a beverage or horse tranquilizer and rejects the idea of privacy but Anders thanks him and Anders leaves. Laura and Blake then discuss the wedding with her informing him that she is the final vote in VKI selling CA to Jeff Colby. She wants her son back, so in exchange for him terminating their relationship, she'll ensure the company is sold to Blake, not Jeff.



Guest Starring


  • John Jackson Hunter as Connor
  • Victor Cordova as Brent Scott
  • Ahmed Lucan as Dr. Khan
  • Maya Butler as Jenny
  • Annie Goode as Widow Perry
  • David Alexander as Randall
  • Brittney Level as Nurse Fleming
  • Alexander Baxter as Transport Tech
  • Madeleine Wood as Cop


  • As part of the series regulars, Michael Michele (Dominique Deveraux) is credited but she is absent from this episode.
  • Connor is Liam's half-brother, not his son.
  • This marks the first appearance of Father Caleb Collins.
  • Fallon moves back into The Carrington Manor in this episode.


  • The title "Is The Next Surgery on The House?" is a reference to the line Steven Carrington said to Dr. Chen Ling in the episode The Mirror of the original Dynasty series.
  • Mustafa Elzein (Ramy) has been promoted to "Guest Starring" status from this episode onwards.


Fallon: I need your help to do something dark and borderline illegal that no one can find out about.
Blake: What is it?
Fallon: You're the expert at taking kids away from their mothers. I want you to teach me how it's done.

Heidi: Liam, you believe me right?
Liam: Of course I do. Who do you think swiped the keys from valet?
Fallon: And frankly, Heidi, the auto theft combined with your little getaway on the Vaginal Mystery Tour won't look great.

Blake: What makes you think Heidi is such a bad mother?
Fallon: To have one is to know one.
Anders: She makes a good point.

Fallon: Anders, I would hug you right now, but neither of us really wants that.

Liam: How could you let me think I had a kid out there all these years?
Laura: Always with the drama.

Fallon [to Blake]: It meant a lot to me that you were willing to violate your new do-gooder vow, to help me destroy an innocent woman's credibility and steal her kid. It's the type of thing father-daughter memories are made of.

Woman at the hospital: Organ donation is banned in our church. We believe that the soul does not remain intact if the body isn't fully intact.
Alexis: Well, that doesn't even make any sense. What about veterans who lose a leg? Or someone who has their appendix out? My ears are pierced. Am I going to hell?

Fallon: Well, we couldn't find any skeletons in Heidi's closet, so... we're gonna have to go buy some bones and build our own.

Blake: Well, if you must know, I was helping Fallon rescue an innocent child caught in the middle of a really ugly custody battle.
Cristal: Oh yeah? Mm-hmm. What kind of custody battle is happening at 10:00 p.m., at a valet stand? That's what I thought.

Heidi: I mean... it seemed like an ideal family for Connor. Obviously, appearances can be deceiving.

Alexis: But you said you might not survive.
Adam: I might not. But I took a vow to do no harm, and I can't let Jeff die if there's something I can do to prevent it.

Connor: Are you gonna come visit me?
Liam: All the time.

Adam (to Laura): Can I get you something? Coffee? Tea? Horse tranquilizer?

Blake: Take a look in the mirror, Cristal. You fought to have Adam kicked out of the family corporation. You tried to have him banished to some institution when he went blind. You tricked him into thinking that I slept with his girlfriend. Maybe if you'd worked a little harder trying to be a good stepmother, we wouldn't be here right now.