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How Did The Board Meeting Go
Season 5, Episode 3
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Air date March 11, 2022
Written by David Israel
Directed by Pascal Verschooris
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Well, you can soul search while you work. I need somebody who I can trust to protect my baby. Somebody smart, somebody bold. Somebody who's as crazy as I am. Somebody who's family. And I'm really hoping that person is you.
Fallon convincing Jeff to step up as CEO for Fallon Unlimited.

How Did The Board Meeting Go? is the third episode of the fifth season, and eighty-ninth episode overall of the drama television series, Dynasty on The CW. It aired on March 11, 2022.


THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – Fallon is ready to jump head-first into her former life, much to Liam’s worry. Amanda discovers something that could help Alexis’ case and recruits Kirby for assistance. Meanwhile, Culhane creates a plan for his future as Kirby and Sam decide to help, much to his chagrin. As Jeff figures out his next steps, Fallon turns to Dominique to help with a work situation. Blake throws the Carrington Gala and not all goes as expected.[1]

Plot Summary




Guest Starring


  • Grace Junot as Ellen
  • Julian Graham as Lipnicki
  • Kate Kneeland as Betty
  • Steven J. Young as Bobby


  • Kathryn Lim as Cristal and Rita (stunt double/stand in)

Notes and Spoilers

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Dex Dexter. Dex was a character in the original Dynasty series, and was a main character since is introduction in Season 4 of the original show until its end.
    • Just like in the original Dynasty, Dex Dexter plays a part in exonerating Alexis Colby of murder.
    • Also like in the original, Dex is mentioned to have a father named Sam and a sister.
  • Luella Culhane returns after missing the third and forth season of the show.
  • Daniella Alonso is credited twice in this episode.
    • First, as usual, as the lead cast member in the opening sequence. And, a second time, as a guest star in the closing credits for her role as Rita.


  • The 1990(s) movie, The Parent Trap, which stars Elaine Hendrix (Alexis Carrington) is referenced in this episode.
    • Hendrix herself makes the reference.
  • Culhane's mother mentions the actor Billy Dee Williams, who portrayed Brady Lloyd in the Original series.
  • Rita faking an headache to Blake is a reference to the original show in which she did the same thing to avoid sleeping with him. It's from one of those scenes that the title of Season 2, Episode 19 : This Illness of Mine, come from.


Amanda: Okay, well, I have some news that might cheer you up.
Alexis: You're busting me out? Or are you and I trading places like a Parent Trap deal?

Sam: I feel like my baby brother is finally growing up.
Culhane: I am older than you.

Fallon (to Ellen): And it's "Fallon Unlimited", not "Boards Members Unlimited".

Dominique: Do I need to remind you how valuable I am to your company?
Fallon: I get your daily texts.

Cristal: Could be anyone. Maybe Cooper, down in Tallahassee?
Blake: Right. You remember , The Grateful Coop>?
Cristal: or Jefferson, in Dallas?
Blake: J Money! Did your fraternity have rule about horrible nicknames?

Dex: Hey, Timmy! Get your ten-to-forteen-year-old butt out here.

Fallon (to Alexis): Mother? What are you doing here? Did you escape? Did you get your hair done after you broke out?

Alexis: I'm so sorry, I didn't visit you at the hospital, but I was, you know, in the slammer.
Fallon: And I'm sorry, I didn't visit you in prison, but I was, you know, in a coma.

Amanda: Well, I'm sure the police will take your word for it with your history of honesty and good deeds.
Adam: Listen, Hagatha Christie. That's why i didn't tell them. I never actually though they would convict Alexis on circumstantial advice.
Amanda: Oh, right, yeah, I'm sure.
Alexis: Children, please don't fight in front of your mother while she is in lockup.

Liam: No. I mean there's a rat in all of us just scurrying to get to the organisational cheese.
Fallon: Seriously?

Rita (to Cristal): I hope your rings fit. I think my hands are just a little more feminine. Now. if you'll excuse me, I have a date in your bedroom.