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Hank Sullivan is a recurring character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is Alexis's former lover, and a con artist. He pretended to be the long lost son of Blake and Alexis, Adam.

He is portrayed by Brent Antonello.


He first enters the series by introducing himself as the Carringtons' long lost son, Adam. However, it is soon revealed that the entire thing is a facade orchestrated by Alexis to scam Blake out of millions of dollars. In the finale, he sets Alexis's property on the Carrington Manor on fire, runs away with Claudia Blaisdel and is labeled the prime suspect for Cristal's death, and then threatens to reveal Alexis for her attempts to orchestrate the scam unless she pays him a substantial amount of money to keep quiet. Hank gets tired of Claudia and leaves her son at Alexis's van which's his last appearance.


  • Hank is the one who set Alexis' loft on fire.
  • Hank is a con artist who pretended to be Adam, Blake and Alexis' long-lost son.
    • To fit into the role, Hank had to cut off his finger as Adam's finger was cut off by his kidnappers as mentioned in Trashy Little Tramp.
      • However this all turned about to be in for nothing as the real Adam revealed that his finger didn't actually got removed as mentioned in Motherly Overprotectiveness.
  • Hank being a fake Adam might be a reference to a storyline from the original Dynasty in which it would have been revealed that Adam was a con artist.