Heidi is Connor's mother. She first appeared in Season 3 episode, You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White. She is portrayed by Emily Rudd.


Heidi met Liam Ridley - or rather, Jack Lowden - in Switzerland while they were studying together. During their romantic relationship, Heidi got pregnant and the couple decided to give the baby up for adoption. However when the baby, Connor, was born, Heidi had a change of heart and decided to raise the child, without informing Liam. However, this is all a lie as that father is actually John Lowden whom Heidi slept with a few time when Liam and Heidi went on vacation with Liam's parents. However, Liam's mom, Laura Lowden asked Heidi to not tell anyone that John is the father. ("Deception, Jealousy, and Lies", "That Wicked Stepmother", "Is The Next Surgery on The House?").

Years later upon Connor's request, Heidi reaches Atlanta with Connor to meet Liam shortly after his proposal to Fallon Carrington. After the introduction, Heidi requests Liam to take care of Connor for a while while she had to go to Savannah for a job interview. After that job proposal didn’t work out, Heidi decided to stay in Atlanta. Fearing this will lead to a break up with Liam, Fallon offers Heidi a job in California, in Fallon's old friend, Luke's company. Heidi, then, leaves Connor in Atlanta telling Liam that it is his chance to take care of him. ("You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White", "That Wicked Stepmother")

Heidi regretting her decision returns back to take Connor after sending some time in an orgasm yoga retreat. After Fallon and Liam tried too hard to keep Heidi and Connor in Atlanta, Heidi reveals to them that Connor's father is John Lowden, not Liam and that Laura Van Kirk asked her to keep her mouth shut. Heidi and Connor leave the next day. ("Up A Tree", "Is The Next Surgery on The House?")


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