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Iris Machado is a recurring character in the television series, Dynasty on The CW. She is portrayed by Elena Tovar. She is the mother of Sam Jones and the sister of Celia Machado.


Iris lives in Caracas, Venezuela. Her husband Alejandro had been abusing her. Which had left her hurt and crying over Alejandro's cruelty and abuse. In Rotten Things, Blake invited Iris to figure out about Cristal's past. But as it turns out, Iris's true colors show from being a kind and gentle soul to a Selfish and ruthless villain. After finally found out the truth, Cristal attacks her sister causing the Christmas tree to knocked over. Iris coldly pressures Cristal to tell about her past.

In A Well-Dressed Tarantula, Iris reunites her husband and she must've fake about getting abuse by him and pretended to be the victim. At the end of the episode, after Cristal says they are no longer sisters since Iris did the bad things while they were in Venezuela, she kidnaps one of Blake's children: Fallon.

She staged a fake threat and blackmailed Cristal to extort $300,000 from her, and pretended she wasn't involved. Cristal later found out when she found the money in Iris's bag, which Anders had marked when giving to the blackmailers.

She later has a chance of heart killing Alejandro in self-defense when he attacks Cristal. However because of her other past crimes Cristal tells her to run promising she'll take care of this.

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  • In the original series, Iris was a deceased character, only mentioned by her sister Krystle and her daughter, Sammy Jo.
    • In the reboot, she is a villain, ultimately aligning once again with Alejandro to take down Celia. However in the end, she kills her husband to save her sister.
  • Iris is one of the few Characters to refer Celia by her birth name, along with Cristal Carrington.
  • It is unknown if Iris is back in Venezuela or an another country.